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Discover the 4 Simple Steps To Build And Scale Your Very Own Online Business, Take Back Your Time, & Serve More People

92% of people NEVER hit their goals (1).


Because their goals aren’t specific nor challenging enough.

Think about that...

Just as I did back in the day, entrepreneurs, experts, and Mentors blindly jump into building an online brand without the right goals to guide them.

It’s like trying to fly a plane without going to pilot’s school.

Their lack of specific, actionable goals never gets them the business they want. Instead, they waste years staying stuck in the mud or they get a business off the ground that leaves them worse off than they were before.

That’s why you need to set goals that leverage the time you have to build the business of your dreams. Anything else simply won’t do.

Goals that help you:

  • Get paid to do what you love.
  • Start at the right step with a concrete plan and message.
  • Follow realistic timelines.
  • ​​Stand out in a competitive space.
  • Make the most of your time.
  • Serve, attract, and inspire the right people.
  • Avoid ‘information overload.’
  • ​​Prioritize your online business.
  • ​Free up your time.
  • Get referrals like crazy.
  • Position you as the go-to person in your niche.
  • ​​Strategically expand your business.
  • ​Start doing the things you love and stop doing the things you hate.

Until I created The Visionary Planner®, nobody had taken the best-of-the-best practices and strategically packaged them into a straightforward, step-by-step business building system.

Let me show you how that plan came together...

  • Step 1 - Set Lifestyle Goals Then Draft Your Business Plan
  • Step 2 - Plan Your Brand & Messaging the Right Way
  • Step 3 - Create Your Extraordinary Process™ & Cashflow Offer™
  • ​Step 4 - Launch Your Cashflow Offer™ & Get Your First Sales 
  • ​Step 5 - Build Your Follow Up Offer™ & Maximize Profits
  • ​Step 6 - Construct Your Online Ecosystem
  • ​Step 7 - Leverage the Offer Multiplier™
  • ​Step 8 - Amplify Your Impact & Free Your Time

STEP 1 Of 4

Set Lifestyle Goals Then Draft Your Business Plan

Timeline: Within Month 1

Discover how to create a rock-solid foundation for your brand so the online business you want rewards you with the lifestyle you need.


  • Create your roadmap: define your dream lifestyle then develop a business plan that makes it your reality.

Bad Strategies

  1. You start taking action without a plan to guide you.
  2. You skip this step and pay for it every step after.
  3. You buy incomplete courses, seminars, and masterminds. ​
  4. You piece together tactics, strategies, and solutions from various sources.

Smart Strategies

  1. You have realistic expectations to keep you motivated and on-track.
  2. You have clear goals to guide you every step of the way.
  3. You have a feel for budgets and timelines before you start spending.
  4. You plan ahead to build the business you want.

Bad Results

  1. No matter how far you get, you’re forced to start over from scratch.
  2. You don’t know what to do, how to do it, or where to turn; you bleed time and money at every corner.
  3. You’re forced to give up before you go broke.
  4. ​You build something nobody wants.

Smart Results

  1. You see real results—measured in time and money—in record time.
  2. You maximize every minute and dime you have dedicated to this.
  3. The process is as smooth, simple, and stress-free as possible.
  4. You build the business you need for the life you want.

How To Achieve Smart Results:

The #1 reason businesses fail is their lack of specific and actionable goals. Get clear on the lifestyle goals you want your business to reward you with before you start building it. Remember, you are the Visionary. Create the roadmap to take you where you want to go before you start the journey.

  • Discover what you’re best at.
  • Harness the power of your unique strengths

  • Clarify your business vision and goals
  • Understand your numbers and profit plan
  • ​Find clarity to start the right business the right way.


Do I really need to map out my personal goals? 

Yes. If your business doesn’t reward you with the lifestyle you’re after, you're just creating a new prison to live in. Unlike a ‘day job’, an online business runs 24-7-365. If you don’t build it to fit your lifestyle, you’re just piling more things you don’t want on your plate.

Why is it important to have a business plan?

A business plan keeps you laser-focused on your ultimate goals; like how much you want to earn, who you want to serve, and what you want your day-to-day to look like. Without one, you’re chasing your tail without a clear path forward.

What if my business plan changes?

Embrace it. Plans change as new information arrives. Remember, a goal without a plan is just a dream. The worst thing you can do is sit on your hands dreaming away.

What if I don’t have a business idea yet?

Defining your goals will steer you in the right direction. Plus, part of your business plan is assessing your niche so you know what your ideal customers do (and don’t) want. When you see what’s working for others, your vision tends to get clearer. Walt Disney looked at already proven products (like feature films and amusement parks) and ‘plussed’ them to create his empire. You can do the same.

I’m not creative or ‘business savvy’, can I still create a business plan?

Of course. A business plan is just a collection of data (that anybody can find) and goals (that you find within yourself). It shouldn’t be a 1700-page document that requires a Harvard degree to decipher.

I already have a business plan. Do I need to redo it?

It depends. Most entrepreneurs don’t have a business plan designed to reward them with their ideal lifestyle. If you already have a plan, it may need a makeover. We have our students outline what they want out of life before they build (or touch up) their business plan.

So, What’s The Point?

You’ll never reach your destination if you don’t know where you’re going. Start with the end in mind to define that destination before you march towards it.

Once you’ve done that, you’re ready for step 2...


STEP 2 Of 4

Plan Your Brand & Messaging the Right Way

Timeline: Within Month 1

Discover the Visionary way to approach your branding and messaging.


  • Dive into the wishes, dreams, fears and phobias of your dream client so you can strategically create the brand they’re looking for.
  • Set the stage to become the ‘go-to brand’ in your niche by strategically developing your brand name, logo, emotions, and identity (hint: go beyond colors!).
  • Craft your marketing messaging and unique selling points to generate excitement and interest in your brand.

Bad Strategies

  1. You approach your ‘brand’ as nothing more than a name, logo, and colors
  2. You hire a designer and photographer without a thoughtful plan in place.
  3. You fly through messaging and run with the first idea that hits you.​
  4. You don’t think twice about market research and competitive analysis.

Smart Strategies

  1. You define the emotions and identity of your brand before bringing it to life.
  2. You create a brief for your designer that sets them up for success
  3. You research what your audience wants and needs.
  4. You craft a story that attracts your niche, positions your brand and your messaging so it stands out.

Bad Results

  1. You create an insignificant, empty brand your audience doesn’t care about.
  2. You spend a fortune on a designer and feel stuck with what they come up with.
  3. Your photography doesn't match your brand nor resonate with your audience.
  4. ​Your message is generic, uninspired, and even you don’t connect to it.
  5. ​​You undercharge, overcharge and blow opportunities with your audience.

Smart Results

  1. You build a brand your audience can’t resist.
  2. You get exactly what you hoped for out of your designer.
  3. Your niche knows what you stand for and wants what you have.
  4. Prospects feel a deep, emotional connection to you and your brand.
  5. You enter the market set up to win.

How To Achieve Smart Results:

Most people think of a brand as surface-level components like its name, logo, and website. While you do need those things, what drives them is underlying ‘heart’. That comes down to what you stand for—and what you stand against.

Put another way, your brand is made up of 3 key factors:

  • (Positive) Emotions
  • Trust
  • Identity

Think about brands like Disney, Nike and Apple: Beyond their logos and colors, they make their audience feel something. Disney instills a sense of magic and discovery, Nike makes you feel empowered, and Apple invites you to innovate.

Take a second to consider what you want your audience to feel … how you want to be portrayed … and who you want to attract. As you do those things, your brand starts to build itself. This is deep work that requires a thoughtful approach.

Plus you’ll craft a website.

Your website serves as the ‘hub’ for your entire brand. This is where people find you. Get your website up and running with an easy-to-use website builder. There are several options out there (or we can do it for you). Stack your site with educational content to boost your authority and attract your ideal audience.


Everyone tells me to start with a website, why can’t that work?

Until you sell your offer online (and verify you can find buyers), it’s a waste of time and money to get a website. After all, your site is a digital ‘brochure’ for your message. If your message is off or your audience is off, you’ll have to start over from scratch.

Should I name my business after myself or pick a ‘brand’ name?

If you intend to sell your brand down the road or you have a business partner who is also the face of your brand, then you’ll want to pick a ‘brand’ name. Otherwise, your brand is you. It’s your legacy and your expertise—stick with your name.

I’ve wasted money on designers before … how can I avoid that mistake again?

Verify your brand’s messaging, identity, and offer before you bother with a designer. Once you feel good about those key aspects, you’ll be able to give any designer the direction they need to create something that matches your vision.

So, What’s The Point?

Your audience needs to feel emotionally connected to your brand. That means your brand is more than a surface-level name, logo, and colors. It has deep meaning based on the core values that ring true to you and your niche.

For your brand to stand out and succeed beyond your wildest dreams, you need to invest the time to define what it stands for and against. If branding is your brand’s ‘heart’, the next step is your brand’s soul...


STEP 3 Of 4

Plan Your Brand & Messaging the Right Way

Timeline: Within Month 2

Discover how to package your expertise into a memorable, systemized product that practically sells itself.


  • Instantly stand out from the crowd by packaging your expertise into your very own Extraordinary Process™; this is the start-to-finish roadmap revealing the steps that deliver the transformation you help your audience go through.
  • Craft a high-priced Cashflow Offer™ to get your first buyers, collect feedback, and fund further growth before you perfect your process and create more offers.

Bad Strategies

  1. You create multiple products and offers, then cross your fingers hoping one sells.
  2. You build the product you want to; not the product your audience wants.
  3. You start selling low-priced offers (instead of a high-priced offer).
  4. You never develop a process to deliver consistent, repeatable results.

Smart Strategies

  1. Create your Extraordinary Process to be the backbone of your offer(s).
  2. Leverage a step-by-step process to build your Cashflow Offer™.
  3. Build a product you know your audience wants—and will pay for.
  4. Develop a high-ticket offer that funds future growth.

Bad Results

  1. You’re overwhelmed juggling offers and never get consistent sales.
  2. You waste tons of time and energy building something nobody wants.
  3. You never earn enough to scale your business.
  4. ​Results are mixed, refunds are common, and you work more than you did before.

Smart Results

  1. You become known for your offer and make good money selling it.
  2. You become the go-to brand in your niche and start earning early on.
  3. You get all kinds of testimonials and case studies that ignite explosive growth.
  4. You let your process do the heavy lifting for you and take back your time.

How To Achieve Smart Results:

Convert your Extraordinary Process™ into your Cashflow Offer™: Your Cashflow Offer™ is simply your Extraordinary Process™ offered as a high-ticket coaching program. This high-end offer promises your clients a specific, measurable transformation within a set period of time.

Your goal is to verify that people will buy into your Extraordinary Process™ process and the transformation it delivers. If they buy, great. If they don’t, don’t stress. You made it here at hyper-speed and you haven’t spent time or money on things you don’t need (yet). So rest assured you’re not in a hole nor behind; simply take another stab at your Extraordinary Process™ and proceed from there.

As you get ready to sell your first online offer, it’s fair to wonder if online coaching gets as good of results as in-person coaching. Here’s what our students have to say about that:

“I realized there’s no need to be 100% in person. The connection online is just as strong, sometimes even stronger. They feel a lot safer to be open and ready for results. So digital coaching is not something that should hold anybody back.” -Glenda Bennett, student

“Now that I can be at home and do everything in one spot, I can reach people in towns and states over. It's not like you to have to be in person with me to get that motivation and accountability. You're able to get it virtually.” -Kiki Fkiaras, student

“Shifting to online sessions has let me be more focused on my clients. The camera can tell a hell of a lot. It doesn't hide anything. When you're physically with them they can act a certain way and mask things. I think the camera actually brings in more intimacy.”

-Lara Tsitouras, student


Do I need to be an expert to design an Extraordinary Process™?

Yes and no. If you’re not already an expert in your niche, then you need to become one. However, you can speed up the process by interviewing experts like a ‘reporter.’ This is how Oprah brands like Mixergy become known in their niches.

What are some examples of an Extraordinary Process™?

Steven Covey’s ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ and Dave Ramsey’s ‘Baby Steps’. Remember, an Extraordinary Process™ is just a repeatable recipe for success built for your ideal audience.

How long does it take to create an Extraordinary Process™?

It takes our students a few hours to do their 1st pass, then a few weeks to polish it up. The goal is to have something simple, effective, and straightforward.

How long does it take to create and launch a Cashflow Offer™?

Some students are able to whip up their Cashflow Offer within their first 30 days of working with us, but most take about 6 weeks start to finish. Once your Cashflow Offer™ is ready, it can take just a few days to start seeing sales.

So, What’s The Point?

First, you want to define your audience, then discover what urgent problems they have. Of those problems, pinpoint one they’ll pay you to solve for them and create your very own Extraordinary Process™ to guide them from problem to solution.

With your expertise and passion bundled into a step-by-step process, you can get your very first offer out there to start testing and selling in our next step.


STEP 4 Of 4

Launch Your Cashflow Offer™ & Get Your First Sales

Timeline: Months 3-4
(NOTE: Some students get to Step 4 by the end of Month 1)

Discover how to verify demand for your Cashflow Offer™, then start selling and fulfilling it.


  • Begin pre-selling your Cashflow Offer™ to verify demand and nab your first sales.
  • ​Fulfill and streamline your Cashflow Offer™; collect feedback and case studies to optimize your offer.
  • Make some cash to fund further growth. ​
  • Build your call funnel.

Bad Strategies

  1. You build an offer before you confirm people will buy it.
  2. You construct every component of fulfillment before you sell your offer.
  3. You launch your business with a low-priced offer.
  4. You build a website and content without your offer in mind.

Smart Strategies

  1. Verify your offer before you spend time and money promoting it.
  2. Pre-sell your offer before you build components and assets to deliver it.
  3. Start with a high-ticket offer to attract the right clientele and fund rapid growth.

Bad Results

  1. You waste months (sometimes years) developing a product nobody buys.
  2. You create assets that become useless and put you years behind.
  3. You attract an audience that expects freebies and will never pay what you’re worth.
  4. ​You make little profit and rack up bills trying to grow and scale.

Smart Results

  1. You get complete confidence and clarity in what you’re offering.
  2. You don’t waste a second going down the wrong path.
  3. You have an offer that nearly sells itself early on in your journey.
  4. ​You stop worrying about money as big pops of cash burst in.

How To Achieve Smart Results:

The average entrepreneur thinks that being online means having a website, webinar, social media channels, and offers. While you do need those things eventually, you don’t need them until you’ve verified your audience wants to buy what you have to sell (your high-ticket offer). In short, you sell your offer before you build the product.

If you’re thinking, ‘who will buy my high-priced product before I’ve even built it?’, the answer is “Innovators.”

In the book Diffusion of Innovations, Everett M. Rogers pinpoints 5 stages of buyers: The first stage is ‘Innovators’. Innovators are risk-takers who get excited by new ideas and possibilities. Better yet, they’re comfortable paying to get their hands on them.

In VP, we show you how to quickly tap into your pre-existing network to generate leads and find a handful of Innovators who are happy to buy your Cashflow Offer™, and better yet, give you valuable feedback to improve it along the way.

This step lets you do a few important things:

  • Reduce all risk (before you do all the heavy lifting).
  • ​Attract clients you enjoy working with.
  • Get valuable feedback to improve your product and process.
  • Generate income that funds future growth.


You’ll also need to build a Call Funnel. This lets you pre-qualify leads who want to know more about your Cashflow Offer™, giving you the opportunity to tell them all about it on a short call.


How will I sell my Cashflow Offer™?

You’ll find “Innovators” in your current network who are excited to try and buy.

Is it really possible to sell a $2500+ offer right out of the gates?

It’s just as much work to sell someone a $297 offer as it is to sell a $2500+ offer. It’s all about positioning yourself (via your messaging and your Extraordinary Process™) so you’re seen as a trusted authority well worth the price tag.

What if I’ve never sold anything ‘high ticket’ before?

You gotta start somewhere! You simply need to learn a few baseline sales skills. However, if you’re not confident selling something pricey, then you need to work on your mindset. If you’re an expert at what you do, people will want to work with you—no matter the price.

What if nobody buys my Cashflow Offer™?

This can be a symptom of 2 issues: 1) You could have the right offer for the wrong audience, or the wrong offer for the right audience. 2) Or… you might have the right offer for the right audience, but mindset issues around selling.

Why shouldn’t I just make a slick version of my high-ticket offer before I sell it?

Time is the one thing you can’t buy more of. Your goal is to get the best results in the least amount of time. It’s not a good use of your time to invest months (sometimes years) into product creation without ensuring it’s a product people want.

We know this can seem counterintuitive, but you need to pre-sell your offer then create it. That way, if nobody buys, you’re not starting over or buried in debt.

So, What’s The Point?

The best way to launch online is to start with a high-priced signature offer (your Extraordinary Process™ bundled into a Cashflow Offer™). This verifies you have an offer people want to buy, generates big pops of cash, and becomes the backbone of your business and future offers.

As you’ll see in just a second, you’ll eventually split that Cashflow Offer™ up into a suite of offers—without having to reinvent the wheel. This gets your brand up and earning in a matter of months, not years...



To recap, just follow these 4 steps to launch your branding, marketing and offers without wasting time.

Step 1 - Set Lifestyle Goals Then Draft Your Business Plan

  • Create your roadmap: define your dream lifestyle then develop a business plan that makes it your reality (in other words, let your personal lifestyle goals guide your professional business plan; it should not be the other way around)

Step 2 - Plan Your Brand & Messaging the Right Way

  • Set the stage to become the ‘go-to brand’ in your niche by strategically developing your brand name, logo, emotions, and identity (hint: go beyond colors!).
  • ​Craft your marketing messages and unique selling points to generate excitement and interest in your brand.
  • Build Your Website

Step 3 - Create Your Extraordinary Process™ & Cashflow Offer™

  • Instantly stand out from the crowd by packaging your expertise into an Extraordinary Process™; this is the start-to-finish roadmap revealing the steps that deliver the transformation your audience wants from you. ​
  • Craft a high-priced Cashflow Offer™ to get your first buyers, collect feedback, and fund your growth before you perfect your process and create more offers.

Step 4 - Launch Your Cashflow Offer™ & Get Your First Sales

  • Build your Call Funnel, rebrand your Social Channels and be ready to grow your List
  • Begin pre-selling your Cashflow Offer™ to verify demand and nab your first sales.
  • ​Fulfill and streamline your Cashflow Offer™; collect feedback and case studies to optimize your offer. ​
  • Make some cash to fund further growth

Wondering how much time it takes?

  • Join The Visionary Planner to complete each step in record time. We recommend dedicating 8+ hours a week to building your online business; that includes watching course content, completing assignments, and checking in on coaching calls.
  • The more you put into this, the more you’ll get out of it. That said, VP is a self-paced program; you go at your speed (and we’re understanding of that). Remember, taking some action is always better than taking no action.