Frustrated Trying to Build Your ‘Expert’ Business Without A Clear Strategy?

“Monetize Your Services, Coaching and Consulting Online This Year so You Can Get the Security, Impact & Income You’re After…”


Virtual Coaching & Online Businesses Are No Longer A Choice! You Must Be Online — Because the Entire World Is Now Online.

You Can’t Afford to Say, “I Don’t Know How to Get Started or Scale My Online Business.”

We Are Literally Giving You...

The Step-by-Step Blueprint To Build Your Online Brand, High-Ticket Offer, Signature & Feeder Courses, Continuity Membership, Website, Blog, Content, Marketing, Ads & More — Without Mastering Technology Or Going At It Alone!

Our renowned Visionary Planner System is offered as a ‘study on your own’ series of curated courses that will guide you from vision to finished business.  

Finally, an accessible way to build your online Expert Brand!

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🎟 Introducing: The Visionary Planner's 

All-Access Pass 

If You’re Determined to Dominate Online, You Need a Proven System…


  • Step-By-Step Strategy to Launch Your Brand

  • Trusted Methodology to Nail Your Niche

  • Follow-Along Framework for Building Your Signature Coaching System

  • Tested System to Solidify Your Marketing Message and Ensure You Stand Out

  • Process for Growing Your List and Platforms While Simultaneously Developing an Eager Audience Ready to Buy

  • Structure and Vetted Timelines to Build Your Offer Suite, Including Your Gateway Feeder Program, High-Ticket Coaching Program, Signature Online Course, & Continuity Membership

  • Simple Set-Up Instructions For Your Operations and Systems so Your Business Is Evergreen

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If You Are Serious About Building Your Online Business, Would It Be Helpful…


...To be told what to focus on (and when) so you’re always strategic with your time.

...To build things in the right order, so you can be successful in ¼ the time.

...To grow a list of people who you have a relationship with so you can instantly earn sales. 

...To leverage simple, plug-n-play tech so you don’t need to spend a dime on web designers, programmers, & developers

...To know exactly how to create your coaching program so it delivers the results you promise and makes you distinct.

...To know how to price, sell, & market your signature coaching program.

...To know how to run your online business like a seasoned CEO.

...To build systems & operations so your business can be automated to run with or without you. 


If So, The All-Access Pass Was Tailor-Made for You!  


Your Action Plan To Expand Your Expertise Online!

If you’re in the Expert Industry (selling knowledge-based courses, services, or events), 

Or you dream of transitioning your service-based coaching, expertise, or business online, then listen up…

The Visionary Planner system builds the necessary elements you need to establish your Expert brand online. 

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You See What Most People Do Wrong When Starting Out Is…

  • ...they piece together different strategies, tips, & tech from every single guru, course, & seminar they’ve attended.
  • This eats up time (and money), & rarely gets you the results you’re after. Leaving you disappointed, defeated, & broke.   
  • Then... instead of running a lucrative business that gives you the freedom  to make memories with loved ones & impact the lives of your  clients, you’re stuck barely making ends meet.
  • And instead of having the security of owning an online business that is providing income aside from Brick and Mortar or in person service-based jobs, you are vulnerable in this new world that has changed forever. 

We know exactly how it feels to struggle & burn out when building your brand alone! 

And to feel completely lost & confused as to how to change & get started building an online business with clarity & confidence along with a vetted plan to get it done. 

This happens because no one gave you the proven process to build your brand one step at a time. 

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Let’s Change That...

All you need to do is plug your expertise into the Visionary Planner process & within a few months you’ll feel that sense of accomplishment & progress you desire as you launch your brand & signature coaching program.



What Most Experts Must Avoid Now… 

Stop trying to follow ‘guru’ advice to build your brand from scratch. 

Why is that a problem?

You will get high-level strategies & random assets for your business  that don’t work for a start-up because... 

...you’ll end up doing things all out of order. It’s like throwing spaghetti against the wall, & costs you time, money, & resources while depleting you of your confidence & your sanity.


Here’s the Reality…

A solid online Expert Brand should start with 10 strategic steps…

1.   Clarity on the VISION for your business — and your life.

2.   Big-picture BLUEPRINT for how your online brand will make money and its necessary parts. 

3.   Strategic AUDIENCE ANALYSIS so you can build a quality list (consistently) of eager buyers. 

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4.   A visually appealing and world class BRAND (name, logo, colors, & fonts)

5.   EXPERT MARKETING FUNNELS including the proper messaging and positioning to get you seen as THE expert. This includes a lead magnet, website, content (video and blog) and marketing funnel to grow your list, build relationships, and get buyers. 

6.   Develop a CASH FLOW OFFER, aka your high-priced coaching program that features your Signature Visionary Method.

7.   OPTIMIZED & AUTOMATED SALES PROCESS, including a webinar, sales videos, and email autoresponders to keep things running smoothly — with or without you. 

8-10.   An ASCENSION SUITE made up of your Low Ticket Course (used to recoup ad spend), Continuity Membership (to build recurring revenue), and your Signature Online Course (to boost profits in your funnels)

Without each of those 10 steps your brand is doomed to fail! 

Don’t let that happen to you.

What Is The All-Access Pass?

The All-Access Pass is a complete self-study course…

It gives you access to all 10 steps of our Visionary Planner System… 

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This includes:


  • 24/7 access to the learning portal so you build your brand when it’s most convenient for you


  • Project Management Timelines so you stay on track and can monitor your progress


  • 10 Step System that walks you step-by-step through our strategic process to properly launch your brand


  • Proven Templates, Checklists, & Cheat Sheets so you know exactly how to move through the system with expert-level guidance.


  • Simple Technology Tutorials so you can effortlessly implement game-changing technology without formal education and experience.


PLUS, we’ll show you how to build your entire brand inside of Kajabi (not included in the price of this course). 

Kajabi is an all-in-one solution that lets you build your offers, host your cart and sales pages, send emails, display videos, & build marketing funnels. It even hosts your website and blog!

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And don’t worry, we show you how to build effective websites and influential blogs without spending a dime on designers and developers! 

We’ll show you EXACTLY how to complete each step, or hand over the instructions to our trusted experts if tech freaks you out! 


What Our Students Are Saying:

The All-Access Pass has helped thousands of Experts confidently create, market, & scale their brands…

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What You’ll Accomplish:

The All-Access Pass features 10 Powerful Steps to help you launch like a pro.  


Brand new students, just like you, have launched in as little as 3 months and built their whole businesses in 12 months.

In VP you follow a plan for the fastest path to success.

You’ll start out with an Orientation Call so you’re clear on your steps to start up.

Step #1: Define Your Productivity Plan & Visionary Lifestyle

Before you begin, we’ll have you create a productivity plan by assessing your calendar and properly prioritizing the time and space to build a business.

The number 1 reason most people never build their brand is the ole’ time excuse. We help you eliminate that excuse on Day 1.

Then we help you define the lifestyle you want your brand to reward you with. This is vision boarding your dreams and daily dream income! 

Then we’ll coach you to reverse-engineer the numbers your Brand needs to hit so you can live out your dreams!  

We even help you customize your action steps with our Vision 1-1 Milestone call. 

This all comes inside the Clear Vision Planner($297 retail)

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Step #2: Develop Your Business Plan

Once you’re clear on your lifestyle, it’s time to develop a business plan you can follow.  

This includes understanding how your online Expert brand will function…things like: 

  • Timelines to hit
  • Operating costs
  • Fastest route to 6-figures 
  • The essential building blocks of a fully automated, evergreen brand
  • 4 essential offers your brand must have over the next year so you can wow your market
  • Milestones for building your branding, website, social media, & emails
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Most people never see the flowers through the weeds so they focus on the wrong things without an eye on the big picture. 

We want you thinking strategically, and feeling fully confident in building your Brand! 

This all comes inside the Online Business Blueprint ($297 retail)

Step #3: Assess Your Audience

Your business must be designed to serve a specific group of people. You can’t market to everyone. 

Today’s virtual coaching can be targeted to attract your ideal customer — the audience that needs the exact transformation you deliver. 

To do this, you must pinpoint the unique section of the market your expertise serves. 

This training is where you’ll brainstorm:

  • Who you want to serve
  • What specific problems this group will pay to have solved
  • How to create impeccable messaging & positioning so you are the go-to expert in your space
  • Your signature method to solve their problems so you earn your worth
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We do this by beginning to outline and develop a signature Visionary Method™, which is the process that helps you stand out in the market and allows you to craft a unique, memorable, and measurable curriculum for delivering your promised results.

This is branding and marketing gold! 

This is why you will be able to confidently charge — and earn — top dollar without worry. 

Once you start this... 

...we show you how to get a snapshot of your market by analyzing other brands to identify how they are able to attract leads online & what offers they are making, so you can reduce as much risk as possible.

And in this step you’ll learn the art of storytelling and video content so you can film simple content that will get your audience to know, like, & trust you so you have eager buyers waiting for your offers.     

Here we’ll also show you how to properly set up your social media channels for success to grow your platforms like a pro.

This all comes inside the Audience Attraction Planner ($997 retail)

If You’re Finally Ready to Create and Launch Your Expert Brand, Then Enroll Now!


Step #4: Develop Your Brand

To charge top dollar, you’ve got to look like a million bucks!  

Here you’ll optimize your branding by getting detailed, step-by-step instructions to secure your brand name & website URL — and develop your visual identity including logo, colors, & typography.   

You’ll also get done-for-you outsource emails & resources so outsourcing design work to a professional designer is a breeze!  

You get all of this inside the Brand Clarity Planner($997 retail)

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Step #5: Grow Your List & Launch Your Site

Step 5 is where the real fun begins!  

Here you’ll tap into our fill-in-the-blank templates & curated checklists that practically build your…

  • Brand Website
  • Blog
  • Content Marketing (video & written) 
  • Lead Magnet
  • Marketing Funnel
  • Email Systems

After that, it’s time to launch your brand!  

This all comes inside the List Grow Fast-Track($1997 retail)

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Step #6: Develop & Launch Your High-Priced (High Value) Offer

Once your website and list-growth funnel is up and running, you’ll shift your focus to create and launch a high-priced ‘Cash-Flow Offer’ coaching program based on your signature Visionary Method.

This signature system will eventually become the backbone of your offer suite. 

This maximizes your leverage by building a brand where you get known for something definitive in the market.

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We’ll show you how to…

  • Develop the perfect program structure
  • Build the online course & teaching materials.
  • Package it into an alluring offer
  • Effortlessly set it up in Kajabi
  • Automate it
  • Ultimately, you will have an online coaching business that can stand on its own, or be added to your existing offline business so you have a Hybrid Coaching Program.

Once the program is built, you’ll construct a simple ‘sales call’ funnel so you can efficiently (and effectively) host sales calls & get your ideal audience into your High-Priced offer!  

You’ll also get a sales script & sales tracking system so you maximize every lead that comes your way.  

This all comes inside the Cash-Flow Offer Fast-Track ($1997 retail)

Once you complete those 6 steps you’ll have a rock-solid brand that is generating cash…all within 6 months or less!

If You’re Finally Ready to Create and Launch Your Expert Brand, Then Enroll Now!


Step #7: Optimize Your Sales Processes

Here you’ll review your data so you can optimize your sales processes. We’ll show you how to set up tracking, build a webinar, & instantly boost your sales calls conversions.

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Step #8: Create a Low-Priced Offer

You’ll take out the first few steps (or milestones) of your Signature High Value Offer to create a quick ‘low priced’ offer.  

This is an irresistible ‘Gateway Offer’ that separates buyers from the tire kickers (people who will never buy anything or do anything) and gives people another way to get your coaching.  

Since you already helped clients get results in your signature High Ticket offer, launching this product & its marketing is quick & easy (when you follow our precise system & leverage our proven templates).

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Step #9: Create a Continuity Offer & Content Vault

All this time, you were creating weekly content to email to your list and share on social. 

Here you’ll create high-value handouts to support your most popular content pieces. This lets you rapidly create a ‘vault’ of content that you can charge monthly for.   

Even better, we’ll show you how to layer in a monthly group call & challenge so you provide maximum value without sacrificing more of your time (typically 4 hours or less a month when you follow our systems).

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Step #10: Create a Signature Offer

Since you’ve already been selling (& getting student results) from your High Ticket Offer, you can now remove access to yourself (or your team) in order to create a ‘study on your own’ style course, similar to our All Access Visionary Planner System.

This lets you convert a $2,500-$10,000 High Ticket Offer into a $500-$2000 offer that you can auto-sell (without sales calls!).

 We’ll even show you how to build a launch sequence or kick-off webinar to help sell this offer on autopilot.

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If You’re Finally Ready to Create and Launch Your Expert Brand, Then Enroll Now!


What Our Students Are Saying:

The All-Access Pass Has Helped Thousands of Experts Confidently Create, Market, & Scale Their Brands…

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"I have never seen a system built out so much like this that it is so detailed and so personalized..."

-Kat Spangler

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"An all encompassing program that will allow me just to follow directions...month after month..."

- Federico Cancello

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"...if you truly want to build a brand and get your message out to the world, ...this is the only way to do it."

-Kelly Scott

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"You're not going to come across a better time or a better solution to be able to build something that is lasting and sustainable..."

-Andrew Simpson



What You Get:

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BONUS: Clear Vision Planner™ ($297.00 retail) - Develop a battle-tested plan for how you’ll skip the excuses and make the time to properly build your business.

BONUS: Online Business Blueprint™ ($297.00 retail) - Get completely clear on how to strategically build your business (without wasting a second of your time).

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Audience Attraction Planner™ ($997.00 retail) - Develop your story & message, define & pinpoint your target audience, & verify the ideal offers they’ll pay for.

Brand Clarity Planner™ ($997.00 retail) - Establish clear & cohesive visual branding that attracts your target audience. 

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List Grow Fast-Track™ ($1,997.00 retail) - Use our step-by-step templates to build a list-growing marketing funnel, website, social media content, & ads. 


Cash-Flow Fast-Track™ ($2,997.00 retail) - Kick start your online business with a high-priced 'Cash Flow' offer & sales call marketing funnel.

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Sales Automation Planner™ ($2,997.00 retail) - Build an automated selling machine (webinar) while optimizing your marketing assets & sales call funnel. This is a critical step that is only possible after you’ve launched your Cash-Flow Offer and earned a handful of customers.

Low-Priced Offer Fast-Track™ ($2,997.00 retail) - Break out key modules from your Cash-Flow Offer so you can create a ‘self-liquidating’ offer to recoup your ad spend. This gets you some easy sales and lets you upsell buyers into your higher-priced offers.

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Continuity Offer Fast-Track™ ($2,997.00 retail) - 

Create a content ‘vault’ by leveraging existing content to create value-add handouts like cheat sheets, checklists, & worksheets. You’ll also build out marketing systems like upsell sequences and email campaigns so this offer runs on auto-pilot. 

Signature Offer Fast-Track™ ($2,997.00 retail) - Leverage your Cash-Flow Offer by removing all access to you (calls & email support), so you can ‘downsell’ your higher-priced offers to increase their accessibility. Here you’ll also build a marketing funnel & upsell sequences.

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Visionary Publishing System™ ($1,997.00 retail) - Learn how to get confident & comfortable with coaching on camera & consistently sharing your message.

Monthly Access to all our expert systems, templates, checklists, & blueprints. (Priceless)

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Learning Portal you can access anytime, anywhere that puts you instantly inside our exclusive member's only training system. (Priceless)

Deep Dive Videos give you a step-by-step process to set yourself apart from others in your industry & develop a unique brand, build your necessary business assets, & continuously up your game. (Priceless)

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Step-by-Step Worksheets so you get serious about your business instead of treating it like a hobby. (Priceless)

Over-the-Shoulder Tech Videos make integrating technology easier than ever. (Priceless)

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BONUS: Private FB Group so you have instant access to a community of fellow visionaries & can get the immediate social support you need to build your dreams! ($2,000.00 Value)

Total Value: $11,579.00

Others have paid $60,000 for this exact system! But since we’ve made this a ‘study at your own pace’ curriculum, we’re lowering the price!

Rent It Monthly

Just $297/m, cancel anytime

Courses unlock monthly

  • Monthly Access 
  • Access Anytime, Anywhere 
  • Straight-to-the-Point Videos 
  • Step-by-step Worksheets 
  • Step-by-Step Tech Build Out Videos 
  • BONUS: Clear Vision Planner™ Unlocked Month 1
  • BONUS: Online Business Blueprint - Unlocked Month 1
  • Audience Attraction Planner™ - Unlocked Month 2
  • Brand Clarity Planner™ - Unlocked Month 3
  • List Grow Fast-Track™ - Unlocked Month 4
  • Cash-Flow Fast-Track™ - Unlocked Month 5
  • Sales Automation Fast -Track™ - Unlocked Month 7
  • Low-Tier Offer Fast-Track™ - Unlocked Month 8
  • Signature Offer Fast-Track™ - Unlocked Month 9
  • Continuity Offer Fast-Track™ - Unlocked Month 10
  • Visionary Publishing System™ 
  • BONUS: Private FB Group 

Yearly License

Save $567 over 12 months

All courses unlocked

  • Monthly Access 
  • Access Anytime, Anywhere 
  • Straight-to-the-Point Videos 
  • Step-by-step Worksheets 
  • Step-by-Step Tech Build Out Videos 
  • BONUS: Clear Vision Planner™ Unlocked Month 1
  • BONUS: Online Business Blueprint - Unlocked Month 1
  • Audience Attraction Planner™ - Unlocked Month 2
  • Brand Clarity Planner™ - Unlocked Month 3
  • List Grow Fast-Track™ - Unlocked Month 4
  • Cash-Flow Fast-Track™ - Unlocked Month 5
  • Sales Automation Fast -Track™ - Unlocked Month 7
  • Low-Tier Offer Fast-Track™ - Unlocked Month 8
  • Signature Offer Fast-Track™ - Unlocked Month 9
  • Continuity Offer Fast-Track™ - Unlocked Month 10
  • Visionary Publishing System™ 
  • BONUS: Private FB Group 


Ad Strategy Call - You'll get a :45 call where we'll map out a strategy for your ads, help write your ad copy and consult you on how to film high-converting videos. ($999 value)



Try it out for 30 days. If you don't feel it helped you easily build your site, course, content & marketing in a step-by-step manner, we'll issue you a full refund.

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What’s It Costing You?

Let’s be real…If you made it this far, you know you need to get online.

You need a business that produces without a physical office, shop, or facility. 

You need a business that can be remote. Something accessible anywhere and anytime, while allowing you to work from home. 

You need a quality brand that looks, feels, and is legitimate because you built a solid business.

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This is a proven step-by-step system that has helped thousands of other Visionaries launch a COMPLETE business as quickly as possible.  

Everything is laid out in great detail so you never have to figure out anything on your own or get delayed due to confusion & overwhelm.

Ask yourself if you really need help…

And ask yourself how much it’s costing you (in time, energy, & money) to NOT be online?

Many people felt (& are still feeling) the sting of the COVDID-19 pandemic. 

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NOW is the time to ensure that never happens again by building an online business that is built to be evergreen. 

Listen, every day more and more businesses pop up online & compete for YOUR CUSTOMERS.

And right now the NEED for online services has never been more in demand.

Every day you wait, you are missing out on a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be in the ‘perfect storm’ of business & opportunity.

Better yet, the ability to get started has never been easier.

But only you can decide to make something of yourself & make owning an online business a reality that can provide freedom, income, impact & security in this new world. 


So what’s it costing you to not take action today?

Hey, if you’ve got a better plan to launch your coaching, offers, website, content, course, & funnels…then go for it.

Otherwise, you came here for a reason. Go with your gut & click the button below to try this out — risk-free — for 30 days.  



What Our Students Are Saying:

The All-Access Pass Has Helped Thousands of Experts Confidently Create, Market, & Scale Their Brands…


Frequently Asked Questions 

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You deserve to follow a proven set of instructions so you can effortlessly expand your expert brand online. Click the button below to join us today!

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