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3 Powerful Secrets For You To Build Your Dream Life in the 2020's


Don’t get left in the dust…

Real talk: Shit is happening at lightspeed.

10 years ago, Pinterest had literally just launched. Instagram hadn’t seen the light of day. And Snapchat was just a muddled idea known as “Picaboo.”

So let’s not waste time reflecting — I could go on and on about how the last 10 years took me from debt-ridden studio owner to hosting aspirational retreats in my very own vineyard — but you’re here to get the master plan.  

As a hard-charger who knows there’s more to life than being a slave to the 9-5 grind, here’s how to win in 2020 and beyond:


Treat Control Like Currency

You’ve long heard me preach about the freedom lifestyle. It’s a euphoric feeling to control your own schedule, income, obligations, etc. Or as I like to put it, it finally places you in the driver’s seat of your own life (thank. freakin’. God.)

And the ability to grab the wheel and seize that kind of control is only becoming more and more accessible. Despite common belief, it’s not just for a chosen few considered ‘lucky.

Thanks to the ongoing evolution of the online landscape, control will become a common currency you can stack up. Heck, it’s why teenagers are building million-dollar empires online without a smidge of education or a second working for the man. Bullshit bosses, crappy corporate politics, and strict schedules are a thing of the past.


Invest In Experiential Influencing

Sure, it’s a mouthful, but I coined this one myself. And it comes from firsthand experience launching my Vision in the Vineyard program. Artificial lights, mazes of cubicles, and boring white walls do nothing for visionaries. In fact, they feel like an inescapable trap boxing in greatness. Building businesses alongside vineyards, oceans, and mountains are where the magic happens.

As more and more escape the monotonous bullshit of the 9-5, I believe experiential influencing will win. So give yourself — and your tribe — the opportunity to trade fluorescent lights for Vitamin D, and those cubicles for creative spaces, and white walls for white sands. If you can offer folks magical, influential experiences, your business will thrive. And if you’re not leading them, attend ‘em.


Less Is More

We’ve all seen the influencers with millions of followers posing as successful entrepreneurs. Video clips in fancy cars don’t mean shit. They’re fakes. Sure, their juiced-up followings look good on the surface, but as you dive into their message, you’ll see it’s not resonating. They aren’t selling or “impacting” a damn thing.

The jig is up and people have caught on to the truth: Quality over quantity. So instead of focusing on growing massive audiences, know less is more. Strive for quality, not quantity. A genuine message to the right audience — no matter how small — will pay massive dividends. And a seismic shift will happen soon, where folks finally realize quantity is a total hoax.


Stop Contemplating

So, what say you, my friend? Are you going to spend the next decade hemming and hawing, contemplating greatness, and letting life slip by ... OR are you finally going to listen to that little voice in your head and take control while the getting’s good?

Everything you could possibly need to transform your life and win the decade is at your fingertips. Coaching, roadmaps, retreats, you name it. But the world is moving fast - and if you don’t make a move ASAFP, you will get trampled.

So let’s make 2020 and beyond special. Hit me up and we’ll start turning your vision into reality so you can finally break free of the chains of the old-school lifestyle, and start living an extraordinary life in the decade that allows for more freedom than ever before.

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