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How To Live Your Most Extraordinary Life Ever!


Do you want financial freedom, but can’t seem to find the right ideas to get you there?

Too many of us can relate to that struggle while missing that the answer has been in front of us the whole time.

In this episode, Vito and Anna, two passionate Visionaries helping people like you reach their freedom goals, share how they’re living joyful lives.

They dig into the five stepping stones that will take you from an ordinary life to an extraordinary one.

Tune in and take control of your future.


“Financial freedom needs to be about your ability to control the money that you make”
- Vito Lafata


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In this Episode:

-   Time freedom and the ability to control your own agenda 

-   Everything is a choice, so choose wisely: Why you need to choose a model that lets you do what you really want to do

-   Financial freedom, and the ability to control what you make without letting other people's opinions and experiences influence your CHOICE for making money 

-   Why you need to learn sales and marketing in order to rise as a Visionary

-   How freedom of location will let you control your surroundings and get your creativity to the highest level

-   How people freedom raises your value

-   Gaining purpose freedom to do the meaningful work YOU want to do, make an impact, and leave a legacy


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