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How to Accept Love as the Strength that Leads to Success


In this episode, Vito speaks with Tatiana Arias, an entrepreneur, author, and the first Spanish-speaking woman to have achieved a 7-figure launch.

As the mentor behind the Financial Happiness system, Tatiana's passion is to help women all over the world live an abundant life, take possession of their dreams, and let love in.

Today she shares the journey of love that helped her overcome her struggles and give her the strength to accomplish her own dreams.

Get ready to be inspired.

“If your heart dreams about it, it already belongs to you”
- Tatiana Arias

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In this Episode

-   Tatiana opens her heart about about her journey and what she won out of living life out of love 

-   The 3 step method Tatiana uses to get through her struggles 

-   Why you should let love in, and how to do it

-   How to accept that love is always present, no matter how big your struggles are

-   Did you move the needle today?

-   What is your dream life and how do you achieve it?

-   How to express love through service 

-   Move your needle every single day, and NEVER give up

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