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How To Live The Life You Wish For


Are you looking for a faster way to get out of your mundane life and find your place as a Visionary?

In this episode, Vito and Anna share the defining moments in their lives that helped them break out of their ordinary lives and rise as Visionaries.

They give you the 12 clues you need to start living the life you’ve always wished for.

Say NO MORE to your daily routine, the 9-5 job you know is not for you, and let go of the things and people that are holding you back from your journey.

This doesn’t need to take years to achieve, so tune in and get ready to take action. 

“Never let judgment and opinions bring your dreams down”
- Vito Lafata

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In this Episode

-   Things you must accept and do before you start your business

-   The moment where Vito and Anna finally said NO to more jobs and living ordinary lives

-   Why you can’t let other people’s fears and opinions dictate the way you live your life

-   Why you need to be committed to your personal and professional development to make better decisions for yourself

-   How to choose a new economy and start working towards building it

-   Start a new marketing model that alines with your values and passion

-   Why you should be willing to invest in an online business and evolve into something new

-   How to get to the next level by taking action and practicing what you learn

-   Understanding how money works and how to make money work for YOU

-   Building powerful relationships by investing your time into people who elevate you


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