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Create A New Website With These Tools

create new website Dec 18, 2019

Here is a list of the top tools we use for our websites.

  • Wordpress - Wordpress is a free blogging platform.  You should be able to install this through your hosting company.


  • Canva - Canva is a free design tool that lets you create images.  You can use this to create your site’s header and about images.

  • WPMuDev - This is a great service that lets you easily update, backup and perform security on your Wordpress Sites.  We recommend this if you have 3 or more sSites because it makes it very easy to update everything on each Site with one click.  It also lets you create security backups and optimize your Site’s speed.


  • Google Analytics - Google has a free service that lets you analyze everyone who is coming to your Site.  You can see how many people visit, how long they stay, what pages are most popular, and what Sites sent them your way.  Knowing this can help improve your Site traffic.  There are a few Wordpress plugins that bring Google Analytics data into your Wordpress dashboard so you can see stats form inside your site.


  • Google Webmaster Tools - This free service from Google will analyze your Site and recommend ways to improve it.  Since Google is the gatekeeper who recommends your Site to searchers, it’d be stupid to not listen to their recommendations on what you need to do so they can send you more visitors!  If you’re baffled by the things it suggests, no worries.  Go to and hire a programmer to ‘translate’ this for you.


  • Yoast SEO - This plugin is a must have for performing SEO on your Site.  It lets you set keywords for each of your pages.  It even let’s you write the text that shows up whenever someone sees your search results in Google.  This plugin is free.

  • NameCheap - We recommend buying all your domain names from this company.  We’ve been using them for years and most sites are around $12 a year.  Unlike GoDaddy, they don’t have a million upsells.


  • Bluehost - We recommend Bluehost for hosting.  If you’re just starting out, then get their lowest priced plan.  Be warned their ‘monthly’ rate seems pretty minor (less than $15 a month), but you have to buy a year’s worth to get that rate.  If you’re serious about building your Brand this should be a no-brainer purchase!  Once your Site gets popular (and starts getting tons of traffic), you can upgrade to faster servers.  


  • SumoMe - This free service (for the basic services) lets you add numerous signups to your Wordpress Site.  These include popups, Hello Bar and the ‘Welcome Mat’.


  • Envato ( - We recommend you buy your Wordpress Themes here.  They’re between $40-$100.  For an additional cost you can hire a programmer to install your theme and make it look like the demo version.  Or you can save a lot of hassle (and money) and use our Visionary Planner theme!


  • Active Campaign - This is the Email Service we recommend for sending out marketing emails.  It lets you automate everything and scales up with your Brand as you add additional Treasures.

  • Clickfunnels - This is the software we recommend for building all your Funnel Pages.  Wordpress is great for blogging, but horrible for making marketing pages such as your Singup, Welcome and Access Pages.  If you enroll in our Visionary Planner Trainings you’ll get access to our pre-built funnel pages that you can copy over to your Clickfunnels account.  


  • - We recommend you build all ‘links using this free service.  It lets you see how many clicks each link received.  This is important when you build clickable links on your Wordpress Site over to your Clickfunnels pages and Social Media Channels.  


  • Typeform - This is an amazing online software that lets you create interactive surveys and trainings.  We love this cool tool and use it in every Audience Funnel we create.



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