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Crush It 2020: 3-Step Blueprint Guaranteed to Get You Freedom This Year


There’s no time to waste…

Each month, more than 500,000 new businesses hit the ground running. That means you’ve got more than 6 million (yes, 6 million) new competitors coming for your head over the next 365 days.

And with more and more opportunities to get in the game courtesy of the online space, that number is only growing.

So what are you waiting for? You gotta strike while the iron’s freakin’ hot. 

Whether you’ve been walking, jogging, or running toward your dreams, 2020 is the year to all-out sprint. No more waiting, wishing, and hoping. Let’s get you on-point to crush the decade, so you can finally escape — once and for all — that crappy corporate grind besieged by broken dreams.


Step 1: Get Crystal Clear On Your Vision

In this day and age, you can literally design your own lifestyle. How effing cool is that? Whether you have visions of running a business surrounded by lush, grape-bearing vines (guilty!) or setting up shop — sans a shitty supervisor — in your very own home office, you need to get clear on the big picture to take the proper steps toward transforming those freedom fantasies into reality. 

Simply wanting more financial freedom, time freedom, and schedule freedom doesn’t qualify as a vision. You must challenge yourself by asking why you want these things. Until you uncover those deep, underlying reasons for your desires, your vision is too weak to dodge the fatigue, burnout, and B.S. that will constantly challenge you along the way when trading the 9-5 hamster wheel for the visionary lifestyle. 

Launching your own biz is a knock-down, drag-out, 12-round battle. And unless you have a vision with significance, you won’t survive the first effing punch.  


Step 2: Clarify & Prioritize Your Needle-Movers

Clear on your vision? You’re making progress. But what are the non-negotiables required of you this year — heck, this decade — to get your business to the next level? Skip the tasks, financials, and sales numbers you’re thinking of. That shit won’t help. I’m talking about the BIG things that will drive serious progress. 

Firing off a newsletter on the 14th of each month may be a non-negotiable, but that isn’t moving the needle far enough. Nor is your latest blog, Instagram post, or coaching call. Cut through layers of tasks like these and think about the foundational stuff you need to succeed: Things like having a duplicable program that delivers insane results, a fully vetted offer that your target audience can’t resist, or a world-class asset library that blows the 6-million newbies you’re competing with this year out of the freakin’ water.

Prioritizing tasks will leave you stuck in no man’s land. Focus on seismic shifts in your business and the objectives that support the kind of radical progress you need to move that twitching needle at lightspeed.


Dial In Your Resources & Be Willing to Invest

Listen, we all need resources to move forward. So to get to the next level, you need next-level resources. These could be tools, courses, events, books, you name it...

But let’s go a step further: The most successful visionaries in the world invest in people. They realize when they’ve hit a wall on their solo mission, and invest in others to help them bust right through that sucker. So as you dial in your vision and nail your needle-movers, you need to be prepared to dole out some cash for a co-pilot (or 2) to help you break down barriers. Or, you can skip the investment, and stay exactly where you are — stuck in the 9-5 with more broken dreams piling up at your feet.

No greater thing has been created in the world than the power of coaches, mentors, and masterminds of people coming together to share what they’ve done. It’s revolutionary shit. And you need to get in on it to reach your calling. But don’t expect it for free! That mindset has gotta go. Nothing will be handed to you on a silver platter. Your willingness to invest in others will pay massive dividends.

Hopefully, these words serve as rocket fuel to blast your business in the right direction — whether that means pushing off the launch pad or hitting up Houston for a helping hand. And keep in mind, when the time comes to propel into the next stratosphere, we’ll be here for you! 

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