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Social Media Strategies That Helped Us Launch 7-Figure Online Business Without Feeling Like A Slave to Social Media

Uncategorized Dec 17, 2019

There are tons of ways to use social media to launch your business online and to keep it growing. Here are some of our top ways to do it without feeling like a slave to your phone.


1. Create one new piece of authority content every week. 


A lot of experts want to create a ton of content every single day and that’s fine if your a paid sponsor, trying to grow an audience as an entertainer and online influencer who hopes to gather a large audience so you can get sponsorship deals. 

But, if you’re an expert building an online business so you can get clients, posting tons of random content can be overwhelming and confusing to your market.

There’s a lot of noise out there, so learning to focus your content so your message can penetrate the noise and clutter out there is key. Otherwise your audience won’t really hear the message and get to know what you're teaching. 

Creating that one piece of content and focusing that idea for the week is really powerful when you make that piece of content relevant to your experience, your expertise and helps to position you as the expert, and your signature methodology or system as the solution. 


2. Let us peek into who you are.

People like to do business with people they know, like and trust. 

You’ve heard this before, now it’s time to make it happen.

When creating social media make sure to demonstrate your personality and your lifestyle so that your audience is getting a little mix of seeing the real you and who you are in your life as well as seeing what you teach and what you're an expert at out there now. 

Think of how you can demonstrate your life, family values, hobbies, interests, etc. This becomes the unspoken glue between you and your ideal audience because we all love to hang out, learn from, and be a part of communities and mentors that we share interest and life with.


3. Repurpose Content.

One of the main complaints about social media is “I feel like I’m on there all the time” and “chronic social media posting” which is when you are more focused on your phone then living real life.

We teach our students in The Visionary Planner to not be slaves or teeangers in their business, but instead to be smart and leverage their work and content by learning how to repurpose content. 

Repuprosing is when you shoot an asset piece. Like the video you're seeing on this page, we're getting ready to use this video across multiple of our platforms by taking one piece of content and putting it on Linkedin, on Facebook, on IG, etc. 

That's how you take one piece and it becomes an asset for your business so you're not constantly having to work all the time.  

The reality is that unless you’re taking your content from social and using it elsewhere, it just disappears and then you're like, great, I'm constantly a slave to it.  

Instead, shoot asset-based videos and disperse them on social media. When you repurpose, it gives you freedom because you don't have to feel like you're constantly creating and creating and creating content. You're just creating some value and then using it everywhere and using it in different ways. You might shoot a video about it. You might write a blog about it, you might shoot a podcast about it, you might interview someone about it, but you use that asset all over to grow your business and meet people on different platforms without having to work all the platforms. 


Think about that one topic, that one content piece and then put it everywhere.

We teach our peeps to create a content day, make a shot list of all the content you need for the next month and then some, and block out 6-8 hours and shoot it in one day, then get it transcribed and cut it up into all the other assets like emails, blogs, posts, etc, 

One day for a month's worth of content. 

 That's how it should be don't go insane trying to fricking grow your business and grow your marketing and grow your list out there. 


4. Get people off social and get them onto your list.

Your social audience is worth 1/10 your email list. 


Because they are scrollers and their attention is not focused. 

You want to take the good people and get them off social (where there is too much competing for attention) and get them onto your email list where you can have deeper conversations and focus their attention on you, your help, and what you can do for them. 

That means you got to have a call to action or an optin from your social over to your list. 

Which is why you need to be out there and running ads. You have to spend money on running ads. When you're new in game, running ads can feel scary and risky. But every business, no matter what kind of business it is (at least the successful ones), spends money on ads, or they're going out of business. Or they're struggling. Or they're just basically a sole proprietor that owns a job not a business. 

If you want scale and growth, you gotta be willing to spend some money on ads to get it.

It doesn't have to be big amounts on ads right away. You can start with very little amounts of money even a dollar a day, $5 a day strategies, can help you get started. You start to see what converts that help your traffic and then if you want, you can scale up as you go, but it's so important to actually have that without ads. 

The idea that you have to go post every day, go live every day... that's the hamster wheel. That's the rat race of the online world. That's like, you know people who have been the rat race in the corporate world. Well, having to post every day (versus repurposing which makes it look like you are) is the rat race of the online world.

Instead, create assets, use content days, build ads that are working around the clock, so you can grow your list to sell your programs. That’s a simple bit of stuff that you can do to grow your social media, to go grow your business. 

Now, if you want to know how to do this stuff, get a free training on growing an online business at and we can help you go to next level.

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