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How to Bet on Yourself and Confidently Be An Entrepreneur


In this episode, Vito and Anna speak to yet another inspirational Visionary.

At only 26 years old, Jess Jacobsen is the founder of Authentic Influence Media.

As a social media strategist, Jess is passionate about making a difference by building an authentic audience and helping small businesses grow their social media presence.

Today, she gives valuable tips on building confidence and betting on yourself.

If you’re an entrepreneur feeling ready to step up and take the right actions to get your business started and start rising as a Visionary, you need to tune in.

“Jump in and start even before you’re ready”
- Jess Jacobsen

In this Episode:

-   Jess’s motive for starting her business and how she actually did it 

-   How gambling works when it comes to betting on yourself

-   What gave Jess the confidence to build her business

-   Tactics she used to start her business

-   How Jess’s grandfather’s entrepreneurship influences her and who she is as a professional

-   Taking the right actions to get started with your business

-   How to put yourself out there and offer your service

-   Jess’s driving factor and Vision for her business

-   How impact plus influence equals income

Connect with Jess Jacobsen


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