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You Can Learn A Lot In 7 Days

I’m writing this coming off a crazy whirlwind of events, lives transformed and brands being birthed!
In the space of 7 days, I went from…
Presenting and speaking at Todd Durkin’s 3.5 Day Mentorship...where I dropped the 5 Steps to Kickstart an Online Business that lets you have vision, the right audience, a solid message, signature method, and systems to automate it so you can live the life of your dreams.
It was a quick in and out, but you can do that, when you know what you’re meant to deliver and run the miles to be able to drop it hot like that. Having a signature talk in alignment with your offers is still in my mind one of the top ways to grow your list, brand and money.
This is something that can dramatically change how you grow your business.
Straight from SD, I hopped on red eye to fly to Puerto Rico to mastermind with Brendon Burchard in a secluded private locale where we could get away and plan for 2020 domination…


A Few Top Takeaways From There…

1. Don’t judge yourself on your early results.

So, often people put something out, and if it doesn’t become a hit straight out of the gate, or hit resistance, they judge themselves a failure or believe it was a bomb. Not true.
Most things don’t work the first time out. If the iPhone had stopped at V1, where would Apple be?
Instead of Judging yourself on your early results, judge yourself once you’ve been working the campaigns, testing the message, hammering the systems, updating based on feedback, etc.
Give things time to get better. It’s why I believe your mission is to discover and decide on your message and then build a method to deliver on that, and go get known for that. Stop the constant trying a thousands ways to turn your situation around. Clarity of your message and the development of a signature system are the pathway to financial wealth and abundance for you, your family and your business.

2. 45 Minutes from a Mentor is worth 5 years of trial and error.

For 10 years I’ve been paying to be in rooms with people smarter than me and it’s been the #1 reason I’ve been able to go from the broke dude in a gym to earning millions, owning multiple businesses, planting my own vineyard and living a lifestyle most only dream about.
It’s not a glory story, and I’m not saying this to show off, it’s just a tribute to mentors in my life.
A lot of people are out there trying to figure out success on their own. They try the latest tactic, the hail mary pass, the flea flicker in hopes it gets them one big win.
Yet, those tactics rarely ever win the game... solid strategy, a great coach, a QB at the helm that knows how to call the plays, and a solid defense. That wins games.
In the entrepreneur game were it can feel alone so often, getting a coach can be the difference in how many wins you rack up in life. My mentor, Brendon Burchard (and many others along the way) has helped me always find one tweak, one nuance, one angle, one hook, one strategy to accelerate, trim or advance years of success into a condensed time period.
With the availability of coaches out there today, why would you choose to go it alone and risk trial and error versus asking the people ahead of you how they did it, invest in their coaching, and get the clearer path?
Only two major reasons I’ve seen and heard is a) “money” and people being to cheap to invest. Which is exactly why those people take twice as long if ever to change their money situation. And b) are looking at their past results and failures in coaching as a predictor of current and future results. If you’re still fearful of how you showed up in the past, you just haven’t developed the right skills to change your old ways.
Here’s a few quick tips to end being worried you won’t get results from coaching:
  1. Show up and do the course/work.
  2. Engage with the community.
  3. Take advantage of the live meetings.
  4. Know your why for being in the program.
  5. Go for depth on the 1 thing you need to generate an ROI.
  6. Stop being tactic minded only, build assets.
  7. Ask yourself “if you don’t get coaching, how much longer can I keep doing what I’m doing before it’s really too late?”
  8. Believe in your ability to stay the course and figure things out because it matters to you and your family.
  9. Make it about your message and mission.
  10. See a grander vision for your life, make that the anchor to get beyond any excuses in your way.

3. People make 100’s of millions on 1 thing.

So many people are in a rush to figure out and do everything. They build dozens of courses, try dozens of offers and try to be the help to everyone out there.
Yet, the people making millions, if not hundreds of millions are doing one thing.
They are first, getting known for that one thing. Building that. Leveraging that. Then flipping that into the next thing.
Brendon taught us about a guy who figured out paid traffic to SEO articles around money lending, who went and built that as an affiliate business that sold for $100 million. And is now doing the next thing, that leverages the very asset he built in the first place.
Made me think about what the focus!
Am I focused on the BIG thing?
The thing that makes all others go down like dominos? Great read if you haven’t already is the book, The One Thing.
An even better thing... is to apply what is in that book.
Which is why the theme for our 2020 year is... WTF!
As in what the FOCUS!
Focus on just the one thing.
A day after I flew back from Puerto Rico we hosted our 5th Visionary Planner retreat, which is a retreat we run 2x/year for our coaching students on my vineyard so we can teach and train them on the right levers to be pulling to build their brands, carving out their offers, and nail their message and methods so they can stand out in the markets and hit 6-figures plus with their dream lifestyle businesses.

Top Takeaways From Our Retreat…

1. Best breakthroughs come in beating things up.

One of our visionaries had been struggling for a few months to nail down a message and direction, and he came in with a very generic model of what he wanted to launch. It would’ve put him in competition with every other fitness and health program online.
Over a few drinks at lunch, and 1.5 days of hot seats, getting up in front of the room, Brian dug out and found his Pilot Your Life message and his MAVERICK method!
In the space of an hour his brand flew out of him, almost literally!
A new framework was born, his brand theme and messages took flight and his clarity of direction was laid out.
Breakthroughs like this often come in circles, around tables, in hot seats, whiteboards, mentors, peers, coaches around you who can help you see what you’re missing, uncover the truths and angles that create distinction to create truly unique brands.
And they come in community where other minds can help you cut away the clutter and focus on the one thing that makes you distinct in the market.

2. Community is born with purpose.

21 visionaries came in to Temecula. All with different needs, wants and ambitions.
But, 2.5 days later 21 people walked out as 1. There is something magical about bringing people together who are from different backgrounds and giving them a singular purpose to unite around.
In this case- being visionaries and launching brands that shake, rattle and roll the Earth!
The purpose for these 21 was simple- being visionaries who want to build personal brands and businesses that allow them to live with more freedom while creating more impact so they can be agents of change in a world that needs more vision and positivity.
Outside our group people get together, people do stuff, but inside this group purpose binds us. And that is rare.
Masterminds are powerful but masterminds where there is one uniting purpose is where magic can happen and community is elevated. This group of visionaries all talk one language, know the sequencing of building brands, and have the permission to call each other out as much as lift one another up.
This is rarified air.

3. Advancement only comes in depth and execution

Wanna be entrepreneurs are making some serious mistakes today in that they (mostly) do not invest in depth and getting shit done. What do I mean by this?
I was recently on a call with a regional director for a major fitness business software and they were sharing the biggest struggle they have with tens of thousands of small business owners is them ACTUALLY doing the things they need to be doing to grow their business.
They have service based owners who are merely glorified technicians still trading dollars for hours, have never learned how to market, sell and brand their business, so year after year they eek along.
Never generating cash on hand.
Never building systems.
Never nailing their offer.
Never setting up consistent lead generation.
Never creating distinction in the market.
So they suffer from ebbs and flows. They suffer from lack of control. They suffer from no money to grow. They suffer by bleeding out and burning out.
And here’s the thing that compounds the issue, because they keep trying to skirt their duties as owners by looking for cheap answers, hacks, tricks, and tips, which in and of themselves are not bad, versus seeking the skills to control their business, they are dooming themselves to forever being trapped in the business.
When instead, they need to finally commit to the depth of knowledge it takes to actually BE the business owner, marketer and promoter of their business so they can be at the helm.
You can't build depth, constantly looking for cheap and hoping a $47 course will be enough to get you over the finish line of success. No one has ever figured out how to make a million dollars in a $47 course.
The people who are making millions have invested 6-figures+ in their education. And they went and DID IT!
Still boggles my mind how many people invest money to grow and then never execute. They think the dopamine drip of having made the purchase is enough. Wrong.
Those that build. Do. Execute. Implement are the ones building the vineyards of their dreams!
- Vito

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