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Earn More Money and Freedom with Network Marketing

Leave your doubts behind… 

Network marketing has evolved past pyramid schemes into a reputable, income-earning market – one that has the ability to grow your income and quality of life like it’s no one else's business.

But let’s go back in time for a minute and get the story straight. Unfortunately, a lot of creepy people with crappy product poorly took advantage of the system, leaving it with a bad reputation. The users and abusers are still out there today, but they’re now few and far between.  

Here’s why the Network marketing model is absolutely everything when you’re working with the right team… 

Also called, MLM (multi-level marketing), network marketing gives you the leverage that you need in your business to scale beyond the hours that you have. 

First things first is location, location, location – meaning you can leave the burden of a brick and mortar at the door. 

With network marketing, there's almost no capital. When I joined Beachbody , it cost me $225. No hefty bank loans, monthly bills, numbers upon numbers to keep track of. 

In sum, I made my first million in only 4 years rent-free. 

Doesn’t an office that has no bounds sound like a dream destination?

Doesn’t having more income not tied to overhead in your brick and mortar just sound amazing and life freeing?

Here’s the best part... 

On top of working from anywhere your heart desires, network marketing lays out a groundwork that builds upon itself. I’m talking about income – and freedom – that’s constantly on the rise once you have your team in place. 

With network marketing, everyone is the face of the company. And a rising tide lifts all boats. 

Contrary to misconceived notions surrounding MLM’s; when you get into a reputable organization you can not ‘get in’ and make money doing no work. That’s a lie. 

To truly be successful you must help and lead others. Whether it’s through the products or through the team building.  

This is a space where you nurture, mentor and develop people into leaders that are ready to go out and really promote the transformation the products provide. Loyalty will grow when this is done right, and devotion shows a profit.

A team that trusts trickles down into every sale. It’s the most genuine form of marketing: people that believe in what they’re offering. 

So, in reality, it's like an upside-down triangle, not a pyramid. You have to believe in it though in order for the model to sustain its cause and cash flow.


Here are the 5 unshakable beliefs that you need to have if you're going to be successful in network marketing: 

  • Product. You have to love your product in order for your team to fall head over heels. An MLM gives your crew the chance to be their own boss, work at their own pace, and finally experience the freedom they crave. But if they’re not into the product, they’ll just be clocking into another routine that won’t get the job done. Stay passionate and that dedication will trickle down.
  • Company. It’s all about the environment. Yes, network marketing doesn’t have a home base, which is why you need to keep that feeling of home going strong for your crew. Have your mission, goals, and morals set in stone from the get-go. Let your team feel like they’re a part of something that’s frickin’ changing lives. Your company is nothing like a regular job. It’s freedom, opportunity, and more income all in one. Let everyone know that there’s nothing like the comforts of your good company.  
  • Leadership. The only way to lead is to have strong leadership in place. Most people can smell a fake from miles away, so really use your judgement when it comes to nominating the kingpin. Think about your drive and who could take the wheel to navigate your company to new heights. You’ll see. The right people in the right places will make all the difference.
  • Teamwork. We already know this will make dreams work. You have to encourage unity in order for a successful MLM strategy to come to life. Huddle everyone up to get excited about the endless opportunities that are now at their feet. Your MLM strategy will be unstoppable when your goals are on point.  
  • Mentorship. Since MLM creates endless opportunity, it lends itself well to building good leaders. As you grow, you don’t have to step out to bring someone new in. You’ve got a solid team at hand that’s there to stay and grow with you. That dedication will only stay strong as long as you dedicate time to mentorship. Be there for your employees as more than a boss – be a mentor they can count on. When you care about their growth, they’ll notice. We’re all trying to grow and get better in this world. When the job takes care of that, why would you ever want to leave?


Network marketing is just 1 of 7 revenue streams that can instantly impact your income when used correctly. But, unless you understand all of the subtle nuances of this income stream, it’s just another grand idea that never equates to anything...

...It’s like having the keys to a supercar without knowing how to take it for a spin...

So, if you’d like to make the most of this massive revenue stream (and several others), I invite you to check out my famed “Off-the-Floor Income” course where I reveal exactly how I use network marketing, supplement sales, affiliates, and more to fuel my 7-figure fitness business.

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