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Here’s A New-Age Method Fit Pros Are Using to Earn Money Off the Floor

Hold the phone…

Just like you, your clients are constantly thumbing through apps.

And thanks to the quick-and-easy solutions our mobile devices give us today, it’s evident that we now need our cells to help us live our best lives.

Going mobile has become a walk in the park. You need to get serious about joining the cause if you want to stay in better touch with your clients while earning more money all day, every day.  

I’m stoked because this is an unstoppable revenue stream – one that lets you become a coach in your clients’ back pocket instead of spending another night teaching a half-empty class at the studio.

Keep scrolling to get the update on everything you need to rake in loads of off-the-floor income thanks to a curated app... 

I know what you’re thinking: App?

  • Do I need to spend thousands on a developer? 
  • Do I have to be a total tech nerd to get it?
  • Do I need to add more time on top of my 60-hour work week to figure this out? 

Hell no. It’s not nearly as complicated as you think.  

You don’t have to start from the ground up. It's a new age for apps — and you have options.

For starters, there are apps already out there that can carry your programs at no — or a very small, but worthy — cost. 

Take Coach Catalyst for example. This existing app allows you to scale and customize the user experience to fit in with what you’re already coaching on the floor, instantly offering things like challenges and Q&A’s straight through their platform.

You can also get your own white-labeled app for under 200 bucks a month. With white labels, you can stay on brand and get going with top-of-the-line quality you can call your own.   

Whichever you choose, both are cost-effective ways to gear up a successful platform without pouring money down the drain.

After you’ve made your pick, the next step is all about content.

You’re in for a treat because the cherry on top is that it’s now easier and cheaper than ever to bring this vision to life. All you have to do is automate that shit and it’ll thrive on its own. Automation is reinventing the wheel for the user experience and your manual labor, driving a more simplified way to book-keep things together.

Plan the journey you want your clients to embark on after they download your app. It’s a big question to think about, and you have to feel confident in what you can deliver – down to every last detail.

This is where you can really have some fun that pays off in more dollars and less hours on the floor.

Maybe you’re a personal trainer looking to pique your clients’ interest with a 5-day challenge rather than keeping them (and you) locked in for more time on the floor. 

Maybe you’re a yoga instructor running back-to-back-to-back classes. Now you can ease up your schedule while bringing in easy revenue through a release of mood-boosting sequences your students can practice at different times of the day. 

Or you’re a small-business owner, an app is the perfect way to put what’s up-and-coming for your business on blast instead of printing out flyers people toss as soon as they leave. 

Whatever your medium, you’ll be instantly increasing retention, engagement, and earning opportunities with a quick download.

It’s not worth it to break a sweat over the build-up of your app. Instead, focus on assembling your content, the versatility you’ll be able to explore with programming a curated experience, and what platform will fit in best to keep your goals cruising. 

Speaking of the simplicity of an app experience and it’s profound power, I’m proud to help fit pros like you earn more money in less time. I do this through my renowned Off-the-Floor Income program design to reveal proven, plug-and-play revenue streams that will ensure you’re always earning money away from the facility. 

This course has been responsible for helping countless fit pros finally earn the money they deserve, while experiencing time, location, and financial freedom for the first time in their lives.

Without it, you will continue down the path you’re currently stuck on. Frustrated with your average earnings and continuing to sacrifice your own life to trade hours for dollars on the fitness floor.

With it, you will drastically increase your income, earn what you’re worth, and take back your time so you can stop feeling stuck to the fitness floor and start living the way you want to.

Let’s start supercharging your income - click here to learn more about my exclusive OTF course and claim your spot before it’s too late!


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