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How to Press Play On More Money with this 24/7 Revenue Stream

Listen up…

Your business doesn’t have to be tied to the fitness floor.

It’s 20 freakin’ 20, man. 

Here’s what’s going viral: More and more people are shaping up with fitness on-demand. And that demand is only growing. 

Working up a sweat that stays at the gym is old news for the busy bodies you work with. So before you get left in the dust, turn off your day job of staying late at the studio and turn on an off-the-floor income stream that brings your routines to screens of all shapes and sizes.

Nowadays, you can cash in on expanding your expertise with on-demand trainings your clients can access anytime and anywhere. It’s putting on a reel to reel in more cash all day, every day. 

Imagine being able to offer workouts your clients can seamlessly sneak in before, during, or after their 9-to-5s. Instead of “oversleeping” again or skipping sessions due to rush hour traffic, they can pull you up right on their phones. 

Suddenly, they’re outta excuses.

 And while you’re filling in those gaps by offering your services on-demand, you’ll be turning up the volume on increased retention thanks to the convenience. 

The best part? Your business is no longer pinned down by location.

You can toss your current schedule – one that starts at 5am when the doors open and ends after the night owls get their sweat on – out. Your on-demand services never have to close up shop, and they can attract people far beyond the blocks surrounding your gym.

From getting your clients hyped for limitless workouts to word spreading to stay tuned for your next batch of exclusive trainings, your channel of transformation allows you to cash in on a bigger pool of people who are done with trying to swim upstream to the gym every day.

Your clients – and future clients – are ready for more and they want it at arm’s reach. The sooner you evolve your business model to go digital, the quicker you’ll be locked in as a power source they can count on to plug in a sweat sesh at any moment. 

You’re also boosting value along the way.

Think about it…

Those areas you’d love to go more in-depth on – flexibility techniques, juicy stretches, cool-down and recovery routines, etc. – can be pulled away from the floor into a featured film. All you have to do is get your curriculum together and teach your class once to the camera. All those extra hours on the floor are now packed into recordings that stream on their own time…

That’s a freakin’ wrap.

It’s all about using your noggin and breaking down your knowledge into what needs to stay at the gym and what can work out great as something your audience can turn on at home, in the office, or out and about. 

And don’t ignore the fact that it's easier for them to also be making the best out of their time. You’re making their dreams a reality through a streaming service that makes it easy to seamlessly work in workouts that aren’t restricted to in-person studio time.

Do you think the big-box gyms care about them like that?

Not now and not ever.  

This is where you can become your clients’ go-to while they’re on-the-go. A coach they can access whenever, wherever. 

It’s a goldmine for both of you. 

Yeah, everyone is earning some much-needed freedom here. And if you’re stuck on where to start, kick those doubts – along with your 5-to-9 schedule – out the door right now.

There are so many options to work with when it comes to building up your broadcast. 

If you’re still hesitant because it seems like too much to tack on, especially if you’re camera shy, hang on for the credits…

What may appear like more work, plays off.

On-demand trainings are a self-sustainable income stream where doors are always open. The possibilities of views are endless, and the CTA that you need your clients to pick up throughout this ride is that fitness is not just allotting time at the gym, it’s a timeless lifestyle. 

The afterhours matter, and that’s where your content becomes a must-have. 

There’s no such thing as days off. Every day counts as a chance to improve your clients’ journey to a healthier and stronger way of living. They’re working to shape up their lives and you have to be there to help them stay focused on that transformation. It’s all about helping them coordinate an on-demand routine they can rely on through demanding schedules that always feel like they’re on fast-forward. 

Bottom line: You won’t regret tapping into this virtual world.

On-demand services are just 1 of 7 magnificent revenue streams that can instantly impact your income when used correctly. But, unless you understand all of the subtle nuances of getting going, it’s just another grand idea that never equates to anything. It’s like having the keys to a supercar without knowing how to take it for a spin. 

So, if you’d like to actually implement this revenue stream (and several others), I invite you to check out my famed Off-the-Floor Income course where I reveal exactly how I personally use on-demand services (and much, MORE more) to help fuel my 7-figure fitness business.

In this exclusive course, I also unveil 6 other proven revenue streams that the famed fit pros I mentor use to earn more money in less time. 

The course won’t be available forever, so click here now to learn more!


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