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How I Built My Business On Delayed Gratification (And Why You Should Too)

Uncategorized Sep 02, 2019

Hear me out…

I know you’re eager to arrive at your destination – the sanctuary of your thriving online business and the freedom lifestyle you always hear me preaching about. 

But if you toss the map and hop in the fast lane, you might do yourself more harm than good.

Sure, I’ve shared some secrets, shortcuts, and tricks in the past, but there’s one key ingredient that hasn’t gotten much love because, frankly, it ain’t too sexy.

Delayed gratification.

The one secret everybody ought to know about building an online business is to harness the power of delayed gratification.

I get it — not what you wanted to hear. Boring, V…

But when you transform your mindset from immediate results to “delayed gratification,” you’re making a seismic shift in your strategy that will pay huge dividends down the road. 

Delayed gratification is a hush-hush industry secret that separates the strong from the weak, the lazy from the industrious, and the failures from the successes.

It guides strategic decision-making by keeping you motivated for the long haul.  And the sooner you understand it, the better.

You see, there are 2 paths you can take in your online endeavors… 

One is choosing the short cut. Cutting corners every chance you get in hopes of making it big in the online game. If that’s your strategy, good luck. I’m not the mentor for you.

The other is heading down the longer road – pulling over to appreciate the journey, soaking in the scenery, and landing where you need to be in exactly the right amount of time.

In other words: delaying gratification for a bigger gain.

When you’re building something of importance, something of meaning in your life, it doesn’t happen overnight…

You have to plant the seeds – your dreams – and nurture them so they grow naturally.

The truth is your position as a new online entrepreneur is not going to bear fruit right away. There's going to be significant speed bumps along the road…

However, when you see those delays as blessings in disguise, they teach you the value of delayed gratification and further fuel your fire for success.

When you discipline yourself to delay gratification in the short-term, you’ll enjoy greater rewards in the long-term. 

But it ain’t easy.

Let me walk you through how delayed gratification works as you encounter each stage of online business by sharing a personal story…   

See the Future Stage Like Fine Wine

As a power couple of online entrepreneurs, my wife and I got to thinking differently when we first bought our Southern California house, opened the back doors, and gazed at 90 acres of lemon trees.

We looked at each other and sighed… 

As total winos we thought, when life hands you lemons, wouldn’t you rather have some wine. 

We figured with 3 years of hard work, we could transform those lemons into a sweet, sweet vineyard.

But we also had our hesitations. 3 years? Ain’t nobody got time for that, right?

We could start remodeling immediately. Build a pool and a terrace, maybe a bar-and-grill island, all in less than a year…

It’s hard to whine about that, but the bittersweet idea of a vineyard just kept coming back to us — delayed gratification.

So instead of an immediate overhaul to build that pool and terrace, we got to planting seeds…

The grilling station would’ve been smoking, but it was really just a quick-fix to satisfy impulse.

We chose the long game over the short game.

You see, you can latch onto ideas like that, swift concepts that seem to promise bliss, when in reality they’re just shots of cheap alcohol. 

The hangover isn’t worth it. 

Check it out: the grapes are coming, the wine will be bottled, and the feasts with fine pours at the La Fata Estate will last for a lifetime.

And it’s all because we decided to grow with a little patience and a whole lot of delayed gratification.

Now that we have some backstory, let’s dive into the tasty part... 

Have a Clear as White Wine Vision

“Better garnishes? We don’t like that vision.” 

Those are the exact words Anna and I exchanged when picking at the lemon trees in front of us… 

But before making a toast to our future vineyard, we needed to clearly define what it was we wanted.

It’s the same with your own venture. Before you get ahead of yourself, you have to have a crystal-clear vision that you believe in. 

Or else you’re planting seeds for nothing.

A vision establishes a dream destination. One you can rely on to inspire your every move.

Stop thinking about what new sale you can launch tomorrow. Start thinking about your vision. Today.

When Anna and I defined our vision for the vineyard, a roadmap to our end goal unfolded. Though it was still far away, we saw a dream that could become a reality – a business that tastes awesome.

If you’re having trouble finding clarity on your vision, we’ve got the proven tools to help you define it.

Don’t push this to the side like so many online entrepreneurs who never made it did. Once you nail down a doctrine, achievement will start to overflow, slowly but surely, and total satisfaction will come.

Okay, so you’ve planted the seeds and poured up a vision, so what’s next?

Time to walk down that trail a little more…

Plant the Process & Make Sure to Take Care of It

Your seeds are in the ground and your vision is in the sky, but it’s not happy hour quite yet...

To keep growing, you have to stick to a process – your business plan. It’s the next step after your vision is crystal-clear.

We’re not going to spend too much time on the specifics here, but if you’re yearning to get a kick start on the nitty gritty ASAP, shoot me a note. Our individual coaching is customized to ensure you build an equally objective and robust business plan you can actually execute on.

But first, back to some boozy business… 

As the winemaker, I want to serve up the best glass of vino to my consumers – hitting wine o’clock right on the dot. 

But in order to do that, I have to support the seeds I planted with a method I trust.

Some of these steps may not be so pleasing, but they are the necessary markers for what will flourish in the end. 

By nourishing your vision with a nourished business plan, every phase along the way will serve up its own glass of gratification. But it’s not instant — it’s intentional and it takes time. 

As you follow your business plan, tack off the little accomplishments as you go. It’s a powerful way to maintain your path to delayed gratification – like mini boosts of motivation that keep you moving along as you embrace the process. 

Call Up Your Bud Named Marketing

While the grapes are growing, let’s get to the fun part: Marketing your product to your eager audience.

Your fruit is about ready to sprout, so it’s the time to build your unique structure, get your offers out there, and establish your funnels to go completely in line with what you’re cultivating outside.

The process for developing this blueprint is always the same. Just different markets.

First you have to find your audience. With a smart approach, you’ll grow a loyal, strong customer base who will only come to you. 

And I can’t stress this part enough: Get to know your audience.

V, are you asking us to marry them?

No, definitely not.

Here we are back again at instant gratification. Again, you have to break your addiction to the immediate here… 

Don’t bombard your target. Strategize methods of communication to feed them small doses over a stretch of time.

With all these delicious tastings, they’ll be falling off their seats ready to pop open your product when it launches. 

Smart marketing goes hand-in-hand with delayed gratification – it’s the most authentic way to organically grow a loyal base.

What does it really take to stay on track though?

Water Your Work Ethic

Your determination is truly a quality your dream can’t survive without… 

To earn what you think you deserve, you have to work hard at what you think you deserve.

The reason you see so many businesses stuck in limbo is probably because their work ethic is lost in the expectations of immediate success.

My parents were immigrants. My dad had us working out in the fields at the tender age of 5.

It was rough, but I haven’t gone a day without getting my hands dirty since then. I’m willing to deal, willing to address my goals, and willing to will my dreams into existence.

And let me tell you — for a brief moment — I was thinking about sueing pops for child labor, but then realized that experience was a blessing that helped me understand and accept delayed gratification.

It’s that will-power to do anything and everything to grow success. 

There’s always going to be moments of struggle, but you can always count on your work ethic to pull you out of those holes.

After all, the number one thing that will shut your passions down — no matter how much potential they have — is a lack of motivation.

Delayed gratification will give you that rocket fuel to tap into whenever you need it. 

Drive with Direction

Okay, so you’re on your way to launching your online biz… your vision has layered out a destination, your destination in guiding the process and marketing, but what’s fueling all this action. 

Say hello to your trusty co-pilot: direction.

This final stretch is crucial.

And let me be honest…

I’ve never had a lazy year where I wasn’t working my butt off to create something in the next phase of my life. But, I have lacked direction.

I would work really hard, but not smart.

You’ve made it this far, but with no direction, your goals will drive aimlessly and your business will get nowhere.

That’s where you need to lean on experts, mentors, and coaches to point you in the right direction. If you’ve gotten this far without the right people in your corner, kudos. Now’s the time to get some help!  

Get Out of a Dead End

Creating something right here, right now might feel good, but it’s not going to last.

Don’t let yourself get stuck on a short path of “I want that” to a dead end of “I didn’t need that.”

When you give it the time of day, delaying gratification is guaranteed to bring you endless days of authentic happiness with the business you’ve always wanted. 

Maybe you’re not sure where to start, and that’s totally okay. We’re here to rev up your engine. 

Take advantage of your FREE “Start Your Brand” Strategy Session with us today and you’ll be on your way in no time.

We’ve all been told this at some point, but this time, don’t let it go in one ear and out the other: 

Enjoy the freakin’ ride! It’s about the journey, not the destination.

Drop me a line and we’ll start cruising together.

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