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See How Easily You Can Earn Money Selling Supplements

Supplements can be more than supplemental income for a fit pro like you…

In fact, our proprietary blend of recommended revenue streams includes several scoops of supplement sales. 

So let’s pick at this low-hanging fruit...

Now, we’re not suggesting you start stocking your shelves with crap just to get your piece of the billion-dollar pie. But sending your clients to GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, and Whole Foods is like donating your hard-earned money to billionaires you barely know. Sometimes promoting crap products. 

You’re delivering those companies cash on a silver platter. And it’s not a fair exchange. 

Does GNC send you anything in return? 

Do you get a commission check from Vitamin Shoppe? 

How about a bonus from Whole Foods? 

Not. A. Freakin. Chance. 

You earn your living by helping your clients transform. And you know the right supplements can aid in that transformation. So why not find a way to recommend the good stuff to your niche and capitalize on your recos? 

Many of the fit pros we’ve mentored feel like carrying supplements is an aspect of “sales” they want nothing to do with. Yet those same trainers, coaches, and business owners are struggling to make ends meet as they spend hour after hour grinding in the trenches with little to show for their work. 

Change your perspective: When you’re recommending well-researched, high-quality supplements that align with your niche’s needs, you’re not “selling” a damn thing. 

You’re solving a problem and supporting their goals. 

After all, you already curate their workout programming; exercises, rest periods, etc. And you know nutrition is a massive challenge for everyone. So why wouldn’t you help solve the issue? 

Stop ignoring the fact that your clients aren’t eating well and start helping them. 

The best part? Supplements are consumables. And consumables require replenishing. So everytime they need a refill, you’re earning repeat revenue. Think of it like soap, shampoo, or toothpaste. Once they find a brand they like, they don’t think twice about buying it. *Cha-ching*

Do your part to curate the best supplements for your market’s needs, and you’ll earn ongoing revenue while also boosting their results.

It’s a win freakin’ win; Instantly skyrocketing the lifetime value of your clients. 

Years ago, I aligned with Beachbody so I could offer my weight-loss clients the brand’s famed superfood powder, Shakeology. I knew it’d help my clients curb cravings, quickly get the nutrients they need, and serve as a wildly convenient, healthy meal or snack. And beyond boosting their results, I knew I’d make $30 a month just for the recommendation. Ongoing. 

Yes, ongoing. Meaning just like a membership, I would receive $30/m for each person committed to healthier nutrition. Month. After. Month. 

Heck, just 30 clients trying those super shakes over the course of the month could mean 30 killer testimonials and $900 in my pocket. For me, that money equated to fewer hours in the trenches, more quality time with family, and an intoxicating taste of financial freedom.

4 years after adding Shakeology to my services, I made my first million dollars through supplement sales...and growing my team. 

Who would’ve thought?

Now, there are other routes you can go with supplements, but that’s what worked for my clientele and me. I knew having a company like Beachbody to manage the moving pieces — not just the product — was worth the convenience and commission. After all, if I was managing 30+ orders per month myself, I would have lost a lot of deals. And would have spent that newfound time away from the trenches hunting down boxes and shipping labels. 

You’re not just paid to give them a workout. You’re paid to transform their lives. And supplements are a component of that transformation. 

So as you explore more ways to make money off of the fitness floor, supplements should be your first stop. 

Here are 5 things to consider as you start supplementing your income with supplements:


  • Do your research. Quality is priceless. Before you start tossing shit on the shelves, research the ingredients, the company, the CEO, you name it. If you’re going to stamp your name on it, you better believe in it. I knew every damn thing about Beachbody CEO Carl Daikeler before I jumped on board (P.S. If the name sounds familiar, he’s like the originator of the long-form fitness infomercial). Do the same before you commit to a company, brand, or product.
  • Convenience is king. Clients often eat crappy out of convenience. Why spend time cooking when they can hit the drive-thru? Why bother cutting fruit and grilling chicken when they can tap a button on the microwave? You must make sure your supplement solution is convenient. Personally, I like Shakeology because it comes in single-serve to-go packets, and I don’t want my clients bouncing between bottles of pills and crazy concoctions. 
  • Consider the commission. It’s a tertiary consideration, but it matters. Be mindful of what you’re going to make before you dump all of your eggs into one brand’s basket. If you’re going to get off the floor, this revenue stream needs to move the needle. And like I said before, I found one that generates 7 figures annually. 
  • Solve a problem. We’re not slinging supplements just because we like them. We’re using them to strategically solve a problem. So be sure they are relevant to your target market. For example, Beachbody Creatine isn’t the best bet for weight-loss clients. But it’s great if you train athletes. Shakeology isn’t the ideal post-workout shake for a bodybuilder, but it’s a great meal replacement for weight-loss clients. You get the idea.
  • Tuck products inside programs. Ok, ok. I can’t reveal all of my secrets in this blog. But I’ll give you a little teaser. If you really want to supercharge your income, team products with programs. I’ll show you exactly how to do this — and much, MUCH more — in my exclusive Off the Floor Income course designed for visionary fit pros like you who want to make more money in less time. 



Honestly, supplements are just the tip of the iceberg. They’re just 1 of 7 (yes, 7) magnificent revenue streams fit pros who have built 7-figure businesses leverage to earn more money off the floor.

While you’ve been dedicating more and more time to the trenches, industry leaders have been exploring these alternate revenue streams to take back their time and simultaneously earn more money. 

Sound too good to be true? It’s not.

Let’s grow your income — and your quality of life — by shattering your financial ceiling and amplifying your earnings away from the fitness floor. After all, you deserve more personal time with friends and family — and you shouldn’t lose money trying to escape the gym. 

Imagine having 7 new plug-and-play revenue streams blowing up your business in less than 90 days... 

If you’re serious about making more money — and earning more freedom — click here now to learn about my renowned Off the Floor Income course


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