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The Fit Pro’s Guide to Making Money: Discover How to Earn What You Deserve

The struggle is real…

You work way too hard for the money you earn. 

Whether you’re a trainer, group X instructor, studio owner, contractor or employee, you’re all too familiar with the grind. Your day starts before the sun comes up and ends well after it sinks down. PTO, sick days, and 401k’s are few and far between non-existent. And despite the long hours, the paycheck isn’t pretty. 

But hey, you’ve got relentless passion. You’re in the trenches changing freakin’ lives. And if you put in enough hours it will all pay off, right? Wrong. 

Hopefully you’ve had the realization that trading dollars for hours in the fitness industry puts a firm cap on your pay. There’s only so many hours in the day. And even if you’re coaching around the clock, your income will never support your big dreams. 

Honestly, is that extra $50 moving the needle enough to sacrifice another precious hour of family time, personal time, or sleep? Do you really want to be working 12+ hours a day for the rest of your life — just to get by?

Imagine doing what you’re doing now with a family in the fold. Is hitting the floor at 5am and heading home at 9pm — in your 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s — living the dream? Rhetorical question.

Despite what your peers have led you to believe, the next money-making move doesn’t have to be opening your own facility, expanding your current footprint, or clocking more hours on the freakin’ floor.

With that reality check complete, let’s solve the problem: You don’t make the money you desire (or deserve), and you already sacrifice way too much of your time. So let’s supercharge your revenue without dedicating another second to the trenches. Sound good?

We’ve spent a combined 30 years in the industry getting well acquainted with the 60+ hour work weeks — and the uninspiring paychecks that come with them. Like you, we were victims of the grind. Heck, I invested 6 figures in my brick-and-mortar business, used my freakin' house as collateral, and still ended up $105,000 in debt — all while working my ass off. 

For good measure, I also suffered a spinal cord injury that kept me off the fitness floor for months; instantly tanking my income. Eventually, I realized it was all a blessing in disguise as it finally became clear that the trenches are trash and I needed to pivot.

The industry we love has massive money problems. 80% of studio owners I know can’t crack $300K in revenue. Maybe 2-5% (I’m being generous) reach 7 figures after some serious mentoring. And the folks working at those studios get just a teeny sliver of that pie due to rent, maintenance, payroll, etc.

Now, before you curse my name and tip toe toward the ledge, I have great news...

There are 7 proven, off-the-floor income streams you can leverage to instantly increase the value of your current clientele — without dedicating another second of your time to the fitness floor.

Imagine having 7 ways to instantly earn more money. Pretty cool, right? And imagine being able to implement these revenue streams in less than 90 days.

Diversifying your revenue streams unlocks more time freedom (you can finally take a break), financial freedom (you can finally afford the finer things), and location freedom (you can trade the trenches for your happy place). 

But you’re going to need to commit to learning the business side of fitness (that’s where we come in). Believe it or not, there is a glamorous side to the industry where you can 10x your revenue from clients across the world. 

  • You can write your own checks from the beach or the vineyard.
  • You can step away from the trenches and trade work hours for family time. 
  • And you can afford to spend on the experiences that make this one life you have so damn special. 

I share all 7 of these secret revenue streams in my famed Off the Floor Income course for visionary fit pros like you.


If any of the below sounds familiar, this course is tailor-made for you and I suggest you claim your spot right here, right now:

  • The bulk of your income comes from the 10-15 mile radius surrounding your workplace. Your pool of possible clients is dangerously low.
  • You’re facing stiff competition from the bootcamps, studios, and big box gyms popping up on every corner. 
  • You have people problems. Cheap clients, flaky employees, and soul-sucking members.
  • You’re paid in pennies. You don’t know how to command more and your worth is dictated by others.
  • You’re at risk. Injuries, aging, and other unpredictable issues could leave you unable to hit the trenches without warning. 


I’m proud to help fitness pros like you earn more money in less time by sharing 7 plug-and-play revenue streams to amplify your income away from your facility.. 

This exclusive course has been responsible for helping countless fit pros finally earn the money they deserve, while experiencing time, location, and financial freedom for the first time in their lives.

Without it, you will continue down the path you’re currently stuck on. Frustrated with your average earnings and continuing to sacrifice hours for dollars on the fitness floor. Ultimately, leaving you drained, broken, and burned out.

With it, you will drastically increase your income, earn what you’re worth, and take back your time so you can stop feeling stuck to the fitness floor and start living life by design.

Let’s take control of your life and your income - click here to learn more about the life-changing strategies revealed in Off the Floor Income.


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