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The Prelude When the World Changes Forever

Uncategorized Apr 30, 2020

The Prelude When the World Changes Forever

Do you find yourself out of focus during this time of uncertainty? Because we fixate on our previous way of living, we may fail to recognize that the world is changing. In this episode, Vito and Anna share their insights on how you should face the challenges brought by the pandemic. They provide five fundamental principles to help you get on top of your game during a time when people are in shock. You can still be ambitious, and you can even grow. Now is not a time to sit and wait for someone to arrive, but a time to stand up and lead the charge to the future.

“Before it was a luxury. Well, those things are gone. Now, it's necessity and a must to have these things, or you ain't gonna survive this next thing.”- Vito Lafata

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In this Episode-

  • The importance of taking care of your health and fitness. It’s no longer managing to fit into your jeans, but making sure you’re not at risk!
  • Powering up your immune system. It’s your best defense against COVID-19. Your mental health is also just as important. 
  • Recognize that your job is vulnerable. Diversify and create an online business.
  • Scale up your competency, especially in the online space.
  • Set some time aside as a family, create a vision, and plan for the future.
  • Keep your eyes on the positive side of things. Take action and do something good instead of consuming all the things that you don’t have control over.



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