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The 'Stress The Vines' Strategy


Stress is good for you. Makes your roots grow deeper. Hear me out. 


Is all stress bad? Not necessarily. 

You don't want to be overstressed to the point of fatigue or wipe out and it's just crushing your life, crushing your business. 

But not all stress is bad. And I learned this lesson now that we're in the wine industry and we've got our vines growing.

When I was in Italy, I learned from this old lady who ran a vineyard, the fact that in Italy it's actually illegal to water the vines! Because they actually want to stress them! Say what?!

This is when she shared that what happens with the grapes and the vines is this…

If water is too easily accessible, the roots of the vines only grow along the surface of the dirt and that makes them more susceptible to animals, to insects, to the climate, to drought, etc. 

And that when water is too easily available it actually makes the vines weaker.


So, in Italy (and most of Europe) they like to keep it where they stress the vines.

Which is a process where they withhold water from the vines, and this bit of resistance and harder work for the vines makes the roots have to grow deeper. 

And because the roots grow deeper, the vines grow stronger! Yes, stronger. 


When I heard this, I instantly thought what a great metaphor for life. 

Because we live in a world where most people are always looking for the easy button, the immediate, the quick fix, the instant gratification, the path of least resistance. 

And it’s making us weaker. 

We got too many people choosing comfort versus challenge. Yet, challenge is what makes us grow stronger, has our roots grow deeper, more solid. 

It could just be that we need to embrace the struggle, be willing to push through the resistance to develop the fortitude to see the fruits of our labor bring forth greatness.

So when you're thinking about where you're at in your life and your business, ask yourself, “Am I you just looking for the easy path? The easy water?”

And, if so...

Is that mindset actually making you weaker in business? 

Weaker in your life? 

Or weaker in your growth…

... as compared to allowing yourself to mindset that good stress, the kind that requires us to rise up and grow within ourselves could be the very resistance we need to grow deeper as people and in that you grow stronger in life!

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