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Visionary Commandments Pt.1

Uncategorized May 03, 2020

Every successful person has and follows a manifesto to steer and guide them. This allows them to make good choices so that they get the outcomes that they want in life. In this two-part segment, Vito and Anna talk about the visionary commandments that will make you live in alignment with the best on who you want to be. For the first installment, they talk about the first four commandments. Tune in to hear what these principles are so you can start defining the choices that will allow you to move forward in life. Plus, catch the next episode for the remaining six!


“Be intentional about what you are consuming and what you’re learning and investing your time in.”

-      Anna Renderer


In this episode:

  • Choose to rise from ordinary to extraordinary
  • Why you should not be defined by your past
  •  Always have an investor’s mindset
  • The importance of coaching programs and mastermind programs
  • You should possess extraordinary health and high-performance mindset
  • Ways on how to have a high-performance mindset




Connect with Vito Lafata:



Connect with Anna Renderer:


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