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Why I Got Into Nutrition Coaching (And You Should Too)

It drives you nuts…

Despite beating the importance of nutrition into their brains, your clients continue to sabotage their results away from the gym. “You can’t out-train a bad diet” goes in one ear and flies out the other. 

Your best workouts are no match for a client who eats crap. You’ve promised transformations, but are hoping for status quo because the 164 hours per week you aren’t with them, they’re careless with their nutrition.  

Imagine being able to offer your clients on-demand self control. 

Finally having the ability to influence their nutrition habits, so your hard work programming their workouts isn’t wasted with a concoction of Ruffles, Coke, and chocolate. 

The truth is you can’t really offer body transformation and weight loss services without a nutrition component. So you need to get serious about transforming your approach.  

I know what you’re thinking. ‘I’m not a doctor or nutritionist.’ Big whoop. That doesn’t mean you have to sidestep nutrition. We’re not talking about diagnosing diabetes or designing meticulous meal plans. We’re talking about giving them simple, sustainable habits that will help them make better choices. And 10x their results. 

Clients are struggling and they want help. Yes, you can refer the medical shit out. But in the meantime, you can teach healthy habits and behaviors. In fact, it’s your job. 

And better yet, adding a nutrition component to your current business is an instant path to additional revenue. 

The fit pros you look up to — and the ones earning the big bucks — have mastered this by pairing their fitness programs with nutrition coaching programs.

Your clients already ask you about this shit. Give them a program so they can tap into the answers and you can earn money. 

You don’t earn a dime when you fire off an email with nutrition tips or scratch a few suggestions on a pad of paper. 

It’s time you value your own expertise and transform free recommendations into a curriculum worth the price of admission. 

For example: The “21-Day Never Diet Again” program is just one of several courses my wife, Anna Renderer, host of PopSugar Fitness made — offering an ambitious promise — that’s in our library of money-generating, result getting curriculums. 

And as you can imagine, we charge good money for such a life-changing course. But all it took was us bundling all of the free recommendations we’ve given over the years into a package people can buy online.

Now, I certainly can’t share all my secrets in this blog (that’s what my Off the Floor Income course is for), but use that as inspo.

Suddenly, you have a true asset you can continually sell. Something created in your 4 walls that can scale across other channels and be purchased by anyone at anytime. 

And from there, you keep growing: More programming. Bigger systems. Larger promises. More freakin’ moola. 

Eventually, you can build a succession of courses designed for every nutrition problem you encounter. Stacking up on each other to keep clients transforming day by day, week by week, month by month, and year by year. 

Talk about a tantalizing revenue stream...

And for us, online nutrition courses are just 1 of 7 ways we generate 7 figures off the freakin’ fitness floor...

We share the exact system we use to develop these courses (and 6 other revenue streams EVERY fit pro needs ) in our Off the Floor Income Course designed for visionary fit pros like you who want to make more money in less time. 

Let’s grow your income — and your quality of life — by shattering your financial ceiling and amplifying your earnings away from the fitness floor. After all, you deserve more personal time with friends and family — and you shouldn’t lose money trying to escape the gym. 

If you’re serious about making more money — and earning more freedom — click here now. 

I’ve got more secrets to share...


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