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"Get Help Expanding Your 'Expert' Brand This Year & Stop Trying To Build Your Business By Yourself..."

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What's a bigger loss for you? Investing :45 minutes to get clear direction on how to get the freedom, impact and income you're after?...Or continue to struggle, doubt yourself, be cash and time strapped, have your health and happiness affected...and miss out on making memories with your loved ones? Nothing will change if you don't take action today.

What To Expect On Your :45 Minute Call...


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"Personalized Plan Tells You Exactly Where To Start So You Never Waste Time, Money or Energy As You Create Your Brand..."

On this no pressure consultation, you'll walk away with a personalized set of action steps to start up or expand your Brand and and launch a high-priced Coaching Program in no time flat, and aim to achieve the lifestyle you envision for you and your family. 

If you've been overwhelmed and spinning your wheels (and dreading starting up without a plan, and without any help), then consider you found us for a reason.

So apply for your 'Expand Your Brand' Coaching Call now because we can't wait to get you total clarity on the 10 Step System that makes building your automated coaching, services, creations, courses, creative and fun...

...and building your authority and sharing your message becomes a joy!

We've used this exact system to launch several 6 figure brands, and 2 7 figure brands.  And it all starts when you discover a CLEAR STRATEGY to follow.

Don't you agree it's your time to follow your passions and get clear on what it REALLY takes to start up a successful online 'expert' brand?


We want you to be 100% clear on how to start up. As soon as you book your call you'll get this blueprint and a 5 minute training video so you're prepped for the call and we can accelerate your results.


The #1 way to startup your brand is to launch a 'Cash-Flow' offer.  This lets you charge thousands to just a handful of clients!  This comprehensive video training is your bonus as soon as you set your call time today.




  • Assess your business idea and make sure its viable to start investing into.
  • Guide you on how to grow your marketing and sales processes so that you can get high-paying clients.
  • Share quick tips to take your marketing to the next level on a limited budget for maximum impact!
  • Reveal time saving strategies so you can make memories with your loved ones.
  • List out timelines and startup costs as we fill out your customized 'Start Up' Blueprint that so you don't bleed out cash and burn out your passions.
  • Create a business plan to help you map out, and launch, a signature 'Cash-Flow Offer' coaching program (that frees your time and makes a big impact)!
  • Tell you all about our various coaching packages and done-for-you tech build outs so you don't have to build your business by yourself.



Below is just a sample of the 'big wins' our students accomplish. 

The 10 Step Visionary Planner® System is designed to help launch your brand as quickly as possible.

*Results not typical.  Your 'big wins' will vary based off a number of factors that are beyond the control of the system we'll show you how to use.  



If you’ve been following us for awhile, on the fence about booking your call or fearful that this is just a way to get you on the phone to sell you something you don't really want…

There is never any pressure to buy anything on these calls. 

We’re here to help you get total clarity on what to focus on, steer you away from things to avoid and share our business building experiences...  

Then if we like your energy (and you like ours) and we feel we can help you get results within the next few months, we might tell you more about our invite only Coaching Program.

Why don’t we invite everyone in?  

Because our coaching isn’t right for everyone.  We only want people who are primed for big results.  

Our vision is to make a big impact in the world by coaching people who are ready for success.  

If the Action Steps and clarity you get on the call is all you need at this time, then we wish you success... 

But if you feel you would benefit from a step-by-step system  you can follow (plus all the support you'll ever need), then we can see if we're the right fit for each other.

Sound good?




Pick the best day and time for you, then we'll send you SMS and email reminders...


Answer a few short questions that help us fast-track your results...


Your FREE :45 minute session will give you clear action steps to build your brand.

STEP #1: Set Your Call Time Now

Hurry!  Spots this week are limited.  And you'll never find success until you have a clear plan. 

After :45 minutes you'll be clear on what your custom plan is, and then if you need our help implementing, we're here for you.  Otherwise, you'll have everything you need to do it on your own.





Please give our call scheduling app a few seconds to load.

TOTAL TRANSPARENCY POLICY: After registering we'll send you SMS and email reminders about our upcoming call, in addition to follow up emails.  You can request to no longer get messages at any time in the footer of every email we send, or by replying to any of our emails.

⚠ VERY IMPORTANT: You must show up at the scheduled time.  If you don't show up, or contact us, you lose your chance to re-schedule. ⚠



"...these are probably better friends than I have at home because they understand me on a different level."

 -Kim McAdams

"I felt like I was at a place of stagnation and I wasn't going that next level...I just needed that push...that's what made me join VP."

-Bryant Edwards


"...if you truly want to build a brand and get your message out to the world, ...this is the only way to do it."

-Kelly Scott

"It is so well thought out...you're going to have a brand built out that not only changes lives, but actually helps you monetize things and get your message out into the world."

-Baji Grace


"...it's so awesome to have the inspiration of other entrepreneurs around you who are trying to develop their vision..."

-Laura Lummer

"Don't wait a minute. Put your money where your mind is... you will not regret it. It's such an amazing course."

-Heike Yates


"an all encompassing program that will allow me just to follow directions...month after month..." 

- Federico Cancello

"I really love the online calls, the office hours and the once a month workshop calls because sometimes you don't want to wait to ask questions..."

 -Jamie Rutt


"Visionary Planner is a great investment to grow your online brand because you need a mentor and people around you to make sure that you get to that next level."

-Ivan Barrerra

"I have never seen a system built out so much like this that it is so detailed and so personalized..."

-Kat Spangler


Ready To Get Clarity Too?

Click the button below to schedule your call time right now. You deserve to start getting freedom, impact and income ASAP!


Vito La Fata & Anna Renderer

Vito is a top thought leader in the Fitness & Wellness Industry, on top of being a sought after business coach...

Before being a co-founder of the Visionary Planner®, he was also a client.  Vito leveraged this system to go from dead broke to 7 figures in 3 years with online coaching and through network marketing.

Anna is the host of PopSugar Fitness and is viewed by millions of people each month.  She's one of the 'expert' industries top thought leaders when it comes to growing an audience on social media.

Anna also started out as a Visionary Planner® Student and has grown her personal brand into a solid 6 figure business (which gives her plenty of quality time with their son Lucca).

Anna & Vito are certified High Performance & Success Coaches.

Imagine the income and impact you'll make when you start up your online brand!

Mike L. Murphy

Mike was a top Visionary in the world of special effects and animation for 15 years.  You've probably seen his work in Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Ironman.

He's taken his unique ability to break complex creative processes into bite-size step-by-step actions

This ability led to him starting up his first online business, Moviemakin'.  This brand brought him in 6 figures a year and allowed him and his family to travel the world 3 times.

He leveraged what he created in Moviemakin' (showing artists how to work together to create a short animated film) to develop the Visionary Planner® which shows Visionaries how to finally get online and build a COMPLETE business (not just bits and pieces that never get sustainable results).

Imagine the lifestyle you'll get once you start up and launch!


Vito, Anna and Mike have inspired thousands of Entrepreneurs (in nearly every niche) to start up their businesses online.  Are you next?

LIfe Is Short, So Why Not Get Clarity Today?

Click the button below to schedule your call time right now. Tick tock!

Need Help? 

Got a question? Ask us! Send an email to ClassHelp@TheVisionaryPlanner.com and give us 24h to answer you.



In the nature of transparency and authenticity, we may make a special offer at the end of the call only if you'd like help actually implementing these tactics and strategies. Is it required? Absolutely not. Will you receive value & insight even if you don't want to work together? 100% yes. Some people will take this online training, implement it by themselves, and see great breakthroughs. Some people will see what's possible, and know that working together is just what they need to get results even faster. It's completely up to you but we hope that you'll at least participate in this free coaching session and kickstart a successful online brand.


If you want to see any results in building your brand and business, then you must be willing to work hard. No one, including our trainings and advice, are going to do it for you. Our teachings and advice are intended to share industry best practices with you, and do not guarantee any financial or measurable results. This is because too many factors come into play when building a business… timing, luck, your Audience and of course, hard work! As United States law requires, we can not and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our teachings, strategies, templates, softwares, worksheets or any other advice or materials. Our job is to give you great content, in any easy to follow manner, that you can take action on. Any financial results or projections discussed by our company are not a guarantee that you will see similar results. They should not be considered exact, actual or as a promise of potential earnings. All numbers should be consider as teaching examples in order to inspire you as to possibilities when building your brand. If you’d like full details on all of our terms you can access them via the footer of this site.
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