Nowadays, you roll out of bed whenever you feel like it...

Your inbox is filled with new leads every morning…

You “work” from the slopes and the sand...

You never miss a magical moment with the kids…

Or date night with your better half (in fact, you dine at fancier restaurants now)...

People from all over the world know your name and your message...

And you stamp your own paychecks and set your own hours...

That, my friend, is the Visionary Lifestyle.

And it’s what you chose to pursue the second you enrolled in The Visionary Planner.

With the steps laid out for you, an army of experts over your shoulder, and the right tools to light the way and keep you safe (and sane) on your Visionary Journey, there’s no stopping you.

Thank you for sharing your gift with the world. And trusting us to help you deliver it.

Now the Visionary lifestyle is all yours!


The Visionary Planner®

The only step-by-step, A-to-Z system to build an online business and change the world

If you’re reading this, then it’s clear you’re a Visionary!

You’ve got a bright idea that needs to be shared with the world. You’re feeling called to share your extraordinary gift. To do so, you need an extraordinary online business.

There’s just one thing holding you back: TIME.

It’s a finite resource. After all, the one thing money can’t buy is time.

As a Visionary, you need the right plan, process, and people in your corner to keep you focused, motivated, and moving, so you don’t waste a second on the wrong things or, even worse, on nothing.

What It Is:

Access the same step-by-step system that has helped hundreds of Visionaries all over the world build the online businesses of their dreams … trusted Mentors to hold your hand and hold you accountable every step of the way … and a welcoming community of like-minded entrepreneurs to support you on this life-changing journey.

What It Comes With:

Powered By 3 Business Building Tools:

The V.P. Business Building System

Our step-by-step system shows you what to do and how to do it, revealing every tip, trick, and shortcut along the way. All you have to do is follow along and take action.

Expert Coaching & Support

Get guidance whenever you need it with an army of experts excited to help you.

Motivation & Accountability

Our community and Mentors are here to ensure you bring your vision to life—even if they have to push, pull, or drag you across the finish line. You may get discouraged, but you’ll never give up.


As soon as you click that link, you'll fill out a short questionnaire. This helps us to better understand your needs. Then you'll book your call time with us. The whole process takes less than 5 minutes.


Your 1st tool is our proven, step-by-step building system. It’s easy to follow and its built to generate rapid results.

Ready To See Serious Progress?

Stop thinking—start doing.

If you’ve never got started because you don’t know what to do (or how to do it) … if you’re worried more about the tech than the work … or if other mentors, courses, and masterminds have left you disappointed and confused, VP is tailor-made for you.

Rest assured we’ve got you covered with a complete and crystal-clear business-building roadmap, done-with-you and done-for-you tech (websites, landing pages, funnels, and beyond), and the support you need every step of the way.

Here’s just a partial list of what you get when you enroll in VP today:

  • Bite-Sized Instructional Videos make every action step simple and clear so you never feel like you’re wasting time listening to a bunch of fluff or overwhelmed by what’s to come.
  • Easy-to-Follow Phased Learning Model so you check off the right steps in the right order—never getting lost, confused, or side-tracked along the way.
  • Fill-In-The-Blank Business-Building Templates so you fly through critical to-dos that everybody gets hung up on—like emails, ads, landing pages, and more.
  • Personalized Project Management Portal to keep you organized and on track so you never have to wonder where you left off or what’s next on your to-do list.
  • Easy-To-Use Tech Tools so you don’t have to log in to 500 different things just to make one update to your website.​
  • ​Outsourcing Made Easy Guide to help you get a ton of specialized work done for just a few bucks (this is for critical to-dos you can’t do yourself like logo design and website photography).
  • Done-With-You Funnels & Tech Builds so you don’t have to figure it out yourself. Plus, you learn along the way (that way, as your business grows and expands you’ll know what to do without being dependent on anybody else).

Done-For-You Funnel & Tech Builds

Tech: It’s intimidating, scary, even nerve-racking. It can slow you down or, even worse, shut you down.

After helping hundreds of students build hundreds of online businesses, it’s clear: Figuring out the tech on your own probably isn’t the best use of your time (nor is it something you really want to do).

That’s why we offer a fully accessible suite of tech-build packages where we handle the tech for you.

“I am not a techie. So the overwhelm and fear were definitely there. I worried, ‘How am I going to build something from scratch?’ The V.P. System™ is so well thought out and structured. It helps you step-by-step to build techie things and make changes."

-Lara Tsitouras, student

Above is an example of our build outs.

Done-For-You Builds Include:

Brand Identity & Guide

In order to charge top dollar (and stand out from the crowd), you need world-class visual branding (logo, colors, and fonts). Our designers will make your brand look and feel like a million bucks. Then we’ll give you a Brand Guide to ensure consistent execution as you scale.

Express Email Ecosystem

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as tapping send. Setting up your email branding, legal, and links can be a painful process. We’ll sync up the 2 best CRMs (customer relationship manager) suited for Visionaries like you, so you have everything you need to sell via email without lifting a finger.

Call & Convert Funnel

In order to sell high-ticket coaching programs, you’ll need a ‘call funnel’ that convinces prospects to hop on a call with you and ensures they show up ready to buy. Nobody has time to balance schedules, manage calendars, and field applications. From applying to scheduling, our done-for-you tech covers it all—so you don’t have to.

All-In-One Visionary Website

Wordpress is complex. Wix is limited. And everything in between can cost even more in time than it does money. We’ll whip up a captivating website that matches your branding and spreads your message. Plus, we’ll build out the essential pages within your site, such as your blog, about page, and sales pages. Even if you already have a site, you’ll love the easy-to-manage interface and flexibility that comes with housing your website on our preferred, entrepreneur-friendly platform, Kajabi.

Complete Cashflow Offer™ Bundle

As soon as you’re ready to launch, skip weeks of work by having us create your Cashflow Offer™ learning portal, sales page, and payment Sampler; basically everything you need to sell, collect, and fulfill your offer. Plus we’ll program all new customer ‘onboarding emails’ and create a ‘Get Started Checklist’ and Trello Board that makes everything easy on you—and them.

Extraordinary Funnel For Your Extraordinary Process™

Grow your email list, convert more prospects, and stack up sales with a built-for-you funnel that syncs up with the backbone of your business, your Extraordinary Process. You already know how important this is; if you have only one functioning funnel, this just might be the one to invest in.

Live Chat Funnel

The latest data shows you can earn 60% more on every purchase and increase conversion rates 3.84% thanks to live chat. Words can’t describe how crazy those numbers are. Get more leads to grow your email list and skyrocket sales with an automated messenger sequence personalized for your business by our in-house experts.

Sampler Funnel & Offer

This advanced funnel is known for turning ice-cold leads into red-hot buyers. Complete with a sales page, cart page, confirmation pages, and upsell pages, its goal is simple: Maximize every sale. To make it easy on you, we design and build everything so you can enjoy your independence instead of tinkering with the tech.

Ignition Call System Setup

Getting new customers can cost 5x more than keeping existing ones. That’s why every online empire has at least a handful of upsells stacked atop its core offers. We make upselling easy by building an entire Ignition Call System that shuttles low-ticket buyers into higher-priced packages without them ever feeling like they’re being “sold.”

Evergreen & Self-Study Offer Portal

No Visionary has time to constantly build new funnels, optimize existing ones, and mess around with the tech. That’s why we build you an ‘evergreen” funnel for your Cashflow Offer learning portal. In other words, a funnel you can use forever and “copy and paste” as a template for additional, high-converting funnels whenever you offer something new. In short, it’s a time-saving and money-making funnel that can expand with your brand.

Ads Made Easy

Anybody who has run ads for their business will tell you just how challenging it can be. If you’re going to spend money on them, you gotta get them right (from the targeting to the copy and beyond) .That’s why we have in-house ad experts to help you. Not only will we set up entire ad campaigns for you, we’ll show you how to optimize them so you can confidently grow your business without worrying about compliance, tech snags, and other ad-related issues. As a bonus, we’ll review your ad copy before it goes out so you don’t spend a fortune saying the wrong words.

Here’s what our students are saying about our done-for-you tech and services:

“You guys just told me what you needed from me. It was very simple and it was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders!”

-Kelly Scott, student

"The VP team built all the things for me that would have taken tons of time to figure out on my own. Most coaching programs tell you that they offer soup-to-nuts, but having a team to build my assets out, at the price you charge, doesn’t exist. It made my life a whole lot easier.”

-Eunicia Peret, student

"I loved having [VP] do all the tech. [You basically} wave a magic wand and it's done.”

-Adrianne Caporusso, student


As soon as you click that link, you'll fill out a short questionnaire. This helps us to better understand your needs. Then you'll book your call time with us. The whole process takes less than 5 minutes.


Why do most entrepreneurs never get their online business off the ground? They go at it alone.

“I was able to move forward by having a team. The biggest lightbulb for me is that I knew I couldn't do it alone, and here it really was happening because I wasn't alone.“

-Erin Anderson, student

It’s hard to create in a vacuum, where you can easily get sidetracked or put your time into the wrong things (every Visionary's worst nightmare).

That’s why you get a small army of business-building experts by your side as a VP student. Our Mentors have diverse specialties from copywriting and design to funnels and ads, but they all share one thing in common: They have intimate knowledge of the dos and don’ts of building profitable online businesses. We pride ourselves on giving you all the world-class guidance and support you could need from the second you enroll in VP.



Our Mentors will:

  • Keep you focused on the right tasks at the right time, so you never get distracted, side-tracked, or lost.
  • Hold you accountable and push you to accomplish things you previously thought were impossible.
  • Give you feedback, guidance, and support whenever you need it.


Calls feature:

  • Small Laser-Coaching Groups - Never get lost in a sea of people.
  • Consistent LIVE Call Times - So you never forget and can schedule in advance.
  • Accessible Timeslots - So you don’t have to get up at 2:45am to hop on a call.
  • Calls grouped by VP Step - Coaching applies to the specific step you’re on.
  • Email access - Fire off an email and get answers fast.​
  • All sessions recorded - Can’t attend live? Click a link to catch the recording.

8 Categories of Mentors:

1) Mindset (Money and Influence)

New business owners often have mindset issues around self-worth, charging what they’re worth, and investing in their business. They’re scared to post on social media, they undercharge like crazy, and self-doubt suffocates them. Our mindset Mentors help you plow through these subconscious stumbling blocks so nothing holds you back from the life you envision. We’ll help you feel completely comfortable and confident in your new role as a business owner.

2) Ads

Running ads, building funnels, and optimizing the entire process can be the difference between success and failure. That’s why our ad and funnel experts are on hand to review your assets, give you pointers, and help you get unstuck. We’ll send you personalized video reviews you can view at your convenience to update and optimize your ads and funnels as you go. You’ll get access to different ad Mentors during the Kickstart and Expand phases so you can focus on individual campaigns that help you hit specific goals.

3) V.P. System

Staying focused on the 8 steps to succeed can get overwhelming. On your group System Calls our dedicated V.P. System Mentors will make sure you’re focusing on the right step at the right time. This will keep you working efficiently and always know what to focus on.

4) Copywriting

Say the magic words and your offer will sell itself no matter what you’re doing. During our Group Copywriting calls our resident copywriters will help you take your sales copy to the next level (emails, sales pages, carts, etc.). A few minor adjustments can make a world of difference.

5) Sales & Offers

Sales calls send a chill down the spine of many new entrepreneurs. That’s why we’ll review your pitch, optimize your sales process, and refine your sales mindset. If selling freaks you out, we’ll change that—fast. (Remember, if you’re confident in your offer, you’re doing more helping than selling!)

6) Marketing & Messaging

The magic is often in the messaging. After all, it impacts every piece of marketing you put out there. We whip up detailed video reviews to give you crystal-clear direction on how to elevate your marketing and messaging.

7) Funnel & Branding Build Outs

Tech, graphics and outsourcing can get overwhelming. This aspect of online business creation is what stops most Visionaries in their tracks. Our Build Out Coach Monika will answer all your questions specific to building the exact funnels we’ll give you the instructions for. This way you’re never stuck and confused as you build your dream business.

8) Funnel Optimization

Most people focus on the performance of their ads...but the real magic happens when you optimize your funnels so they convert as many leads as possible. You’ll be able to submit your funnel pages and metrics and have our Mentors record a detailed, step-by-step action plan to optimize your funnels and 10x conversions.

PLUS: Special Guests

We even bring in special guests to coach you up several times a year. These are recognized thought leaders in business, marketing, and sales, here to share their experience and insights with you.


7 Touchpoints Of Full Support


“The support is awesome."

-Kelly Scott, student

In addition to coaching calls (both group and individual depending on your membership level), you get a full suite of other critical touchpoints, including:

1) Orientation Session

As soon as you join us, you’ll jump on a group Orientation session to meet our Mentors as well as fellow Visionaries kicking off their journey with you. Not only do we ensure you know exactly where to start, you get the opportunity to rub elbows with students who often become clients, friends, and mentors. By the end of the session, you’ll have a personalized ‘Action Plan’ in place and all the motivation, clarity, and confidence in the world to start building your business.

2) Implementation Group Calls

Every other week you’ll be invited to a Group Mastermind Call led by your V.P. System™ Coach. This is your opportunity to get your work reviewed by your coach (and our community) and get instant feedback and advice you can apply immediately. These calls are designed to get you out of your own head and moving like a locomotive toward measurable results.

3) Active Lesson Comments

There’s nothing worse than having a question on an assignment that stops your progress. That’s why under every video lesson you can ask us questions and have our Mentors reply with fast answers. This assures you can speed through the system with total confidence and clarity.

4) Mindset Mastery Group Calls

Visionaries are our own worst enemies! That’s why our Mindset Mentors are on hand to help ‘rewire’ your mindset and unlock your true potential. Never again stand in your own way or ‘play small’! You’’ access different mindset Mentors exclusive to the Kickstart and Expand phases so you can get adjustments on the specific sticking points that typically trap people. We’re here to give you everything you need to succeed!

5) Dedicated Project Manager

Upgrade your membership to have us build your website, funnels and visual branding out. You’ll get a dedicated project manager who will keep you focused on producing the assets needed for us to complete your builds. You’ll meet once a month and be able to email your Project Manager with questions and for feedback. If you’re really serious about creating a successful brand, this upgrade is just for you.

6) Private 1-on-1 Milestone Calls

Upgrade your membership to unlock an entire bundle of private, 1-on-1 Milestone calls. If you want personalized feedback every step of the way, this upgrade is a no-brainer. Our team will check your work and even help optimize it before you move on to your next action step. Plus, you get a recording of every call, transcript, and follow-up action steps so you’re 100% clear, confident, and motivated to keep pushing ahead.

7) Private VIP Email Access & Chat

Get VIP email access to your V.P. System™ Coach to get feedback and advice straight to your inbox (we guarantee a 24-hour turnaround during normal business hours M-Th). Better yet, you’ll also get free access to our preferred chat tool. Don’t have time for an email? Live chat your coach—and fellow Visionaries—for lightning-fast feedback. If you want on-demand support, you can’t miss this.


As soon as you click that link, you'll fill out a short questionnaire. This helps us to better understand your needs. Then you'll book your call time with us. The whole process takes less than 5 minutes.


Tap into a supportive community that holds you accountable, pushes you through roadblocks, and cheers you on like crazy when you need it most.

Our community is chock full of amazing, heart-centered Visionaries who go above and beyond to support each other (this isn’t one of those Facebook groups that sits there collecting dust—our Visionaries link up daily to share their stories, forge mutually beneficial relationships, and mastermind on this journey; it’s truly a one-of-a-kind community).


Community access includes:

  • Private Facebook Accountability & Networking Community: Here students at every level connect to mastermind and crowdsource answers to their most pressing questions. ​

As soon as you click that link, you'll fill out a short questionnaire. This helps us to better understand your needs. Then you'll book your call time with us. The whole process takes less than 5 minutes.


You’re here for a reason ... You know you’re a Visionary … And the voice inside your head has kept you glued to this page.

Now’s the moment of truth: Are you going to make this move or are you going to make excuses?

Don’t wait. Don’t overthink it. Don’t procrastinate.

This could be the moment you look back on and say that’s when everything changed for the better.



The Visionary Planner Business-Building System™: Your Online Business In a Box

Get the step-by-step system to build your very own profitable online business in record time. This makes the entire process from start to finish as simple, smooth, and stress-free as possible. (Value $3,588/yr)

Visionary Videos: Every Action Step Includes a Video Walkthrough

Sick and tired of courses that tell you what to do, but not how to do it? Every step includes a bite-sized training video walking you through exactly what you need to do to move forward. Our Visionary Videos make it easy to execute and nearly impossible to fail.

Visionary Files: Our Treasure Trove of Business-Accelerating Templates

What if creating scripts, emails, ads, and videos was as easy as fill in the blank? That’s what we achieved with the Visionary Files. We condensed all of our best practices into easy-to-use templates that take the guesswork out of creating the critical business-building assets every entrepreneur gets hung up on. Fill in the blanks and you’re off to the races.

Tech 101: Cheat Sheets & Checklists

If tech freaks you out, it won’t anymore. Even if you still type with 2 fingers, you can build your very own funnel, set up automated email sequences, and launch a client-getting website all on your own thanks to these cheat sheets and checklists made for the tech-illiterate.

Personal Progress Portal: Your Very Own Trello Board

Don’t lose time trying to figure out where you left off or piecing together your next steps. Get an instant snapshot of your progress thanks to your personalized progress portal you can access anytime, anywhere. This is a tiny hinge that swings one darn big door. In other words, it’s a small enhancement that makes a huge difference!

Insider Access: Communicate With Your Coach ‘Under the Hood’

Ever have a question pop up when you’re in the middle of a video? Wait around and you'll lose that thought. No need to pause, rewind, open another tab, or restart. You get insider access to a Visionary-only “forum” underneath each video that allows you to post your question on the spot and get quick answers from our Mentors; plus, you can see what others have asked—and answered.

Express Onboarding Orientation: Sprint Through The Start Line

Chomping at the bit to get going? We’re just as excited as you are. The second you join, you’ll instantly unlock everything you need to get started. Plus, you’ll schedule your Express Onboarding Orientation to get a personalized plan of attack from our Mentors. If you have any questions, we’ll answer them in your onboarding orientation so there’s nothing stopping you from getting started.

Private Members Only Group and Networking Community Surround Yourself With Visionaries

It can feel like you’re on an island building your business alone. Connect with a community of welcoming, like-minded Visionaries building their businesses together. It’s always a good time in the group—and an amazing opportunity to expand your network, mastermind together, and get advice, input, and support from people who are in your shoes. Make friends, get clients, and find mentors. (Value $5,000/yr)

Implementation Group Calls: Connect and Collaborate

Want extra access to our Mentors? You got it! This is your opportunity to connect deeper with our Mentors (and community) on bigger projects and more complex tasks that call for extra help from the experts. We used to charge for these calls as upgrades—now we’ve included them as part of your membership when you enroll today. (Value $15,000/yr)

Private Mindset Mastery Coaching Calls: Win the Mental Game of Entrepreneurship

Your new identity as an online business owner comes with new challenges (and blessings). That’s why we go above and beyond to help you win the mental game. Our mindset experts will help you plow through roadblocks around self-worth, sales, and more. A bulletproof mindset is part of a bulletproof online business. (Value $10,000/yr)

Private 1-on-1 Milestone Calls: Private Conversations With Mentors

The group is great—but sometimes you need individual attention. We get that. Get laser-coaching on achieving specific steps within the System during your 1-on-1 milestone calls. Almost every call leads to a breakthrough! ($500 value per call)

Sales, Copywriting, Offer & Launches Group Coaching Calls: Discover How to Sell Without Feeling Sales-y

Sales calls send chills down the spine of many new entrepreneurs. That’s why we’ll review your pitch, optimize your sales process, and refine your sales mindset. If selling freaks you out, we’ll change that—fast. Remember, if you’re confident in your offer, you’re doing more helping than selling! Value $10,000/yr)

Private VIP Email Access & Chat: Skip the Line to Chat With Your Coach

Get VIP email access to your Coach to get feedback and advice straight to your inbox. Better yet, use our preferred chat tool toto ping them when you need them. That’s right! You can live chat your coach for lightning-fast feedback. If you want on-demand support, you can’t miss this. (Value $5,000/yr)

Kickstart Build Outs Our team of designers and tech geeks will build out all the major projects included in the Kickstart Phase so nothing stops your momentum! (Value $15,000)

Funnel Feedback: Get Specific Feedback On Your Ads & Funnels

If there’s 2 things that need a little extra attention, it’s your ads and your funnels. They can get tricky and technical—and if they’re not performing, your business won’t profit. So here’s the deal: Upon request, our in-house experts will complete an ‘Express Evaluation’ of your ads and funnels, complete with a video walking you through what you’re doing right (and wrong) before you go live. This will ensure your most important assets are always up to snuff. (Value $3,000/yr)

Expand Build Outs Our team of designers and tech geeks will build out all the major projects included in the Expand Phase so nothing stops your momentum! (Value $15,000)

We did the math—and this is a total no-brainer. The bottom line is you get far more for far less...

Instead of paying tens of thousands,  you get all of the above for just a fraction of what you should pay. Your dreams are worth a few hundred bucks, aren’t they? We sure think so.

This is the quickest, simplest, and most cost-effective way to build your online business in record time. Plus, this is one of few investments in life that pays for itself over and over again. Remember, just a few steps in you’ll have plenty of opportunity to make your money back and turn a profit (a big one at that).

Ready to do this? Don’t wait. The price won’t be this low forever. You’ll be kicking yourself if you miss out now and have to pay more to get less later.

Click the ‘GET PRICE’ button to schedule a call with our team to complete your application.

Here’s What Happens As Soon As You Hit The ‘GET PRICE’ Button:





Click the button above to book a FREE 1-on-1 “Stop Building Your Brand Alone” call to see if we’re a good fit for you. We’re here to guide you (not sell you), so there won’t be any pressure to enroll!

Because we want to make sure this is the right fit for you and us (this isn’t a hands-off course or coaching program that collects your money then leaves you hanging), schedule your free discovery call with a coach.

We’ll get to know you (and your future business), answer your questions, and complete your enrollment. Before you spend a dime, we’ll talk through your needs and suggest the package that suits them best. And if you don’t want to enroll on the call, there’s no pressure to do so. You’ll be armed with the information you need to make a decision.

If you’re serious about reclaiming your independence and living the Visionary lifestyle, follow these simple steps now:

  • Tap "Get Price": This will send you to your Visionary application (we screen all clients to ensure we’re the right for eachother)
  • Complete Your Application: It takes about 2 minutes and you can do it all from your phone.
  • Pick Your Call Time: Pick a time that works best for you.
  • Show Up: Don’t stress—we'll send you text and email reminders. Remember, this call is completely free and there's no pressure to enroll. The goal is to ensure you leave informed and empowered to make the right decision for you.
  • Enroll: We offer several different levels of membership. As we learn more about you during our call, we'll give you our honest recommendation.​

​ When you enroll, here’s what happens:

Get Instant Access

Orientation Session

Personal Action Plan

Check In Monthly

You can literally start building your online business today!

This is going to get you fired up and crystal clear on your next steps!

Your Mentor will craft a custom plan to cover your first 30 days in VP. More to come from there!

To ensure you stay committed and get results, check in once a month to discuss your progress and next steps.

What’s It Costing You To Not Follow A Proven Plan?

If you’re hesitant to make decisions..

If you secretly know you’re procrastinating…

Or if you’re all talk and no action…

Ask yourself this:

How much longer can you afford to put your dreams on hold?

At some point, those dreams become regrets. And you’re the one stuck living with them.

We don’t say that to scare you—we say it to motivate you.

Remember, nobody’s going to do this for you. You have to make the decision to go all-in.

Don’t wait to make your dent on the universe.

You’re not getting any younger. This offer isn't getting any better. And the world’s not gonna wait around for you to finally take the plunge.

The truth is opportunities like this don’t come around often. You know that. So what’s it going to be? Are you going to live your dreams? Or are you going to roll the dice on regret?

That answer is inside of you. If you’re still on the fence, we encourage you to take a moment to reflect before you make a decision. After all, this could be the moment you look back on and say that’s when everything changed for the better.

Waiting Costs You Time

Building any kind of business is a long game. The sooner you start, the sooner you get results. Your dreams shouldn’t wait—don’t you agree? Don’t rob yourself of this opportunity. Act fast to begin building a better tomorrow today.

Waiting Costs You Impact

You already know people want and need your gift (or at least you should!). Stop keeping it to yourself. You can impact hundreds, thousands, even millions of lives by spreading your message online. Until you do that, your impact is confined to your zip code.

Waiting Costs You Stability

COVID showed us that catastrophe can strike at any time. No brick-and-mortar business safe. And if you work for somebody else, you’re almost always on the chopping block. Don’t roll the dice on your future. Want stability? Be your own boss making your living online.

Waiting Costs You Opportunity

Experts say e-commerce is “more indispensable than ever.” We’ve long thought this—but 2020 proved it. In other words, online is the key to survival. And people are already looking for you there. Don’t get stuck in the past—prepare for the future.

Get Started Now:


Click the button above to book a FREE 1-on-1 “Stop Building Your Brand Alone” call to see if we’re a good fit for you. We’re here to guide you (not sell you), so there won’t be any pressure to enroll!

WARNING: If you're looking for easy money, you’re on the fast-track to disappointment. The Visionary Planner® will not get you results if that's your attitude. In fact, please don’t apply. This is for heart-centered, resilient, and passionate people who are in it for more than just the money.


  • Instant access to the V.P. Business-Building System™ to design, launch and grow your brand, offers and marketing (Value $3,588/yr)
  • Private Members Only Group and Networking Community (Value $5,000/yr)
  • ​Private Implementation Group Calls on Branding, Messaging, Funnels, Content Creation & More (Value $15,000/yr)
  • Mindset Mastery Coaching Calls (Value $10,000/yr)
  • Mastermind Blue-Sky Members Group Calls (Value $10,000/yr)
  • Private 1-on-1 Milestone Calls with Mentors ($500/call)​
  • ​Private , Copywriting, Offer & Launches Group Coaching Calls Value $10,000/yr)​
  • Private Chat Access To Get Specific Support Questions Answered (Value $5,000/yr)​
  • Kickstart Build Outs: Our Team will build everything you need in the Kickstart Phase, including your Visual Branding, Email Foundation, Website, Call Funnel, Cashflow Offer™ Portal and payment process. Comes with a dedicated Project Manager (Value $15,000)​
  • Funnel Feedback: Our team will make video feedback to help optimize your funnels and ads (Value $3,000/yr)
  • Expand Build Outs: Our team will build your List Grow, Live Chat, Sampler Funnel and advanced Upsell Booking System (Value $15,000)​

Total Value: $81,688

Ready to do this? Click below to schedule your call now!



How do I know if this is for me?

Simple, just speak to us on the call. It’s no pressure, and if we decide it’s a mutual fit we can answer your questions so you can be confident this is the right decision for you.


What types of offers does The Visionary Planner work for?

We specifically mentor solo-preneurs, small business owners, coaches, consultants, course creators and service providers that want to turn their expertise into an online business, complete with a suite of offers. Offers include low-priced, membership, mid-ticket ($500-$2,000) and high ticket ($2,500+).


What if I don’t yet have offers to sell?

No problem. Our system will help package up your passion, expertise and personality into a business that stands out, and earns you a great income. Our system works best if you’ve already gotten results for yourself or for others, and want to systemize your expertise so you can help as many people as possible (without it eating up all your time).

Long story short, if you are an expert at a particular subject, then this system will help you create offers.


Is The Visionary Planner a program, a course, or a service?

Depending on the package that we feel will serve you best, it can be a mash-up of all 3. At the base, it’s a mentoring program and course. However, since so many past students got stuck with outsourcing and tech, we now offer build outs so our team can handle all the headache inducing tasks which frees your time up to focus on higher level activities.


How long will it take to go through the core content?

Because we’re showing you how to build a complete business (not just pieces), we recommend you invest at least 8 hours a week. Our best students are able to launch an offer and see cash flow within the first 90 days of working with us.

The core training is pre-recorded so you can study at your own pace. It’s all short and actionable so you’re focused on getting results, not theory. In addition, we have tons of bonus content that lets you go deeper, but it’s not essential to getting fast results.


My business is already online...I’m not sure I need this.

If you’re 100% satisfied with your business, then you’re all set. But if you’re sick and tired of trying to figure things out on your own, operating on an island, or wondering what’s next, then this is totally for you.

We’re equally experienced in inventing new brands as we are elevating existing ones.


Is the program up to date?

The principles we teach are up to date. However, often 3rd party software's (that we have no control over) change their interface. When this happens we ask our students to notify us of the updates in the comments section of each page. Once we’re alerted our Team will go in and create new lessons.


What if I try this and I fail?

Straight up, creating a business is HARD. It’s not going to be easy, and you gotta be a little nuts to do it. But the reward is worth the struggle. When you fail, you learn from it and grow as an entrepreneur. That said, the only way you’ll ‘fail’ here is if you give up. In other words, you must be committed, driven, and resilient. If you’re none of those things then this is not for you. If you’re ready to pour everything you have into this, we can almost guarantee you won’t fail thanks to the superior support, system, and community we provide.


I’m not sure I can do this…I’m a practitioner or service provider, not an entrepreneur!

Entrepreneurs help people. They solve problems. They add value. That’s what you do—even if you consider yourself something else. Point is: If you want to spread your message, impact people from every corner of earth, and unlock your independence, this is for you. So long as you have an expertise—and ambition—you have everything you need to do this.

Get Started Now:


Click the button above to book a FREE 1-on-1 “Stop Building Your Brand Alone” call to see if we’re a good fit for you. We’re here to guide you (not sell you), so there won’t be any pressure to enroll!

Tech totally freaks me out...will that be an issue?

No. Since tech freaks everybody out, we have your back: Much of the tech is done for you and we’ve selected tools that are as easy as humanly possible to use. Plus, you get a library of checklists, cheatsheets, and templates specifically designed for tech-illiterate people (like you?). We joke that if you can type with 2 fingers, you can handle the tech-related tasks in VP. And if you can’t, you can always upgrade. We won’t leave you hanging.


What if nobody pays me top dollar for my offers?

Our students have had high-ticket offers like hotcakes in practically every niche from healthcare and real estate to dating and fine goods. Why? Because we only work with true experts who put in the work to create a memorable Extraordinary Process™ and irresistible Cashflow Offer™. If sales don’t come right away, our coaches will help you fix the problem. The bottom line is if you create a memorable Extraordinary Process™ and irresistible Cashflow Offer™ you almost can’t fail. And we’re here to show you how to do just that.


How much is it gonna cost me? And what if I can't afford it?

The truth is we’ve done everything we can—within reason—to make VP as affordable as possible. If you do your research, nobody gives you so much for so little. Plus, we have packages at almost every price point, so there’s something for everyone. Your dreams deserve this—but we don’t want to see you go into debt just to get your foot in the door (all profitable online businesses take a few months to get off the ground).


How much time will this require? I’m scared to start something new.

VP is a “self-paced” program. In other words, you go at your own speed. Over the years, we’ve intentionally whittled our system down to the ‘minimum effective dose’ so every little action step unlocks massive results. To successfully build and launch your online business, you’ll need to commit at least 4 hours a week to this. That’s just 2 days of work a month! However, the more time you put into it, the faster you’ll get through it


I’m not creative or business-savvy. Will this still work?

Every entrepreneur is creative in their own way. Plus, our team is here to fill the gaps for you. Think of us as your ‘business in a box.’ If you’re not ‘business savvy, then tap into our team of coaches who are. If you’re not creative, you’re wrong (lol). We’ll help pull that creative out of you. By the time you get through VP, you’ll be both of these things.

Get Started Now:


Click the button above to book a FREE 1-on-1 “Stop Building Your Brand Alone” call to see if we’re a good fit for you. We’re here to guide you (not sell you), so there won’t be any pressure to enroll!

I don't have a business yet. I just have an idea that's nagging at me.

That’s often the best place to start! So long as you ambition to go with your idea, you have everything you need to join VP. We’ll help you turn that idea into action steps, test it in the market, and build a bulletproof brand and business around it. As the great Robin Sharma said, “All it takes is one idea—strongly acted on—to take you to a completely different place.”


How will I get leads to sell to?

We’ll start with your existing network. We’ll uncover “warm” leads you’re already connected to (people who won’t need much convincing to buy from you) to nab your first few sales. Then we’ll build lead-generation systems together to help you attract total strangers to your business. Once your first few buyers go through your Extraordinary Process, word spreads fast. Trust us.


How will I sell my Cashflow Offer™?

We’ll give you step-by-step systems built to attract leads. Then we’ll show you how to convert those leads into sales by positioning yourself as a trusted advisor (instead of a pushy salesperson). The goal is to get 3-9 sales of your Cashflow Offer right away to supercharge your momentum and fund explosive growth. Once you do that, you’re off to the races.


How much will it cost to operate my business?

Like any business, your online business will cost money to run. Most brick-and-mortar businesses (offline businesses) cost several thousand dollars a month in rent alone. Tack on staff, overhead, maintenance, and other costs, and they can dry out your piggy bank fast (perhaps you’ve already experienced this). On the other hand, your online business costs about $150 a month to get going. Most people in other programs pay wayyy more than this, but we focus on time-saving and cost-saving tools to keep your investment as low as possible until you start seeing money pour in. That’s the difference. Plus, we don’t have you invest in anything you don’t need until you absolutely need it.

Here are the services you’ll get during the startup phase:

Kajabi: As a VP student, your first month is free, then $119/m after that.

Calendly: $10/m.

Total Overhead: $139 a month.

Remember, your Cashflow Offer™ will be priced at ~$2,000. As soon as you nab your first sale, your business pays for itself (and then some). Follow along and we’ll show you how to do just that in your first 60-90 days..


Why is a High-Ticket (Cashflow) Offer™ better than a low ticket one?

You want—and need—to earn more than you spend. Think about this: It’s just as hard to sell someone on a $47 course as it is to sell them on a $2,500 deluxe coaching program. You’ll go bankrupt trying to drum up leads and sales if you’re only selling low-ticket items. We start with a high-ticket item to turn a quick profit and fund your future growth. It’s the only way to make your business stable and sustainable.

Get Started Now:


Click the button above to book a FREE 1-on-1 “Stop Building Your Brand Alone” call to see if we’re a good fit for you. We’re here to guide you (not sell you), so there won’t be any pressure to enroll!

What sets VP apart from others?

Nobody else offers an all-in-one, step-by-step system backed by almost a decade of results. Beyond our track-record of success, you get tons of support for a fraction of what others charge for inferior systems and support. Generous pricing, realistic timelines, and an abundance of support, experience, and success set us apart from the rest.

Note that we have different levels of support, so you can pick the level that is right for you. This ranges from doing it all yourself, all the way to having us do as much as possible for you.

Finally, we’re going to have to focus on creating a solid foundation to build off of, instead of having you jump right into marketing and ads. What holds most people back from results is they focus on flashy tactics instead of building and stable business the right way. That means we’ll show you the right things to do at the right time. Our focus is that you build the groundwork so that you can then have fun applying all those flashy tactics.


I’ve tried other programs and didn’t get results. How do I know this will work?

Most people fail due to one of three things:

1) They get lost, confused, or overwhelmed.

2) They run out of money.

3) They lose motivation.

With our easy-to-follow system, it’s nearly impossible to get lost. Our phased learning model strategically releases new lessons as you go to crush overwhelm. And our elite support team is always on standby to point you in the right direction.

We flip the typical approach to online business-building by having you launch your high-ticket Cashflow Offer first so you make more money faster. Don’t forget, motivation is a result of accountability; that’s why our team is always there to hold you accountable to the goals you’ve set out for yourself. Long story short, we make it as easy as possible to succeed—and as hard as possible to fail.


I’m scared to enroll...it’s a big decision!

Most people regret what they didn’t do—not what they did do. Of course, we can’t make this decision for you—nobody can. If you know there’s a better future out there for you … if you have the ambition to put in the work … and if you value your independence, impact, and income the way you should, you know what to do. You can keep waiting, wishing, and hoping for something better—or you can make it happen by joining us. The choice is yours.


I can’t afford this program. Is there anything you can do for me?

To make VP as accessible as possible, we offer payment plans and financing options. On your upcoming call we can figure out the best and most cost-effective way to get you enrolled today.


How can I position myself as an expert if I don’t have any testimonials?

So long as you have an expertise, you have everything you need. We’ll help you land your first group of clients and get testimonials from them to explode your business in the blink of an eye. We’re equally experienced at helping newbies get their first clients online as we are helping established businesses transition or expand there.

Get Started Now:


Click the button above to book a FREE 1-on-1 “Stop Building Your Brand Alone” call to see if we’re a good fit for you. We’re here to guide you (not sell you), so there won’t be any pressure to enroll!


Do I have to be great at sales?

No. What you need to be great at is listening and providing value—not selling. In fact, 99.9% of our students don’t consider themselves sales experts when they get started with us. That’s why our in-house sales experts are here to help you confidently and authentically share your offer in a natural and authentic way. Sales is one of the many things that can influence your success—but it’s not the only thing. Not even close.


I’m scared I won’t be able to get my clients results.

That’s why creating your Extraordinary Process™ and Cashflow Offer™ is such a crucial step in our system. We’ve worked with hundreds, if not thousands, of entrepreneurs and small business owners. Therefore, we know what does (and doesn’t) work. In fact, we’ve probably helped build at least a few online businesses in your niche—or a similar one. Remember, we’ll test your process with a small group of clients who buy your Cashflow Offer™. Since you’re earning big money to serve a small group, you’ll give them all the support they need to succeed so there’s no reason to worry about failure. Plus, you’ll collect valuable feedback from them to optimize your process before you sell more. They get results—you get feedback. Then, you’ll have something you know works.


Do I need a big list or social media following to get started?

Nope. In fact, our system works for people who weren’t even on social media before they got started. The truth is most of the people with big lists and followings make very little money because their audience expects freebies. Those juiced up numbers never equate to a stable income or scalable business. We focus on quality, not quantity.


Can I pay you after I make money back?

If you’re not willing to invest in yourself, why would we invest in you? As you know by now, you’re already getting a steal of a deal here; thousands of dollars of value for just a few hundred bucks a month. While we do offer payment plans and various membership options, we do not offer our services for free. No successful business does. If you’re looking for a freebie—or a get-rich-quick scheme—we politely ask you to look elsewhere.


Life is hectic right now... If I enroll now can I start later?

Yes. If you want to lock in our current rate, why wait? Make the decision now then get started later. VP is a self-paced program for that very purpose. Once you have skin in the game, we’re sure you’ll be committed to doing this—and we’re committed to helping you as soon as you give us the greenlight.


Is this just for entrepreneurs who are starting out?

We’re equally comfortable and experienced in inventing new online businesses as we are transitioning brick-and-mortar business online or expanding existing online businesses. If you’re not already making $10K a month online, you’ll start at step 1. If you’re already earning $10K+ a month—and want to free up your time and amplify your impact, income, and independence—we’ll create a custom action plan just for you.


Will this work for me if I’m not in the USA?

You bet. As long as you want to make your mark on this world online, we’re here to help you—it doesn’t matter where you live or where you’re from. For the record, we have students from the UK, Australia and India.


Does age matter?

No. We have clients in their twilight years getting their online businesses off the ground as we speak. As long as you have an expertise, we’re here to help you monetize it online. After all, everybody’s there.


How much money do I need for ads?

Most of the time, we don’t have you run ads until you’re making money so your Cashflow Offer funds your ad spend (and then some). However, your membership includes free ‘Express Evals’ of your ads and funnels from our in-house experts. Before you spend a cent, we’ll review what you’re putting out there and set parameters for your budget so you can test your ads without dumping a ton of money into them. We know how intimidating this can be; that’s why we take a safe approach to your ad spend. While we can’t guarantee every ad will convert, we can guarantee you won’t go into debt running a few ads following our direction.


Do you teach both paid and organic lead generation methods?

Of course. We have a library of proven lead generation methods that can work whether you have ad money or not. Obviously if you don’t have money to invest in ads you’ll have to make it up by investing your time. But rest assured our Mentors will share with you proven ‘what’s working now’ paid and unpaid methods.


Why do we focus on ads?

Ads free your time up from having to hustle to find leads. That said, we highly recommend you secure 3 sales from unpaid methods before you risk your money on ads. In other words, once you’ve got 3 sales you’ll have solid case studies that will help your ads convert better. People that don’t yet know you (from ads) will need to see that your solution has worked for others, and will work for them too.

Also, ads let you expand your authority and bring in new leads on autopilot. It’s a necessary skillset that you must learn.


I’m nervous about feeling cheesy or looking salesy.

We have a big focus on being authentic, and our templates will help you avoid coming off as a sleazy marketer.

Get Started Now:


Click the button above to book a FREE 1-on-1 “Stop Building Your Brand Alone” call to see if we’re a good fit for you. We’re here to guide you (not sell you), so there won’t be any pressure to enroll!


I’ve had a bad experience with Ads before. How is this different?

Ads are a necessary evil. However, it’s a must in this day and age, and it’s a key skillset you must master. That said, our Ad Mentors (who have managed millions with ads) will hold your hand through the process, and make sure you set your ad accounts up the right way, and only scale your ad spend when it makes sense to get a solid return on your investment.


Do you review our ads, funnels and offers and give feedback?

Yes. We have mentors to guide you through setting up, launching and optimizing each ad campaign and funnel we’ll have you build (mind you, you’ll have to focus on one at a time...we want to get results instead of chasing opportunities).

You’ll be able to submit a form to have us review your assets. Then within 2 business days a VP Mentor will create a feedback video and send your way. Then we’ll have you get more data before you ask us for another review.

However, our goal is that you learn how to implement on your own. So while we’re on hand to teach you how to run ads and create funnels, we don’t want you to be dependent on us and halt your results. If you’re a ‘perfectionist’ then we’ll kindly ask you to put your perfectionism aside because our goal is get a quick 1st pass out, get data, THEN revise it. No one wins the game if they never start playing it.


Do I need to attend the Mastermind or Coaching calls to get value from the Planner?

Nope. The calls supplement the main lessons so they’re not required. They’re great tools if you want our feedback on what you're working on.


Is Mike active in helping people in the Facebook group?

Please do not join our program with the expectation of working directly with Mike. He’s put considerable time into training the Mentors on the VP System so they will be able to serve you at the same high level that Mike can. So leverage the group to get feedback from the Mentors, and utilize the bi-weekly calls with Mike to get your in-depth questions answered.


Can I have a partner, or an assistant join the program?

If you’re in our Done Together level, Yes! We’d love to have a member of your team join and help you out. However, your staff can’t attend calls on your behalf because we need you to do the work. They must be accompanied by you.


What if I'm in a different time zone? How do I get support?

We have support calls at various times to accomodate all of our students. We also record every call so you can watch the replays at your convenience. Plus, there’s several more ways to get support—including live chat and unlimited email—when you upgrade your membership.


What is the investment?

Our program fees range between $299/mo all the way up to $60,000+. It all depends on your needs, budgets and timelines We’ll discuss the best option for you on the call.


Do you have financing available?

We suggest you seek funding via Paypal. They have great terms.  Our 5 month Mastermind has installment options available.

Get Started Now:


Click the button above to book a FREE 1-on-1 “Stop Building Your Brand Alone” call to see if we’re a good fit for you. We’re here to guide you (not sell you), so there won’t be any pressure to enroll!


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Updated: June 26, 2021


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