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Without this strategy, your tactics will never deliver leads, sales, and success... 

...this foundational workshop reveals the 3-step strategy successful online businesses are built upon.

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Solving the 3 Problems Every Online Entrepreneur Faces:

  1. Lead generation. You’re not getting enough leads (and they aren’t converting)
  2. Poor conversion rates. Your offer isn’t working (and you don’t know why)
  3. Sporadic sales. They’re inconsistent and unpredictable (despite your best efforts)

What You’ll Learn In This Workshop:


The 3-Step Strategy to Set Your Business Up For Success

Stop putting the cart before the horse. Build the foundation for online success so those tactics, tools, and templates actually work. Without this strategy, your tactics will continue to fail.


3 Pillars of Audience Attraction

Step 1 covers your audience. 99% of people in your shoes are whitewashed online because they jumped in without a specific audience. Discover how to speak to your ideal audience so you attract qualified leads.


The Teaching Map Method for Irresistible Offers

Step 2 covers your offer. Leverage our renowned “Teaching Map Method” to craft an irresistible offer or revamp your existing options. Get the essential elements of lucrative online offers — and see how to instantly bring them to life.


Our 7-figure Sales Strategy

Step 3 covers sales. With the right audience and offer in place, we’ll dive into our famed 7-figure sales strategy (normally reserved for our one-on-one coaching clients only). This transforms killer offers into consistent income.



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  • 24/7 Access to the online learning portal
  • 3 powerful video lessons that walk you through our proven S.O.S. Strategy
  • Bonus #1: Vision and Mission Deep-Dive ($200.00 value)
  • Bonus #2: How To Create High-Ticket Coaching Offers Workshop ($500.00 value)

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  • 24/7 Access to the online learning portal
  • 3 powerful video lessons that walk you through our proven S.O.S. Strategy
  • Bonus #1: Vision and Mission Deep-Dive ($200.00 value)
  • Bonus #2: How To Create High-Ticket Coaching Offers Workshop ($500.00 value)
  • Pay In Full Bonus: Ignition Call ($500.00 value)

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You’re Protected by Our 90-Day, No-Risk 100% Money-Back Guarantee

You’ll love the S.O.S Branding Building Workshop (and bonuses) and will be amazed at how helps you craft a compelling offer and sales strategy…and you’ll get them with zero risk.  Why?  Because you can take a whole 90 days - that’s a 1/4 of a year - so you can put everything to immediate use and start making your first sales.

You’re either completely clear on how to develop and launch amazing offers, or send us an email at HelpMe@TheVisionaryPlanner.com and we’ll give you a full refund. 

Listen, if you don’t feel this is hands-down the most in-depth training that includes lessons on product development, audience & niche selection and sales methods, then we don’t deserve your money!

Do Any of These Sound Familiar?

  You’ve tried every template, tool, and tactic without moving the needle

  You’ve updated your messaging but you’re not getting new (or better) leads

  Your prospects aren’t taking advantage of your offer 

  You’re not driving consistent sales (and what you’re getting isn’t worth your time)

  You’re frustrated, confused, and concerned. You don’t know the next move.

If so, the “SOS Workshop” is for you.



Here’s What Our Students Are Saying:


“I am so thankful for you guys and what you do. For the first time, in a very long time, I am excited about my dreams because I now see the path to achieving them. It’s a beautiful feeling!”

- Katie Conder

“99.9% of people out there will never figure it out on their own. They need this. You guys are 100% spot on.”

- Eunicia O Peret

“This is a must-watch course. It is presented so well. I loved the offer section. Amazing value here guys!”

 - Aryana Shokat

“Biggest takeaway: so many takeaways, but being able to communicate “the now to wow” transformation that you are offering is key.” 

- Julie Powers


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Not For You? Here’s Your Other Options:

  • Spend thousands of dollars a month on personal coaching and hope for the best.
  • Scour dozens of books, blogs, and articles navigating conflicting information and wasting precious time.
  • Head back to school for an MBA and hope for a modern curriculum covering online business.  
  • Stay right where you are right now. Limiting the success of your business and spinning your wheels with tactics, tools, and templates lacking strategy.

The biggest risk is doing nothing. 

Do something.

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