Creating Essential Business Assets Has Never Been Easier…

"The ‘Template Toolkit’ Is The Easiest & Fastest Way To Create Needle-Moving Content For Your 'Expert' Brand..."

Get a library of breathtakingly simple fill-in-the-blank templates for every asset your online business will ever need!


Solving The 4 Problems Every Online Entrepreneur Faces:


You don’t know what content you need and where to start.


You don't know the best practices and subtle nuances of each asset.


You don’t have the time (or patience) to get up to speed and do it yourself.


You don’t have the money or resources to outsource or hire a team of experts.


Do Any of These Sound Familiar?

  • You’re caught up thinking about how to write emails, ads, etc. instead of writing them
  • You’ve taken a stab at creating your own assets but have no clue if they’re any good
  • You’re sick of wasting time researching best practices & navigating contradictory advice 
  • You’re feeling lost and confused in a maze of needs and can’t prioritize properly
  • You have no more time to wait. You just want an easy solution that works.

If so, the “Template Toolkit” is for you.


A Toolkit of Templates That Make Marketing Easy...

Template Toolkit

Get a library of 30+ fill-in-the-blank templates (and growing monthly) that allow you to quickly create core business assets following proven best practices. The Template Toolkit covers:

  • Lead Generation: Whether you never have enough leads or you’re wasting time on the wrong leads, these templates will drive the right people to your business.
  • Sales: Systemize how you transform leads into customers and increase the lifetime value of current customers. These templates make it easy to earn more money — and we all want that.
  • Emails: Don’t know what to send? Sick of stagnant open rates? Waiting and wishing for someone to finally click? From welcome emails to launch campaigns, we’ve got your emails covered.
  • Marketing: You can spend a small fortune on an expert or snag the templates the experts use. Make it easy on yourself.
  • Branding: It can be a time-suck, a road block, or an oversight. Discover the exact branding elements you need and how to execute on them without wasting time and money.

And much, MUCH more: Buyer campaigns, offer suites, and video scripts just to name a few.


Our Students' Wins! Are You Next?

What’s In The Toolkit:

30 (and counting) actionable, fill-in-the-blank templates...

....we literally took all of our best practices for email campaigns, websites, sales pages, opt-in pages, video scripts, and more, and bundled them into a digital toolkit of templates you can use to nail every asset you’ll ever need. 

Full Library of Fill-In-The-Blank Templates

We thought of it all — because we’ve needed it all. From ads, emails, sales pages, opt-in pages, and more, we have you covered. We’ve demystified the essential assets of online businesses so they no longer slow you down.

The Exact Templates We’ve Used to Make Millions Online

The toolkit is chock full of the exact templates we used to build two 7-figure online businesses ourselves. And our VIP students have put them to the test too. The result? They work.

Our Best (of the best) Practices 

We’re not sharing wishy-washy advice, generic tips, or half-assed prompts. We’ve condensed years of rubbing elbows with the right experts and working with industry icons to strategically craft templates that work.

A One-Stop Stop For Everything You’ll Ever Need

You’ll get instant access to an easy-to-use online portal so the templates are always at your fingertips. All you have to do is grab what you need and follow the simple prompts. It’s quick, easy, and convenient.


Check Out The Templates You Get INSTANT ACCESS To:

Templates Include:


✔️Lead Generation Suite: ($150.00 value)

  • Easy-Grow Lead Magnet Template - Create irresistible Lead Magnets that share your message and sell your offers.
  • Quick-Convert Lead Magnet Sign-Up Page Template - So you can build high-converting opt-in pages to capture consistent leads.
  • Easy-Profit Lead Magnet Email Series - Know exactly what to say and send to nurture your leads into customers.

✔️Sales Suite: ($400.00 value)

  • Offer Generator - The #1 reason experts don’t sell their expertise like hotcakes is that their offer isn’t compelling. This generator virtually guarantees you’ve got the strongest offer in your niche.
  • Sales Page Overview - Includes our 3-step ‘sneaky’ process for spying on competitors and transforming casual observations into sales pages that close.
  • Craft & Convert Sales Page Formula - Build out every sales page your brand will ever need by simply filling in the blanks (yes, it’s that easy).
  • Irresistible Offer Page Launch Kit - Learn exactly what to say to quickly sell a low-priced ‘irresistible’ offer to new subscribers.
  • Ultimate Upsell Page Template - Close deals at a 20-30% conversion rate by following this script for pitching an upsell.
  • Upsell Offer Copy Script - The simplest formula for clearly communicating your upsell offer so it sticks with your audience.
  • Constant-Convert Checkout Page Template - 80% of checkout page visitors just browse. Get the  proven elements to transform window shoppers into consistent sales. 
  • 10-Step Sales Video Script - Know exactly what to say in each and every sales video to captivate your audience and encourage sales (without being too sales-y).

✔️Buyer Campaign Suite: ($150.00 value)

  • Buyer Confirmation Page - Never wonder what to say to a brand new buyer again (and how to grab valuable marketing data).
  • Buyers Portal Start Here Page - Creating a ‘start here’ page that empowers your new buyer and properly sets expectations is an artform. This one will drive course consumption to the next level.
  • Friend to Fan: New Buyer Welcome Email Templates - Too many experts waste this 1st critical touchpoint with a new buyer. You won’t be one of ‘em ever again.

✔️Email Suite: ($350.00 value)

  • List-Growth System Blueprint - Email marketing can be a horrific experience. This blueprint makes it easy to see ‘what’s working now’ so you can quickly adapt.
  • Instant-Engagement Email Templates - Your list must stay warm to generate consistent sales. Learn how to craft emails that people actually want to open and click.
  • Response-Maximizer Survey Template - Not sure what content to create in order to keep your list engaged? Simply send this survey.
  • Profitable Product-Launch Email Templates - Exploring a new offer? Here’s a proven process to proactively build excitement so your list is anxious to buy.
  • Seat-to-Sales Webinar Email Template - Send webinar registrants these emails to get sales.
  • Free Mini-Course Email Campaign - Shower your list with value by offering a free course designed to sell a product. This email template will warm them up and put them in a buying mood.

✔️Offer Suite: ($50.00 value)

  • Product Blueprint - Not sure what elements your product needs?  This blueprint will help you plan out your curriculum, marketing assets and upsell opportunities.

✔️Speaking Suite: ($100.00 value)

  • Get Speaking Gigs Now Guide - We built the Visionary Planner to a 7-figure online empire with the help of speaking engagements. Discover the necessary steps to get in front of your ideal audience and grow your authority and income.

✔️Bonus #1: Peak Performance Planners ($50.00 value)

  • Efficiently hit your most important goals every time! 

✔️Bonus #2: Funnel Blueprints ($200.00 value)

Confidently plan out and execute high-converting marketing funnels without worrying about ‘what you don’t know’.

  • Tripwire Funnel (ultra-low priced offer)
  • Call Funnel (ultra-high priced offer)
  • Gateway Funnel (low-priced offer)
  • Webinar Funnel (high-priced offer)

✔️Bonus #3: Ad Template Library ($250.00 value)

Create ads that capture attention and convert like gangbusters

  • FB Ad Template - A fill-in-the-blank ad template to launch a new FB ad in minutes.
  • Ad Formula Library - See what’s working for other expert brands so you can pull inspiration for your own high-converting ads.
  • Ad Video Script (works for both Facebook and Youtube ads) - Plug your messaging into this simple video script to sell your offers, services and more.
  • Video Structure Script - Never again wonder what to say inside your content-based ads.
  • Easy-Entice Retargeting Ad Script - Know exactly what to say to a lead who has already engaged with your brand (and move them closer to the sale).

✔️Fast Action Bonus: Ignition Call ($500.00 value)

One of our VP Coaches can hop on Zoom with you and make sure you’re crystal clear on how to best use the Template Toolkit, and help you get started the right way. 



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4 Installments of $75

  • 30+ Templates, Checklists & Resource Guides ($2,400.00 value)
  • BONUS #1: Kajabi Foundation Setup - So you can quickly build your business on the industries #1 platform. ($200.00 value)
  • BONUS #2: Business Foundation - So you have step-by-step directions on how to properly set up your business the right way.  ($300.00 value)
  • BONUS #3: Ignition Call - So you can get coaching from a 7 figure business coach today so you don't have to build your business all by yourself. ($500.00 value)

Pay In Full



  • 30+ Templates, Checklists & Resource Guides ($2,400.00 value)
  • BONUS #1: Kajabi Foundation Setup - So you can quickly build your business on the industries #1 platform. ($200.00 value)
  • BONUS #2: Business Foundation - So you have step-by-step directions on how to properly set up your business the right way.  ($300.00 value)
  • BONUS #3: Ignition Call - So you can get coaching from a 7 figure business coach today so you don't have to build your business all by yourself. ($500.00 value)
  • PAY-IN-FULL BONUS: Competitive Analysis Accelerator - So you can quickly 'spy' on the top brands in your industry and build offers and content you know your Audience will love, and want to buy! ($500 value)

You’re Protected by Our 30-Day, No-Risk, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

We’re certain you’ll love the Template Toolkit (and bonuses) and will be amazed by how fast the toolkit builds your brand. Even better, you’ll get access to the entire toolkit with zero risk. Why? Because you get a whole 30 days risk-free (that’s 1 full month) so you can put everything to immediate use without worry.

If you don’t find the templates totally time-saving and helpful, send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll give you a full refund. 

Listen, if you don’t feel this toolkit to be hands-down the quickest and easiest way to build your essential brand assets, then we don’t deserve your money!

Liz Lira

"It would have probably
taken me five times as long, like five more years, in
discovering and trying to brainstorm..."

Paula Moyer

"Visionary Planner lays out step by step what to do in the most comprehensive manner that I've ever seen anywhere in this industry..."

Kat Spangler

"I have never seen a system built out so much like this that it is so detailed and so personalized..."

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Not For You? Here’s Your Other Options:

  • Try to track down all of the templates you need one by one and distill the overwhelming amount of information out there into best practices as fast as possible.
  • Invest in several courses & events to get you up to speed on copywriting, marketing, & sales.
  • Find, vet, and hire a team of experts you can trust to deliver on your needs. Plan to spend a small fortune. 
  • Give it the old college try. Throw some assets at the wall and hope they stick. Test, assess, & optimize for at least 12-18 months until something finally works.

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