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“2 1/2 Day Exclusive Retreat Maps out Your Brand and High-ticket Coaching Offers so You Can Launch as Quickly as Possible..."

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If you’re a brick and mortar owner who is ready for the next stage of your legacy and want to go online...let's talk!

3 Pillars To Build Your Visionary Brand

Your Vision In the Vineyards Experience helps you create the three critical pillars of a sustainable Visionary Brand: A Unique Personal Brand, A Complete Product Suite and Authority In The Market.

What takes years for many, you accomplish in 2.5 days!

1. Personal Brand

Walk away with a plan to create a personal brand that is authentic to you.

2. Product Suite

Map out the 4 core products you'll be known for...(and that make you passive income).

3. Authority Marketing

Develop your content strategy for consistent lead gen, sales and venture opportunities. 

Don't Build Your Vision Alone

Have The Confidence And Connection With Two Coaches Who Are Invested In Your Vision.

Free Up Your Creativity: Go From Stuck to Seeing What Is Possible. 

Escape from your usual day so you can release your creativity. You will  come to a place of quiet beauty to jog your brain to think differently and unleash the brand inside you.

Let your story flow as we help you define and refine the brand message that aligns with your true vision. 

See Your Business And Courses Take Shape As You Build The Products That Will Change The Lives of Your Clients!

You may know what to do, you may even see what is possible...but taking your knowledge and what you've learned and laying it out for the world to buy can have you feeling paralyzed.

In 2.5 days you will map out the curriculums, product suite and funnels that will consistently get your clients results so you can serve the mission inside your heart.  

Figure Out The Story That Powers Your Brand.

Let your story come out as we help you define and refine the story of how your brand is going to serve the world.

Take your experiences and let them infuse your brand, courses and message until you go from concept to polished brand. 

The 4 Products You Plan At V & V

Develop These 4 Offers For Your Brand in 2.5 days! Watch the video below.


Private & Exclusive Location

Choose Your Personal Dining Experience, Enjoy Private Time and Space to Create, Get Inspired Overlooking Beautiful Vineyards.

What You'll Do

Launch your personal brand with a hands on approach by immersing yourself in this experience for 2.5 days, where you'll get a crash course, and go on a deep dive to creating your personal brand by packaging your knowledge and experience into online products and programs!

The Vision in the Vineyards Experience is the only experience of its kind that gives you the full blueprint and structure for your low-priced offer, membership offer, signature offer and high-ticket offer.

No matter what your level of expertise is, you can bet you'll find success and go home with a 6-figure+ business blueprint that fits on one page!

1. We’ll show you how to take what you're knowledgeable and passionate about and turn it into content that people will want to buy so you can monetize your expertise online and offline. 

2. We’ll map out 4 offers you can make by the time you leave the vineyards so within days you can launch your online business, selling digital content, growing your list and spreading your brand message through various channels.

3. We'll show you how to find and understand your ideal customer avatar and magnetically draw them to you and build relationships to turn them into your student for life.

4. By the end of our time together, you'll be well on your way to achieving financial freedom and building a business of your dreams so you can choose the best future for you and your family. 

Be Prepared to...

  • Lock down and get a set structure for your courses and product suite so you can produce consistent results in your market.
  • Have your brand avatar, identity and message established in 2.5 days allowing you to target market your audience for smart list growth. 
  • Build your course material, frameworks and curriculums to get your market results and build your legacy.
  • Map out your “ascension grid” to forecast your income and set projection goals for your brand.
  • Identify who the right target market is for your products so you can capture them at the right time for each of your products. 
  • Have more fun and 'aha' moments that lead to concrete products and marketing strategies for confidence as a visionary entrepreneur. 
  • Map out a complete product suite, including a membership site framework, low tier product, and your signature core offer so you can get people in the door, build continuity and have a higher ticket offer for revenue growth. 
  • Develop free gifts and lead magnets that position your products.
  • Have all software and infrastructure needs answered.
  • Get expert direction for your social media presence.
  • Confidently go home knowing what to do first, second, third...to start building your brand with a set structure right away.
  • Enjoy fine food, wine, and visionary planning in a luxury setting from your own private casita overlooking a vineyard. 

Never Worry About Tech

Tech Freak You Out? We'll Build Your Website, Funnels and Complicated Tech Interactions.

As part of your Vision In The Vineyards Experience, our team of experts will take care of the biggest tech buildouts you'll need to launch your Brand within the next few months.

  • Visual Branding Package - Logo, Fonts, Colors ($820)
  • Website & Blog Build Out ($2,780)
  • List Growing Funnel Build Out ($2,440)
  • High-Ticket Sales Call Funnel Build Out ($3,540)

That's a total of $9,580.00 of technical work, all included.

The Tech Build Outs will help you avoid having to deal with time intensive graphic & page creation, email programming, integrations and testing.  You'll supply us with all requested assets (videos, page content, images of you) then we'll take care of the rest.  Whew!

Join The Growing Movement of Visionaries Sharing Their Voices, 
Building Their Businesses and Living The Freedom Lifestyle... 

Vision In The Vineyards Experience!


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What Other Visionaries Are Saying...

Don't just take our word for it, hear from other entrepreneurs who invested 2.5 days at Vision in the Vineyards. We can't wait to feature you here as well.

Meet Dr. Vince

"There are so many things out there that are marketed to the professional that make you cynical, make you skeptical, make you think, hey it's just another offer...

Vito is a real genuine person. Someone that's not looking just to rifle money out of your pocket...

He's a guy that has a passion for continuing a legacy and that legacy is helping others find success like he did."


Meet Alex

"Being able to take everything you know and put that in the right sequence . . . that’s a huge support and help and I needed that..."


Meet Lacey

"I've never had someone sit down and walk me through what to do. And I'm leaving today knowing exactly what products to create and how to roll it out..."


Meet Maggie

"Coming out to Vision in the Vineyards was mind blowing... "


Meet Seay

"When you come to someone’s home it’s a very different feeling, now your part of the family, you're breaking bread, and they are opening their home to you..."


Meet Liz

"I’m leaving here with my brand totally established, my product suite locked down and I know exactly what I’m supposed to do when I get home... "


Meet Marion 

"I am an ideas person but Vito & Anna helped me take all those ideas and put them into an organized process..."


Meet Kathy

"My favorite part is . . . it felt like 4 days.  Not 2 1/2. But it felt like 4 full robust days of fun, and play, and learn, and challenge, and good food, and good friendship, and power.."


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