60 Day Brand Kickstarter

Are you ready for a step-by-step system that builds your personal brand, establishes your authority, and grows your audience?

This proven process guarantees the expansion of your brand. It allows you to leverage simple marketing strategies that will narrate your story for years to come.

Know Your Audience

Overcome overwhelm by using a blueprint of who they are, what they want, and what they're willing to pay for!

 Create Content

Confidently create video and text-based content that captures the hearts and minds of your dream clients.

Grow Your List

Follow a step-by-step playbook that will help you start growing your list and achieve fast results.

Automate Business

Fill in the blanks with templates that construct your lead magnet, funnel pages, emails, and automations.

Tech Mastery Library

Over-the-shoulder videos and checklists to assist you in building your opt-in page, emails, and integrations.


Unsure How To Build Your List, Attract An Audience, And Sell Your Offers?

 If you're just starting up, these practical action steps can help you avoid the stress of expensive ads and ever-changing algorithms.


What most people do wrong…

  • They do the wrong things in the wrong order!
  • They have unclear messaging that confuses their market!
  • They spin their wheels making content that never takes off!

Instead, over the next 8 weeks you’ll use this set of instructions to quickly launch your personal brand and grow your audience:

Save 100s of Hours Of Trial And Error!


What It Is:


A proven system to kickstart your brand. It's designed to help you reach your dream clients, scale your business, and generate a predictable income.

What It Does:


In just 60 days, you'll have your brand established, website launched, content plan in place, lead magnet created, and your email list beginning to grow.

Who It's For:

Entrepreneurs, Service Providers, Course Creators and Creatives.

Dear Friend

I believe you're the best-kept secret...

However, not many people know about you (yet). You need to share your story and help your audience discover the solutions you provide.

Whether you're ready to quit your day job, itching to start your own business, or simply want to build your authority and expand your career...

You must share your story online and grow an engaged audience you can connect with on social media and via emails.

I understand firsthand how challenging it can be to know where to start, and then to stay consistent with content creation.

For years, I grappled with where to even begin. I wasted so much time and energy chasing tactics, instead of focusing on building a solid, easy-to-manage foundation.

I've invested the last decade of my life creating a set of instructions to build your brand and start growing your audience.

This process has given me the life I always dreamed of. No more sitting in traffic. No more praying for a day off from my boss. No more building someone else's dreams.

I've been able to live where I want, work with whomever I choose, and set my own working hours. And I want you to have the same freedom.

That's why I'm so excited to invite you to the same proven process that has helped thousands of my students launch businesses, achieve freedom, and secure financial predictability.

Hard Core Facts


Your 8 Week Plan To Grow Your Audience…

Weeks 1-3: Brand Plan

  • Logo, Colors, Fonts: Ensure consistency across all your assets.
  • Vision & Mission Statements: Stay focused on why you do what you do.
  • Brand Values: Attract the exact people who share your values and whom you love to serve.
  • Audience Empathy Map: Dive into the minds of your audience so we can use storytelling to captivate attention.
  • Deliverable: Brand Book - You'll have an easy-to-follow set of guidelines so your brand shows up consistently.

Weeks 4-5: Brand Foundation

  • Gorgeous Website: Develop a site that tells your story and converts visitors into email list subscribers.
  • Social Media Channels: Tell a clear story, and drive all leads back to your site to grow your audience.
  • Deliverable: A plan for the exact messaging you’ll put on your website and social channels.

Weeks 6-7: Content Plan

  • Topic List: Never again question what to write.
  • Hot 100 List: Create a game plan for ethically engaging the audiences of other experts.
  • Content Templates: Have a pre-built set of templates ready to go so you can easily create content.
  • Deliverable: An easy to follow content plan with topic list and simple publishing plan.

Week 8: List Grow Funnel

  • High Converting Opt-in Page: Develop a simple page that builds your list of ideal prospects.
  • Lead Magnet: Give away an irresistible freebie that educates and inspires your audience.
  • Nurture Emails: Set up an automation system that builds your relationship, delivers value, and excites them to learn more.
  • Deliverable: A fully functioning funnel ready to grow your list and authority.

Bottom Line: 

In 8 weeks or less, you'll acquire the skills, confidence, and strategy to grow your business.

Finally build the foundation that gives you the freedom you deserve, and the life you love.


60 Day Brand Kickstarter











Examples of Successful Launches

$18k +$6k monthly

Jonathon launched to $18k +$6k monthly recurring income

$250k after launching

Clay exceeded his $250k corporate salary after launching

$16k after launching

Gina earned $16k after launching her new coaching offer

$70k from just 1 client

Dr. Vince launched his new offer and got $70k from just 1 client

$60k after launching

Sheryl collected $60k after launching her coaching offer


What’s Included Inside 60 Day Brand Kickstarter

5-Step Process

Jumpstart your success, without getting stuck in overwhelm or second-guessing yourself. ($1997 value)

Tech Library

An over-the-shoulder library on how to stress-free build your entire foundation. ($497 value)

Template Library

Ready-to-use fill-in-the-blank templates that prepare you to launch your brand quickly. ($397 value)

Growth Plan

Predictably grow your audience post-launch. Get ready to welcome long-term success! ($297 value)

Lifetime Updates

As my business evolves and marketing trends shift, I update the training. (Priceless)


Limited Time Bonuses

Bonus #1: Get Started Quiz

Answer a few questions, then receive a custom game-plan to jump straight to the lessons you need for immediate results. ($97 value)

Bonus #2: Camera Confidence

Worried about being on camera? So was I! I’ll share every tip, trick, and tactic I learned from six years of acting classes with some of the top acting teachers in Hollywood. No more panic when you turn your camera on and start sharing your story. ($97 value)

Bonus #3: Story for Marketing 

You'll appreciate this practical, step-by-step bonus course that teaches you how to incorporate Hollywood-style storytelling into your brand messaging. It simplifies understanding of how stories work and offers straightforward frameworks to integrate them into all your content. ($97 value)


Pay-In-Full Bonus:

Bonus #4: Omni-Content System

The key to growing your list is consistent content creation. This system will show you how to produce a flagship piece of daily content and transform it into a series of videos, posts, and images for publication. Finally, have a clear plan for what to create and when. ($497 value)

Total Value of $3,976.

But because I believe you’re a real Visionary, I’m dropping the price today to just…


You Will Get Lifetime Access To:

  • 5-Step Process ($1997 value)
  • Tech Library  ($497 value)
  • Template Library  ($397 value)
  • Growth Plan  ($297 value)
  • Lifetime Updates  (Priceless) 

In Addition, You'll Get:


  • Bonus #1: Get Started Quiz ($97 value)  
  • Bonus #2: Camera Confidence ($97 value) 
  • Bonus #3: Story for Marketing ($97 value)  

Pay-In-Full Bonus:

  • Bonus #4: Omni-Content System ($497 value)  


Join Today For Just $497


100% Risk-Free

Not quite sure? Or have you been burned by other courses in the past?

I totally understand. That’s why I'm inviting you to test out the 60 Day Brand Kickstarter today. 

Experience for yourself how easy it is to clarify your message and grow your audience. 

You have a whole month to explore the lessons, utilize the templates, and take massive action. Imagine this - in just a few weeks, you could gain total clarity on how to build the brand of your dreams.

If you’re genuinely committed to your vision, then I have complete confidence that this set of proven ‘best practice’ strategies is the right fit for you. You truly have nothing to lose.

The sooner you implement these strategies, the quicker you can attract hundreds of followers who are ready and eager to purchase your products or services.

Remember, this is all 100% risk-free!


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