Refund & Cancellation Policy


Client has 30 days from their date of purchase to request a refund. They must do this in writing by sending an email to ClassHelp (@) TheVisionaryPlanner.com within their 1st 30 days of enrollment.  After that they can cancel anytime by visiting their profile within the Learning Portal or emailing us at ClassHelp (@) TheVisionaryPlanner.com.  Once they cancel they will retain access to the Learning Portal and FB Group for the remainder of the time they paid for, then they will be removed after that time period and will not be billed again.


If you wish to make a deposit to sample the Planner, you get 14 days of access.  

We will schedule a follow up call in 7-10 days to see how you decide to continue.  If you miss the call, and we can't get ahold of you within 10 additional days, we'll automatically refund your deposit.

If you wish to continue with us, we'll have you submit full payment for the program. If you do not wish to continue, we will remove you from the learning portal and FB group.


Client has 90 days from first payment to request a refund of any paid monies per the terms of our Action Based Guarantee*.  This must be done by writing to [email protected] no later than midnight of the 90th day.  After that time, no payments will be refunded at any time for any reason.  Client must have completed the following simple activities to be eligible for a refund:

  • Complete the Get Started, Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 and Step 4 lessons in entirety
  • Attend an Orientation Session
  • Attend the 1-1 Accelerator Call
  • Attend the private 1-1 Milestone calls (5 in total)
  • Attend at least 2 group coaching sessions a month (6 in total)
  • Meet with their Accountability Coach twice a month (6 in total)
  • *Note that we do not issue refunds on any build outs



Template Toolkit™, Consistent Leads & Sales Blueprint™, 8 Steps To Free Up Your Time & Automate Your Expert Brand™, and Stand Out & Be Distinct Planner™ all come with a 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee. We can't extend refunds if you completed the mentoring program and then decided you won't be launching your own expert business.  

To request a refund, email classhelp (@) TheVisionaryPlanner.com and let us know that you want a refund in one of the comments.  Otherwise we will assume you wish to cancel your order so you don't get billed again.



There are no refunds given for Live Events or Retreats.  If we cancel a live on-site event, we will apply your payment to future events.  If you cannot attend an event you have paid for, we will allow you to apply your payment to future events, but will not refund the money in cash.


Freezing Account Policy

Clients can pause their accounts for up to 90 days at no cost.  During this time they’ll lose all access to the Learning Portal and FB Group and won’t be charged.  When, during those 90 days, they want to start up again, email us at ClassHelp (@) TheVisionaryPlanner.com and we’ll unfreeze their account so they start getting billed again monthly (thus giving them access to the FB group and the Learning Portal, with all the courses they previously had access to remaining unlocked.)  If they do not unfreeze their account during that 90-day period, they can return at any time but will have the courses locked based off our usual course unlock schedule.


Updated: June 20, 2022