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Step-by-Step Planner Defines Your Niche, Dials In Your Audience, Crafts a Powerful Message, and Build a Solid Business Plan for Immediate Impact!


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The VISION PLANNER is tailored for ambitious entrepreneurs like you!


Define your goals, design your future, and discover

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Feel stuck?

- Not sure where to begin with your entrepreneurial journey?  
- No clue what niche to pick, or who you’ll serve?   
- Unsure how to make an impact?


You're not alone!

Many new entrepreneurs grapple with these challenges every day.

Hi, I’m Mike L. Murphy 

Thanks to defining my vision, I’ve made millions of dollars and impacted thousands of lives.

But it wasn’t always like this…

When I first started out I had no clue where to even begin!  I was endlessly trying to decide what niche to pick and what audience I’d serve.

This lack of clarity cost me 3 years and tens of thousands of dollars wasted on activities that never paid off.  In short, I was treating my dream like a hobby, instead of a business.

The Vision Planner is your first step towards 100% confidence in your ability to launch a successful business.  Whether you’re sick of building someone else’s dreams, or are stuck in building yours, this is the exact plan you need!

What's Inside The Visionar Planner?


Set Lifestyle Goals


   Learn how to define your dreams, passions, strengths, and more.

   Find out how to allocate your time to make your goals come true.

   Get creative with our Canva template and make a vision book that truly reflects your dream life.


Draft Business Plan


   Learn the ins and outs of business planning, from picking a niche to identifying your audience.

   Create powerful vision and mission statements.

   Use our easy business budget spreadsheet to manage your finances.

   Add to your vision book with your newfound business insights.

With over 11 hours of engaging video lessons and practical action steps, this course is designed to give you a crystal-clear vision of your personal goals and a solid business plan to make those goals a reality.

Listen, if you fail to make a plan…you’ll fail!

Imagine, how fired up you’ll be, when in just a few short hours you know exactly what you need to do, and have a solid blueprint to follow.  It all happens when you commit to FINALLY making your dreams a priority.


Class Itinerary

Get lifetime access to our comprehensive course for only $299! Considering the time, effort, and money you'll save by getting clear on your goals, this investment in your future is priceless!

Sure, here's a revised version without the numbers:



Set Lifestyle Goals


  Set Lifestyle Goals Overview

Unearth the importance of setting clear, compelling lifestyle goals that can steer your entrepreneurial journey in the right direction. 

  Beliefs and Feelings

Understand how your core beliefs and feelings can act as a compass for your goals, impacting your ultimate success.


Discover what freedom means to you and construct goals that offer the liberty and lifestyle you've always dreamt of.

  Passions, Roles, Strengths & Weaknesses

Engage with your inner self, identify your passions, strengths, weaknesses, and roles to set authentic and achievable goals.

  Your Day and Goals

Learn to envision your ideal day, aligning your daily activities and schedules with your set goals.


Appreciate the value of time in the pursuit of your goals and strategies to manage it effectively.

  Create Vision Book - Part 1

Kickstart the creation of your Vision Book, a visual representation of your goals using our easy-to-use Canva template.



Draft Business Plan


  Draft Business Plan Overview

Get a holistic understanding of what a successful business plan entails and the importance of having one.

  Pick Your Niche

Delve into the process of identifying a profitable niche that aligns seamlessly with your interests and expertise.

  Pick Your Audience

Master the techniques to identify and connect with your ideal audience, understanding their needs, desires, and aspirations.

  Vision & Mission Statements

Construct compelling vision and mission statements that provide direction to your business decisions and communicate the core purpose of your venture.

  Draft Business Plan

Initiate drafting your business plan with the help of proven strategies and templates.

  Business Budget Spreadsheet

Master your business finances and project future expenses with our simple yet powerful business budget spreadsheet.

  Create Vision Book - Part 2

Continue building your Vision Book, infusing it with your business visions and plans, crystalizing your path forward.

Ready To Swap Dreaming For Doing?

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Every step you take in this course will equip you with clarity, direction, and practical tools needed to successfully navigate your entrepreneurial journey.



$100 today, then 2 more $100 installments every 30 days




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100% Risk-Free

Not quite sure? Or have you been burned by other courses in the past?

I totally understand. That’s why I'm inviting you to test out the Vision Planner today.

Experience for yourself how easy it is to pick your niche, define your audience and lock down a simple business plan.

You have a whole month to explore the lessons, utilize the templates, and take massive action. Imagine this - in just a few weeks, you could gain total clarity on how to build the brand of your dreams.

If you’re genuinely committed to your vision, then I have complete confidence that this set of proven ‘best practice’ strategies is the right fit for you. You truly have nothing to lose.

The sooner you implement these strategies, the quicker you can confidently launch your brand.

Remember, this is all 100% risk-free!


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