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Visionary Planner - Monthly


Build your entire personal brand - including visual branding, website, offer and call funnel - in an easy, step-by-step system.  

You Get:

  • Step-by-Step Visionary Planner System ($8,396 value)

  • Project Blueprints ($6,800 value)

  • Instruction Manuals ($5,200 value)

  • Monthly Mastermind with Mike ($1,200 value)

  • Kajabi Quick Start Course ($99 value)

  • Template Toolkit ($399 value)

  • Tech & Graphic Clinics ($800 value)

  • Camera Confidence Course ($499 value)

  • Business Setup Course ($199 value)

  • BONUS: Vision Setting Workshop ($499 value)



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What People Are Saying:

I am very sincere when I say VP gets 10 stars on a 5-star scale! If you take advantage of what VP offers, you'll be successful. There's no way you can fail.

Tamra Fleming, Accountability & Life Coach

Within my first year, I more than tripled what I invested in The Visionary Planner. I made a little over $10,000 on my first launch. One weekend, I was out with my husband and I said, ‘I finally feel it. I'm finally feeling that there's freedom in this business. It’s working.’

Laura Lummer, Breast Cancer Recovery Coach

I exceeded my corporate salary in six months. And that includes benefits and bonuses. What's more important is I’m making a much bigger impact than I could ever have hiding in the shadows of giants. When I look at the impact, the freedom, and the happiness, VP pays for itself a million times over. It's made me happier, healthier, and wealthier.

Clay Manley, Copywriter

I’ve seen [at least] 25 times our return on investment. More than that. Probably 30 to 40… We measure it in numbers. We measure it in client connection and satisfaction. We measure it in the extra bandwidth I’m afforded. My time, my money, my relationships, [it’s] huge.

Glenda Bennett, Advisor to Government Agencies

I think if you are ready to train, if you're ready to teach, if you're ready to get of the service industry and start making money online by getting into your product and your brand and your vision out into the world in that form this is the place to go.

Maggie Kirkland, Photographer

I did some comparison before joining and everyone else seemed like they were just trying to show you one funnel and miraculously you’ll have all this business and money. Visionary Planner is very up front. They say, ‘6 months to a year. It’s gotta take time.’ If you build it the right way, and attack it following [the VP] system, the pay off at the other end will be there.

Brad Kahn, Fitness Professional

Visionary Planner lays out step by step what to do in the most comprehensive manner that I've ever seen anywhere in this industry.

Paula Moyer, Network Marketing

..if I didn't put in this investment towards the Visionary Planner, it would have cost me what my ultimate goal was...financial freedom.

Jarod Cogswell, Gym Owner

I would tell anyone else trying to grow their own brand that the Visionary Planner has been essential to growing my business.

Chelsea McCintrick, Life Coach

Don't wait a minute. Put your money where your mind is... you will not regret it. It's such an amazing course.

Heike Yates, Fitness Professional

Since having my website up and pushing my marketing, I'm getting contracts and starting to see that return on my investment. My biggest advice is, ‘Don't try to do it yourself’. Don't try to put the cart before the horse like I did. VP is definitely the best place to create your online business.

Megan Wollerton, Corporate Wellness Advisor

For years I’ve been concerned about what would happen if I quit coaching. I realized I was trading dollars for hours and that my income would be greatly reduced or stopped. What I recognized with [the VP] system is that they pay great attention to the details, the service. When I have questions they answer those questions. They know their stuff.

Doug Stoddard, Executive Coach

VP is like taking a seed of an idea and engineering it into something special. It’s really about, ‘do this first, then do this, then do this, then do this.’ Plus, you get coaching and support from great people along the way. If you're on the fence, there's something that's stirring in you that wants this.

Kim McAdams, Business Advisor

It is so well thought out...you're going to have a brand built out that not only changes lives, but actually helps you monetize things and get your message out into the world.

Baji Grace, Spirituality Coach

Something wasn’t letting us get to the 8 figure mark. It was just stagnant growth. We knew there was something more. Just the different way of thinking, and knowing how to put it together is going to make that shift we’ve been waiting for for years.

Cody Hofhine, Real Estate Investing Expert

It's great because you're with people who are thinking along those same lines, speaking the same language, and fully understand each other. I made my first $5,000 pretty quickly with my online course.

Robin Legat, Fitness Professional

For anyone who's stuck, VP is a good place to get started. If you want to build a business, I don't think that you should try to do that alone. You should really surround yourself, not only with mentors, but with other people that are doing those same things. That's what is so valuable about VP.

Lara Alexiou, Fitness Professional

My online coaching program is actually producing sales. VP has saved me hours and hours and hours of pain and suffering trying to figure this out alone.

Eunicia Perret, Financial Services

I have never seen a system built out so much like this that it is so detailed and so personalized...

Kat Spangler, Fitness Professional

VP has saved me so much time. That alone is priceless. Every month, I’ve been doubling my income. I have big goals for 2021 that were non-existent in 2020. This is giving me the life that I want to live. I'm so blessed right now.

Femi Doyle-Marshall, Business Coach

We have seen 50%+ year-over-year increases every year. If you're looking for freedom in business, and to be able to control your destiny, VP will help make your visions realities.

Greg & Kelli, Book Publishing Experts

Just 2 months in, we recouped our investment into VP and made some profit on our first offer. Since then we've made it 5 times over.

Johnathon, Gym Owner