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In case you don’t know me, my name’s Mike L. Murphy and I founded The Visionary Planner®.

Back in 2011, I was working in Hollywood (on movies like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Ironman). 

I had a life-altering moment when I read Robert Kiyosaki’s book ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’: I realized the richest people in the world were creating their own IP (intellectual property). 

They weren’t getting paid peanuts to create things others made millions off of (like I was). When they developed their own IP just once, they could get paid for it forever...

In case you’re curious, here’s some people and projects I was involved with:

That led me on a decade-long journey to create my own IP and live life on my terms….

For several years, I traveled the world mentoring animation students as an expert in my niche…

Mike L. Murphy public speaking

Despite studying under some of the top marketers in the online space, I could never find a step-by-step, start-to-finish business plan that showed me HOW to build a stable business online... so I could earn from anywhere.

I wanted to package my expertise into an online business that freed my time while amplifying my impact. 

The problem was all the ‘gurus’ gave me pieces of the puzzle and motivational speeches, but I needed a plan—not a piece of one nor a performance. 

Fed up, I decided to solve this problem myself...

I spent several years studying every business course I could get my hands on…and created flowcharts that stretched across rooms. While their sheer size commanded attention, the content on those charts caught the eyes of other entrepreneurs…

People began asking me to take them through the system I mapped out, so in 2016 VP became my IP (and my vision to create something came full circle).

Right out of the gates, 7 entrepreneurs paid me $24,000 each to help get them earning online; VP took off almost instantly. 

Through VP, I’ve now helped hundreds of people around the world build their very own profitable online businesses in record time.


You'll access experts from all disciplines of kickstarting and expanding an online expert brand.

If you qualify to join The Visionary Planner, you'll get access to our entire team...

Matej Bajželj

Matej Bajželj, Chief Operating Officer

As our C.O.O., Matej is responsible for business operation and the bottom line. 
With a management degree, he's been nourishing his business development skills for more than 15 years in all kinds of organisations from SaaS to agencies, trusted by individuals, small business owners, doctors, banks and multinationals.
While he used to spend most of his private time dancing (co-founded a dance school), he now appreciates a healthier sleeping pattern, likes to spend his time exploring nature and tries to get better control of his golf swing. 
Nastja Murphy

Nastja Murphy, Curriculum Designer

Nastja helped start up The Visionary Planner along with Mike.  She has a degree in Pedagogy (the art of teaching) and uses her skills of adult learning to help take Mike’s business coaching and make sure it’s as clear as can be.

Nastja has travelled the world three times with Mike but is most at home in her charming country of Slovenia. When she’s not being a full time mom, her hobbies include testing out new recipes, discovering new lesson plans (with Covid lockdowns she’s mastered the art of teaching a 4 year old) and finding time to explore the local Alpine lakes and mountains.

Monika Okorn

Monika Okorn, Funnel Build Out Concierge

Monika heads up our VIP and “Done For You” department.

For our VIPs, she master plans what needs to be accomplished in specific timeline, defines the main milestones and maps out the action steps for everyone involved in the project. She has bi-weekly one on one calls with our VIPs, together with other designated coaches.

Her second speciality is our “Done For You” service, where she coaches and builds our Guest’s branding, website, funnels, campaigns, product portal, etc…. so they walk away with tangible outcome - their own online Visionary Brand

She has a degree in Social Work from University of Ljubljana, and she enjoys working with people and helping them bring their Vision to life. In her free time she likes to go hiking, loves picnics in nature and grabs every opportunity to go to the beach.

Tish Dragonette

Tish Dragonette, Director Of Guest Success

Tish is the Facebook Community Director and Event Producer for Visionary Planner. She serves as a liaison for our guests to connect them to expert coaches and fellow entrepreneurs.  She produces VP 3.0 monthly Master Classes as well as maintains regular live engagement within our Facebook and Zoom Groups.

Most recently, Tish studied Wayfinder Life Coach Training with Martha Beck. She learned the art of storytelling in Hollywood, via screenwriting and producing. She taught the “Hero’s Journey” in South Africa. Tish has stage managed and produced live events. In addition she has coordinated retreats and large weekly meetings. 

In a previous life, Tish was a Real Estate Appraiser. She also worked with Interior Designers and has owned 10 homes and condominiums. Selling all but one for a profit. A transplant to Boston, she enjoys time with her daughter, son-in-law and grandgirls and loves living near the water!

Barbara Rode

Dana Rowley - Branding Coach, Kickstart Phase

Dana Swanson Rowley is a marketing professional with over fifteen years of experience spanning many marketing disciplines and industries.

Past experience as a Marketing Director, Community Manager and Event Planner provides a broad foundation for building brands and understanding the vast marketing landscape.  Dana’s current focus is on Brand and Marketing Strategy, helping businesses understand their customers and articulate their value.  Dana takes great satisfaction in seeing businesses grow and more importantly, empowering founders to build a business that allows them to do the work they want, the way they want. 

Dana is known for curiosity, creativity, organization and marketing expertise. Holding a degree in Sociology from the University of California Santa Barbara, Sociology is the study of groups of people and what motivates them to act.  This Sociological knowledge drives a unique strategic perspective, while real world, tactical experience with more than 50 companies and clients, ties strategy to executable plans.    

Dana currently resides in San Diego and enjoys yoga, swimming, surfing, cooking and spending time with her husband and boxer-mix rescue dog, Barley.


Barbara Rode

Jan Silver - Offer Coach, Kickstart Phase

For over 10 years, Janine Silver has been a noteworthy leader in the marketing and rebranding space. She’s worked to help Fortune 500 companies and small startups define their strategy and disrupt their respective markets. Janine currently resides in New York & in her spare time, you can find her traveling and photographing her surroundings.


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