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An Immigrant's Work Ethic, Where Vito found Anna, Clues to Success


An Immigrant's Work Ethic, Where Vito found Anna, Clues to Success 


In today’s episode, Anna tries to uncover Vito’s childhood, his thoughts when he met her, and his journey to building a million-dollar business. It will be a question and answer session as we learn Vito's story and the struggles he underwent from being broke to turning things around with only $197. Plus, stay tuned for the next episode where they turn the tables, and Vito interviews Anna!


“You must understand the world as a whole in order to affect the world as a whole.”

-      Vito Lafata


In this episode:

  • What it was like growing up in an immigrant household
  • Where Vito was in life when he met Anna
  • How he started in his online business
  • Some of Vito’s biggest wins that kept him hungry for growth
  • What pushed him to believe in forethought
  • If he had to do it all again, would he change anything?
  • His non-negotiable things that he does everyday


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Earn More Money and Freedom with Network Marketing

Leave your doubts behind… 

Network marketing has evolved past pyramid schemes into a reputable, income-earning market – one that has the ability to grow your income and quality of life like it’s no one else's business.

But let’s go back in time for a minute and get the story straight. Unfortunately, a lot of creepy people with crappy product poorly took advantage of the system, leaving it with a bad reputation. The users and abusers are still out there today, but they’re now few and far between.  

Here’s why the Network marketing model is absolutely everything when you’re working with the right team… 

Also called, MLM (multi-level marketing), network marketing gives you the leverage that you need in your business to scale beyond the hours that you have. 

First things first is location, location, location – meaning you can leave the burden of a brick and mortar at the door. 

With network marketing,...

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Revealed: The Most Overlooked Revenue Stream For Fitness Pros

Face the music... 

You don’t have the time and resources to offer everything.

No one does. It’s an exhausting thought to even consider crowding in all the pieces of a healthy transformation under one roof. Your clients aren’t going to eat that up because they’re smarter than that. And you won’t make it if you fake it in this biz.  

Don’t be discouraged that you personally can’t offer it all, because you can still be your clients’ one-stop-shop for solutions…

How so?

By forming strategic partnerships with other companies, brands and professionals.  

Teaming up with the right people helps your customers get the latest and greatest across the board, providing them with all the trusted services they’ve hoped for at a very important convenience: Not having to do the hard part themselves.

You become your clients’ research button when you have access to everything they need.

When planned right,...

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Here’s A New-Age Method Fit Pros Are Using to Earn Money Off the Floor

Hold the phone…

Just like you, your clients are constantly thumbing through apps.

And thanks to the quick-and-easy solutions our mobile devices give us today, it’s evident that we now need our cells to help us live our best lives.

Going mobile has become a walk in the park. You need to get serious about joining the cause if you want to stay in better touch with your clients while earning more money all day, every day.  

I’m stoked because this is an unstoppable revenue stream – one that lets you become a coach in your clients’ back pocket instead of spending another night teaching a half-empty class at the studio.

Keep scrolling to get the update on everything you need to rake in loads of off-the-floor income thanks to a curated app... 

I know what you’re thinking: App?

  • Do I need to spend thousands on a developer? 
  • Do I have to be a total tech nerd to get it?
  • Do I need to add more time on top of my 60-hour work week to figure...
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How to Press Play On More Money with this 24/7 Revenue Stream

Listen up…

Your business doesn’t have to be tied to the fitness floor.

It’s 20 freakin’ 20, man. 

Here’s what’s going viral: More and more people are shaping up with fitness on-demand. And that demand is only growing. 

Working up a sweat that stays at the gym is old news for the busy bodies you work with. So before you get left in the dust, turn off your day job of staying late at the studio and turn on an off-the-floor income stream that brings your routines to screens of all shapes and sizes.

Nowadays, you can cash in on expanding your expertise with on-demand trainings your clients can access anytime and anywhere. It’s putting on a reel to reel in more cash all day, every day. 

Imagine being able to offer workouts your clients can seamlessly sneak in before, during, or after their 9-to-5s. Instead of “oversleeping” again or skipping sessions due to rush hour traffic, they can pull you up right on their...

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Savvy Fit Pros Are Bundling These 3 Things to Make a Killing Online

Stop playing small ball…

If you’re dedicated to transforming your income, this is the revenue stream that will finally move the needle.

I call it the trifecta of fitness, because it bundles the 3 things your clients need most into one revenue-generating resource: Fitness, nutrition, and accountability. And it’s done digitally so they have a step-by-step, easily accessible plan to cover their 3 most important needs. 

This terrific trio ensures they get real results, but far too many fit pros are focused on just offering one of the 3 components.

Frankly, it’s a disservice if you’re not offering online courses and challenges that have a component of fitness, nutrition, and accountability.

So stop leaving money on the table. And stop ignoring where your market is.

Get out of your zip code and go online where you can have a massive impact — and earn massive money with a full-service solution covering their 3 most important needs.

Heck, even your...

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Why I Got Into Nutrition Coaching (And You Should Too)

It drives you nuts…

Despite beating the importance of nutrition into their brains, your clients continue to sabotage their results away from the gym. “You can’t out-train a bad diet” goes in one ear and flies out the other. 

Your best workouts are no match for a client who eats crap. You’ve promised transformations, but are hoping for status quo because the 164 hours per week you aren’t with them, they’re careless with their nutrition.  

Imagine being able to offer your clients on-demand self control. 

Finally having the ability to influence their nutrition habits, so your hard work programming their workouts isn’t wasted with a concoction of Ruffles, Coke, and chocolate. 

The truth is you can’t really offer body transformation and weight loss services without a nutrition component. So you need to get serious about transforming your approach.  

I know what you’re thinking....

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See How Easily You Can Earn Money Selling Supplements

Supplements can be more than supplemental income for a fit pro like you…

In fact, our proprietary blend of recommended revenue streams includes several scoops of supplement sales. 

So let’s pick at this low-hanging fruit...

Now, we’re not suggesting you start stocking your shelves with crap just to get your piece of the billion-dollar pie. But sending your clients to GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, and Whole Foods is like donating your hard-earned money to billionaires you barely know. Sometimes promoting crap products. 

You’re delivering those companies cash on a silver platter. And it’s not a fair exchange. 

Does GNC send you anything in return? 

Do you get a commission check from Vitamin Shoppe? 

How about a bonus from Whole Foods? 

Not. A. Freakin. Chance. 

You earn your living by helping your clients transform. And you know the right supplements can aid in that transformation. So why not find a way to recommend the good...

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The Fit Pro’s Guide to Making Money: Discover How to Earn What You Deserve

The struggle is real…

You work way too hard for the money you earn. 

Whether you’re a trainer, group X instructor, studio owner, contractor or employee, you’re all too familiar with the grind. Your day starts before the sun comes up and ends well after it sinks down. PTO, sick days, and 401k’s are few and far between non-existent. And despite the long hours, the paycheck isn’t pretty. 

But hey, you’ve got relentless passion. You’re in the trenches changing freakin’ lives. And if you put in enough hours it will all pay off, right? Wrong. 

Hopefully you’ve had the realization that trading dollars for hours in the fitness industry puts a firm cap on your pay. There’s only so many hours in the day. And even if you’re coaching around the clock, your income will never support your big dreams. 

Honestly, is that extra $50 moving the needle enough to sacrifice another precious hour of family time,...

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What Vision in the Vineyards is really like?


Hi, my name is Clay Manley and in May 2020, I attended Vito La Fata and Anna Renderer’s business-building retreat called ‘Vision in the Vineyards.’ 

DISCLAIMER: These are my unfiltered notes, revealing why I went, what it was like, and what I learned from the experience. 

If you’re skeptical, curious, or on the fence, this is for you.


[Part 1] En route.

Breathe, I tell myself, as a mixture of excitement and nervousness swirl in my head. 

It’s 1pm Friday. The sun beats down on the sleepy streets of wine country, as I slowly approach the gates of the La Fata estate. 

My car comes to a crawl and I spot Vito tending to the oasis-like infinity pool overlooking an acre of young vines. 

We exchange pleasantries and embark on the grand tour. Little does he know I’m already acquainted. Anxiety had me scour the web for every picture of this place I’d temporarily be calling home weeks before I arrived. 


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