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(No More Wasting Time or Doing It All On Your Own)


If you want to sell your knowledge online yet feel overwhelmed, stuck and spread too thin, we feel your frustration! That's why our System makes it step-by-step simple to craft an online brand based off your passion and expertise.   Finally get a proven system to earn you a predictable income and make a positive impact.  

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8 Steps To Launch Your Dreams


Want a proven business plan to follow?  Click the button to download our 8 Step Blueprint so you can confidently kickstart and expand your online business the right way.



Business Building Is Overwhelming...


Sure you can attend masterminds, buy courses and put your hopes into softwares - but without having a proven business plan and strategy, you’ll forever be stuck and struggling.  

Glenda, Student

“If I hadn't done VP, I could never be doing what I'm doing now. I'm leading a team … building out a community … and building out a brand. Every week, I'm like, thanks VP.”

-Glenda, Student

Clay, Student

“If I didn’t do this, I felt like I’d regret it. I didn’t want to look back and wish I'd taken action when I had the opportunity. That’s why I did VP”

-Clay, Student

Laura, Student

“Make the investment in VP because it’s an investment in yourself. If you don’t, time will go by and you'll still be sitting there wondering what you could have done.”

-Laura, Student

Instead, Stop Figuring It Out On Your Own


We’ve taken all the industries ‘best practices’ when it comes to kickstarting or expanding your knowledge based business online.  Each step you must take is carefully woven into our proven process.  And since you’re creating your business off a proven framework, there’s no more roadblocks or missteps stopping you from success.



Turn Your Vision Into Action

Our proven business building system has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs build businesses that free up their time.

Here's what we'll help you create...

When You Join Today, Get…

Proven Process

If you’ve wondered where to start, or how to hit that next level, then our proven 8 Step System will help you confidently follow the steps and build a rock-solid, sustainable online brand as efficiently as possible.

Top Coaches

Every step of our System comes with dedicated Coaches who will laser coach you to creating the best possible version of your branding, marketing, offers, sales processes, ads, funnels, fulfillment and marketing.  

Supportive Community

WIth hundreds of students all building their brands off the same powerful system, you’ll feel supported and encouraged to push through bottlenecks and fears to become the best entrepreneur you can be.

Tech-Free Hassle

We know tech freaks people out…we’ll show you how to build your brand off the industries leading tools…Kajabi, Zoom and Calendly.  We give you templates, checklists and coaching so you’re never stuck figuring things out on your own.

Fill-In-The-Blank Templates

Chances are you don’t have tens of thousands to invest in a copywriter or funnel designer.  Instead, you’ll get amazing fill-in-the-blanks copywriting templates and page layouts that save you time as you feel creative.

Done-For-You Services

If your time is scarce, upgrade your membership to have our team of designers, marketing strategists and programmers create all the necessary webpages, marketing funnels and integrations you’ll need.



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What Makes Our Coaching Different?

Complete Business Plan

Other coaching companies charge you thousands to teach you marketing tactics…

However, those tactics ONLY work after you've launched and validated your branding, offer and fulfillment systems.

The Visionary Planner helps build out everything you’ll ever need (branding, sales, offers, marketing, operational systems, team and guest management).  It’s a literal business in a box!

Because we’ve linked up all the industry's best practices, your hard work to complete each step leverages to the next.  This means all your efforts pay off and see measurable results.

Shining Brighter Together

Business building is lonely.  That’s why you’ll tap into a community of like-minded Visionaries who are all using the same system to package up their expertise and impact lives. 

Because we’re all using the same powerful core system, the system is constantly evolving.  This lets you rest assured your brand will always be built with what is proven to get results.

Clarity & Confidence

While the other coaching companies give you one piece of the puzzle, our 8 Step System lets you know what’s coming up next.  This keeps you focused instead of chasing opportunities.  

Imagine how confident you'll feel when you know that all your hard work will actually lead to consistent results, instead of staying stuck in a 'one step forward, two steps back' cycle!

Plus, our Founder Mike L. Murphy worked in Hollywood for over 15+ years.  He applies his storytelling and project management skills to make building your brand fun.


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