Condense 10 Years Of Trial & Error Into as Little as 90 Days!

"Step-By-Step System Builds Your Messaging, Branding, Website & Content Without Overwhelm..."


Leverage Hollywood Storytelling To Build a Complete Brand That Increases Revenue.👇 Click the button for a quick demo.👇


Condense 10 Years Of Trial & Error Into as Little as 90 Days!


"Step-By-Step System Builds Your Messaging, Branding, Website & Content..."


Leverage Hollywood Storytelling To Build a Complete Brand That Increases Revenue



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Get Paid To Do What You Love...

Inside the Planner you’ll get access to our Founder, Mike L. Murphy (ex-Hollywood filmmaker). He’ll help you launch a brand that lets you make a difference doing what you love.

The Planner is designed for small business owners, course creators, coaches and influencers who want to clarify their message and share it.

It works if you're starting out or an established business ready to take your branding to the next level.

  • Fast-track your messaging in a 1 day online workshop, then use the Planner to build your brand step-by-step!
  • Blueprints & Instruction Manuals make building key assets easy!
  • Get world-class Support with your own 1-1 Accountability Coach!
  • Upgrade to Builder Level so you can avoid tech, copywriting and graphics!
  • Finally feel confident that you have what it takes to make an impact!

The Reason You're Not Yet Getting Clients...

In order to get clients, you need 2 important things...

1) A Compelling Story
2) A Compelling Character

The reason Hollywood is a billion dollar industry is all thanks to stories centered around compelling characters. Stories capture the hearts and minds of their audience.

A great brand does the same thing.

If you can't communicate what you do, who you do it for and why your audience should pay attention to you...

And if you don't position yourself as a compelling character who can help your audience overcome obstacles, then they simply won't pay attention.

The Visionary Planner® helps you clarify your message.

It features Hollywood storytelling techniques from a person who has sold major story concepts to studios, It will help you develop yourself into a compelling character based off the same principles our founder used to bring iconic characters like Ironman, Mickey Mouse, Gollum and Shrek to life.

Your audience is waiting for you. Ready to step on stage?


Stop Figuring It Out On Your Own...

Create your brand, clarify your message, design a lead acquisition strategy that works, and get coaching to make sure you build it all the right way.

Your Membership Includes:

1-1 Accelerator Session

This 1-1 coaching session with our founder Mike will let him 'whiteboard' out your brand. Then you'll have a direction to head in as you move forward into the Blockbuster Brand Workshop. ($999 value)

Blockbuster Brand Workshop

In 1 day you'll get clear on your competition, message, audience, and story. Then you can use our step-by-step System, Blueprints and Instruction Manuals to build and launch your 'blockbuster' brand! ($999 value)

Brand Building System

This system will help you stay focused on building your brand the right way.  It contains projects. Each project builds upon the next so you can build your brand as rapidly as possible without getting sidetracked. ($6,999 value)

Accountability Coach

Your personal Coach will guide you through your 1st 60 days so you can be clear and motivated to build your brand. You'll get M-Th Chat access so you're never building your brand alone! ($999 value)

Project Blueprints

Blueprints help you plan every project you'll need Projects include website, social channels, content, lead acquisition funnel and emails. ...EVERYTHING! ($1999 value)

Instruction Manuals

Build projects out using over-the-shoulder instruction videos. We'll guide you to build it all inside the industry's top tech platform, which has a low monthly fee, and that you have ownership over. You can also upgrade to have us build it all out for you. ($1999 value)


What Will You Create?

In order to attract an audience and convert them to clients, you need to build the right foundation for your brand . The Visionary Planner® lets you focus on creating your foundation one project at a time.

Each project includes:

  1. Blueprint to plan your project out
  2. Instruction Manuals to build it out

Instead of piecing together a strategy from other marketing experts (which rarely ever connect), we’ve strategically strung them all together so you can just follow along, feel creative and enjoy the journey.


Projects You'll Complete:

 Vision - Get clear on your business plan and metrics to hit.

 ​Audience - Get clear on who you serve, and what transformation they wish for!

 ​​Message - Create a simple message that gets your audience excited!

 ​Branding - Create a gorgeous brand that you're proud to share.

 ​Website - Build a site that creates trust, grows your list and converts visitors!

 Teaching ​Process - Define how you help your clients, then create a foundation for your content, offers and upsells.

 ​Marketing Plan - Strategize how you'll attract an  audience without busy work.

 ​Content - Develop evergreen content that saves you time (and makes you $).

 ​Offer - Launch an offer that is exactly what your audience is wanting.

 ​​Funnels - Effortlessly build funnels that attract your dream client and cashflow.

 ​Social Media - Plan out your social channels so they funnel leads into your brand.

 ​Sales Process - Never again drop the ball when leads want to work with you!

 ​Lead Gen Strategy - Content marketing, email outreach, podcasts or ads...here you will pick which works best.

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Get Clients & Make An Impact...

Businesses need clients, but without a strong message you can’t make a difference and grow your brand.

  • Follow along in step-by-step system to get paid to do what you love
  • Get feedback and project management with a dedicated coach
  • Build key projects out with detailed over-the-shoulder instructions
  • Avoid tech by building your brand inside an all-in-one solution
  • Save time by following our proven strategies and processes
  • Be ready to launch and grow your revenue as fast as possible!
  • Create a brand foundation that lets you make a difference
  • Leverage plug n’ play automations so you never drop the ball

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