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 "Step-by-Step System Creates Your Online Brand: Quick, Easy, and Proven!"


Dreaming of creating your online brand and sharing your expertise? But feel overwhelmed with where to start?


The Visionary Planner is your game-changer.


Start with $299/month, and within 90 days, you can quickly launch your own brand. And you can do it all in less than 4 hours a week.

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What's the Visionary Planner?

It's your step-by-step roadmap to creating a personal brand and a signature offer. 

We're not talking just theories; we're talking a solid plan that helps you decide your niche, clarify your message, figure out what makes you unique, and launch a cashflow offer—your unique product that you're known for and gets you paid!

✔ Scale Your Brand, Just $299/Month!

How Does It Work?

Our simple 4-step system guides you from your vision to your brand's foundation, utilizing Hollywood storytelling techniques to help you stand out and command attention! And don't worry about tech—we provide over-the-shoulder tech videos and handy templates to guide you every step of the way.

STEP 1: Plan Your Goals

We start with what matters to you. We then clearly define your business and lifestyle goals. This step gets you focused on growing your business!

STEP 2: Identify Your Audience

Next, we identify your audience and their challenges. Our Hollywood storytelling technique helps craft narratives that captivate and resonate.

STEP 3: Develop Your Product & Offer

In the vast online space, we guide you to stand out. We assist in creating an exceptional product and offer that mirrors your expertise.

STEP 4: Build Your Brand

Finally, we establish your brand's foundation. We introduce all essential elements to build a resilient brand with clarity and simplicity.

Our Templates, Checklists and Over-the-Shoulder training build your brand assets:

Remember, our goal is to make your brand-building journey as straightforward as possible. Every step of the way, we're here to guide and support you.

✔ Scale Your Brand, Just $299/Month!


The Visionary Planner doesn't just stop at planning - we arm you with potent tools to turbocharge your success.

And here's the best part - these high-value bonuses are included in your plan AT NO EXTRA COST!

Sales Mastery Training (Value $2,000)

Transform into a deal-closing pro. We provide top-tier sales skills, enabling you to confidently sell high-ticket offers.

Marketing Mastery Training (Value $2,000)

Master lead attraction. Learn to create compelling content, grow marketing lists, and convert leads into buyers.

Launch Strategies (Value $1,500)

Make a market splash. Build an audience, pre-launch your offer, and ensure your product matches market demand.

Adding these all up, you're getting a whopping $5,500 worth of exclusive bonuses to supercharge your business journey. And it's all yours for the taking as soon as you sign up with The Visionary Planner!

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✔ Scale Your Brand, Just $299/Month!

Success Stories:

branding system

Andrew 3x'ed his profits in year 1 in his brick and mortar (plus his online offer)

Greg and Kelly launched their signature offer and have seen 50% annual growth

branding agency

Gina made $16,000 with just 3 clients.  She launched with zero ads, and no list.

branding company

Clay got $60k within 90 days and soon was able to quit his corporate gig.

✔ Scale Your Brand, Just $299/Month!

Why Choose Us?

We offer a complete solution, all linked together step-by-step.

We provide the entire puzzle, not just pieces of it. This clarity keeps you focused, moving forward, and free from overwhelm.

Plus, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee on your first month*.

✔ Scale Your Brand, Just $299/Month!
*Applies to Monthly Mentoring Only, not our done-with-you programs.

Meet Your Guide:

Mike L. Murphy has spent over a decade studying successful entrepreneurs.

Leveraging his 15+ years of Hollywood experience and knowledge from building over 100 brands, Mike developed this system. And now, he's ready to help you do what you love while getting paid for it.

If you need a complete, done-for-you Webinar build out (where Mike writes and directs your presentation), click here.

✔ Scale Your Brand, Just $299/Month!

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✔ Scale Your Brand, Just $299/Month!

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