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Frustrated and Disappointed With The Growth Of Your Knowledge Based Business?

“Step-by-Step System FINALLY Gives You Direction To Get Online, Builds Your Signature Offer & Expands Your Brand FAST...”

All Without Feeling Anxious If Your Offer Is Viable, Being an Established Brand or Wasting Your Time Building Your Business by Yourself.

Did You Get Your FREE 10 Step Blueprint?

Step-by-Step Strategy To Expand Your Successful Online Expert Business THIS YEAR!

  • The COMPLETE 10 Step Strategy we used to create 2 seven figure coaching brands in 2 different niches.
  • The #1 mistake to avoid so you never fall into the ‘one step forward, two steps back’ cycle.
  • FINALLY feel confident knowing you have a solid roadmap to build a brand that impacts lives, and rewards you with lifestyle.

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How Can The Visionary Planner® Help You?

It’s a complete step-by-step ‘Business in a Box’ and 'Operations Manual' to start, launch and scale your online 'Expert' business. 

We offer 'self study' courses all the way up to exclusive VIP 'done-for-you' services

So no matter where you're at, we've got a solution that is sure to help you get your expertise online this year.

Imagine having:

  • Step-by-step Systems so you always have a clear strategy to follow.

  • Realistic Timetables for how long each step takes and costs.

  • Operational Systems that logically link together so you're never lost or confused.

We've spent years studying what works and connecting it together so you don't have to!


Who Is This For?

"The way this is organized to flow is miles ahead of any other! Thank you!"

Alex McMillan

"This is truly amazing - the more I dig into it the more I appreciate what you’ve created."

Baji Grace

"I loved this training...so well organized and taking my business to the next level."

Reena Vokoun

"The lessons alone have exceeded what I expected."

Bryant Edwards

"It's pretty sweet to see my brand slowly coming to life!"

Kelly Scott

"What a journey it has been and I am so glad I went on it"

Heike Yates

"...pushing me to learn and create more than anyone else has ever done!"

Jenny Grass D’Agostino

"We appreciate the program and team's commitment to our success. "

Greg Justice

Your 3 Steps To Success:

What makes us different? We're not an 'info product', we're a complete A-to-Z coaching program. Here's your 3 steps to online success:


Commit to building your Vision, designing your lifestyle and creating a business plan.   Say goodbye to ‘random’ and 'hello' to strategy!


Our coaches walk you through every necessary step it takes to build a sustainable ‘expert’ brand online, in just a few hours each week!


We personally coach you to stay focused and hit deadlines.  Full coaching, community and support help keep your momentum!



"It would have probably
taken me five times as long, like five more years, in
discovering and trying to brainstorm..."

- Liz Lira


"I have a sounding board of people that I can bounce ideas off of, to really come up with the best one."

- Brian Baker


"It is so well thought out...you're going to have a brand built out that not only changes lives, but actually helps you monetize things and get your message out into the world."

-Baji Grace

"Now that I'm in the program, I understand my audience and I can speak their language and build a program for them that actually sells."

- Sara Lewis


"I can't imagine how long
it would've taken me or if I even would've gotten to this point on my own."

- Jason Collins



Click the button to check out our All-Access Pass 'self-study' program. We've helped thousands of Visionaries...will you be next?

Ready To Finally Have A Proven Plan?

In 10 Steps, The Visionary Planner System will help you:

  • Attract the right Audience to buy your Signature Program.
  • Create the content, videos, emails that position your authority/influence/method.
  • Brand your system, offer and visual branding.
  • Package your offer so you can deliver consistent and repeatable results.
  • Create a hybrid offline/online coaching model so you’re coaching less than 20hr/month.
  • Have a 6 and 7 figure income with less than 2,500 people on you list and 200 buyers. 
  • Get marketing and sales systems in place for consistent list growth and sales.
  • Leverage your Signature System into 3 more offers, including a ‘netflix/lease” subscription, DIY online course, and gateway offer. 
  • Build your lifestyle to a “happyplace entrepreneur”!

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Who Created The Visionary Planner®?


Sample The Visionary Planner Out Now!


Mike L. Murphy, Co-Creator

You may have seen Mike’s work in Lord of the Rings, Fast & Furious, Ironman and Harry Potter.  He’s built several 6-figure online businesses* and wants you to do the same.  Now plug into his templates and systems to get online fast...

Vito La Fata, Co-Creator

Vito La Fata is one of the fitness industries top thought leaders, has built two 7 figure coaching businesses and is a certified high performance coach.  He’s created his dream life (even planted his own vineyard) and wants you to do the same. Tap into his experience and get coached for success today...

Questions? Speak To Us Today...

Instead of you spending years, and tens of thousands to figure out how to get started automating your expertise online, we've done all the strategizing for you! 

Book a call now to speak to one of our coaches. 

We'll recommend which of our courses and coaching packages is the best fit (and if not, we'll recommend who can help).

On the call we'll answer these questions...

  • "Do I have a viable offer to go online?"

  • "I don’t know which of my ideas will be successful online."

  • "Am I enough of an expert?"

  • "Will I be able to make sales?"

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We make no financial guarantees because every business is different.  However we do guarantee that you'll get 'what's working now' best practices that tell you exactly what to do every step of the way without having to enroll in any more 'guru' courses, attend seminars or pay for expensive masterminds.

If you want to see any results in building your brand and business, then you must be willing to work hard. No one, including our trainings and advice, are going to do it for you. As United States law requires, we can not and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our teachings, strategies, templates, softwares, worksheets, services or any other advice or materials. Our job is to give you great content, coaching and services. Any financial results or projections discussed by our company are not a guarantee that you will see similar results. They should not be considered exact, actual or as a promise of potential earnings. All numbers should be consider as teaching examples in order to inspire you as to possibilities when building your brand. If you'd like full details on all of our terms you can click the links below:



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