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"I love it.

I think if you are ready to train, if you're ready to teach, if you're ready to get of the service industry and start making money online by getting into your product and your brand and your vision out into the world in that form this is the place to go. 

It was invaluable."

- Maggie K.


“It’s what I was looking for all those years in masterminds”


Sheryl had been a regular member of expensive masterminds. While she made great connections, she never got the step-by-step instruction she needed.

“A misconception of masterminds is that they're going to teach you how to do things.  You're pretty much on your own to figure it out in your business, so it left me a little bit lost, and it slowed down the process.”

“Things have changed because VP helped me create my own process and translate it into an online business. Just telling people I have a system to take them through makes me so much more credible.

I truly feel like everyone in VP cares about what I'm doing and it feels good to know I don’t have to figure it all out on my own.


The bottom line:

“If you're willing to put in the work, then I would 100% recommend VP. It's what I was looking for all those years in masterminds.”

"Now that I'm in the program, I understand my audience and
I can speak their language and build a program for them that actually sells."

- Sara L.


“VP made me happier, healthier, and wealthier”


Clay was the head copywriter for a 5 billion-dollar corporation. He was working around the clock, and coming home every day stressed and upset. He had tried his hand at freelancing, but couldn’t figure out how to turn projects into a stable business.

He wanted freedom and scalability, and to be able to spend more quality time with his wife and cat (and child on the way):

“I didn't have any strategy and I really didn't know what I was worth. I was stabbing in the dark without a long-term plan I could count on.”

“I exceeded my corporate salary in six months. And that includes benefits and bonuses. What's more important is I’m making a much bigger impact than I could ever have hiding in the shadows of giants. 

When I look at the impact, the freedom, and the happiness, VP pays for itself a million times over. It's made me happier, healthier, and wealthier.


The bottom line:

“I’d recommend VP to anybody who has ambition, who will do the work, and who wants something bigger and better in their lives. VP is the solution if you're willing to stop complaining and start executing.”

"Visionary Planner is a great investment to grow your online brand because you need a mentor and people around you to make sure that you get to that next level."

-Ivan B.


“I’ve seen [at least] 25 times our return on investment”


Glenda Bennett wanted to spend more quality time with her daughter, instead of feeling like she had to invest every spare moment working in her business.  

She didn’t want to be limited by geography ... crippled by commercial rent … and stuck navigating complicated business procedures. Before VP, she’d tried to get online on her own. She wasn’t happy with the results.

“It was super frustrating. There was a lot of piecemealing and the tech was complicated. I just didn't have the bandwidth, so I kind of gave up on [building an online business].

Then she went through The Visionary Planner®…

“If I hadn't done VP, I could never be doing what I'm doing now. I'm leading a team … building out a community … and building out a brand. Every week, I'm like, thanks VP.”


The bottom line:

Glenda’s also seen a massive return on her investment:

“I’ve seen [at least] 25 times our return on investment. More than that. Probably 30 to 40… We measure it in numbers. We measure it in client connection and satisfaction. We measure it in the extra bandwidth I’m afforded. My time, my money, my relationships, [it’s] huge. 
There's just so much flexibility and no headaches from overhead anymore.

"...the entire system of how it's laid out is freaking brilliant."

-Nicole S.



If you're stuck and struggling as you build your online coaching, course or consulting brand, then we're here to help!

Since 2016 we've mentored thousands of experts, and built hundreds of brands.

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“I had more energy to do this because I had the VP coaches with me”


Erin was entrenched in face-to-face work and trying random, inconsistent things to get her coaching online. She wanted to reach new people, generate new connections, and build her business online. Scrambling to figure it out on her own, she was feeling burned out.

“It felt amazing to have a team instead of being solo. All of a sudden, I had more energy to do this because I knew I had the VP coaches with me.

The biggest aha moment for me was that I knew I couldn't do it alone.

Accountability and support were huge. It was hard always being in my own head before. Suddenly, there was someone on the receiving end to give me feedback and help me. 

I've had my first beta group of six women move through a three-month online program and then transition into a monthly mastermind. I'm into my second group of six women doing the three-month program. It’s so exciting to know this can work and to make it happen.”


The bottom line:

“If you want to build an online business, this is the program you need. Especially if you're wanting to build something that contributes to people's lives in a positive way. It’s a beautiful program I highly recommend.”

"...I lacked a support system and likeminded individuals to work with. My life has changed now that I've been in this program."

-Deanne G.


“I became a better person because of VP”


Adrienne maxed herself out working 1-on-1 with clients. She wanted to get online, but the technology was a huge roadblock for her.

“I was impatient with my kids. I felt like I was being pulled in 3000 directions. And as a ‘type A’, I was like, ‘I can do this. I can be pulled in all these directions’. But the reality is nobody can do that and be healthy. I was getting sick a lot. I look back now and I think it was just the stress of everything I was trying to do.

I realized that this was an opportunity to reach more people and still do the coaching that I love to do.”

“VP makes it easy to understand what you need to do and how to do it.

2020 was the year of the pandemic, but it's been one of the greatest years of my life because I have gained so much in a short time. I'm proud of myself… I became a better person because of VP.”


The bottom line:

“I have learned so much. It's worth the money to me because of the education that I've gotten. Be ahead of the game and get in now so you don’t regret [missing out] five years from now.”

"...I feel like from where I was six months ago till today is like a night and day transformation."

-Ronda W.


 “I sold about $900 worth of product and that was all new stuff for me.  That has not happened with that many people coming to the class and then spending that much money…this is working because of all the things that I have learned.”

-Jamie R.

“My possibilities are endless”


Kiki had been working in fitness since 2013. It wasn't until she saw what The Visionary Planner could offer that she decided to go all-in to launch an online version of her in-person coaching business. Her goal was to make more money in less time. 

“I was pretty much a slave to my company [before VP].”

But the thought of going online was ‘scary and uncomfortable.’ She actually started coaching people online without any underlying structure or strategy.


“I'm really excited as to where I am now. And I feel like it's just the starting point, and my possibilities are endless.”

It's been great to be able to be at home. I have more time to work towards my business goals versus driving around to work with clients. I can’t really put a price tag on [what I’ve learned].”


The bottom line:

“I have already recommended VP to others. It’s first on my list for entrepreneurs wanting to build a brand online.”



“If you’re thinking about doing the Visionary Planner then you’ve already gotten to this point where you’re like, ‘I have something to offer and I need that voice to get out there.  This is probably the fastest way to do it.”

-Nate Brugnara



If you're stuck and struggling as you build your online coaching, course or consulting brand, then we're here to help!

Since 2016 we've mentored thousands of experts, and built hundreds of brands.

Click the button below to speak to us today.


“One client said I literally saved her life”


Lara wanted the freedom lifestyle and the ability to work from anywhere in the world: “I wanted to travel and have my life but earn the living that I wanted to live and serve the clients that I wanted to serve. That’s made me want to get online.”

She was hesitant because she didn't think she could create the same connection with her clients online that she could offline.


“The fact that I managed to build a program from nothing, and actually have it come out...I've got everything there. The connections that I'm getting with the clients, and the interviews after [are amazing]. 

The other day, I reached out to quite a few of my clients and I was overwhelmed, to be honest with you, because I didn't realize that I had impacted their lives in the way that I did. One client said I literally saved her life. 

You can't put a price on those things, working with those people, seeing the transformation, seeing the changes, seeing what they want in their life.  So yeah, I've been very blessed, and honored to be able to serve the people that I've served in the way that I've done.”


The bottom line:

You have everything in VP; it's like a secret vault.  I don't think any other program really gives as much because you cover absolutely everything.”


"...wherever you want to go with your business,... this is your step by step guide, with accountability and the community aspect."

-Ashley Y.

"Just having these lessons that we know we need to complete by a certain time in order to stay on track has been really helpful..."

-Jessica B.


“life is a lot better”


Andrew Simpson was running circles in his mind trying to figure out how to start selling online. He dreamed of reaching new people, serving a larger audience and earning more money, but he didn’t know how to turn his dreams into reality.

He leveraged our 8-step system to package his expertise into his very own Extraordinary Process and online business. Now he’s flying like an arrow toward his dreams...  

My extraordinary process let me scale my business instead of just being the operator. Now my staff is able to use that same process to get predictable results for all [of our] clients.

We've actually taken the same process and plugged it into our brick-and-mortar business. So it's not just online...we teach it to our entire team. Now that we've got [our online business] built, life is a lot better. 


The bottom line:

Andrew’s a well-respected authority in his niche, has impacted thousands of lives, and has a team to help him grow and scale offline and online. Better yet, he’s a Visionary who had the ambition to turn his vision into reality by working with us.

"The whole system gave me a step by step process... I'm not overwhelmed because I have a group of other Visionaries...like a big family helping each other."

-Timothy C.


“VP was such a big win”


Kelly wanted to make a larger impact than she could just coaching clients in-person. She knew she needed to get online, but didn’t she didn’t know where to begin—and she didn’t have the time to get started. She felt hopeless, frustrated and uncertain.

Then she jumped into VP...

“Now I’m a Visionary and I have the power to help [more] people. It's crazy how much more confident I’ve become. All of the fear and doubt of doing this was all worth it. [VP] was such a big win.”

The bottom line:

Kelly’s no longer feeling hopelessly stuck in the ‘one step forward, two steps back’ cycle. She finally has the time to stop and breathe, and feels fulfilled knowing she’s doing what she’s meant to do.

"...It's going to get you to that ultimate goal where you're out online serving people..."

-Kim G.


“What’s surprised me about working with VP so far….the support.  Email support.  Zoom call this past week with Barbara was awesome.  Knowing I’ll have access to the team throughout the whole journey is exciting.

I’m really excited about taking it to the next level.”

-Jason C.

“Since I’ve been in the program I’ve gotten a lot more confident communicating my vision, but also going through the steps helped me get clear on what I wanted to do…”

-Chris B.


“Before I enrolled in VP, I was using hope as a strategy in my business.  I didn’t have any systems, tangible programs to take into the market, i didn’t have a way to scale.  I really had a few ideas I was hoping would turn into something.  I didn’t have a proven method and system.

I have coaches that are leading me through the process, challenging my ideas and making them better.  I just have so much support, direction and excitement towards what I’m doing.”

-Natalie P.

“I wanted to get into the online space but I didn’t have a clear plan or blueprint as to how to do it.  

This has provided me with a scalable framework for my online business.”

-Brian B.