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If you’re committed to building an online business that frees your time, makes an impact and that you enjoy operating, then The Visionary Planner® is for you.

Since 2016, our step-by-step system has gotten thousands of small business owners the clarity and confidence on the right way to build their online brands without distractions, time sucks or feeling overwhelmed.

While our competition is happy to sell people on marketing tactics that change effectiveness over time, we take a wildly different approach…

We’re here to give you the steps to build a complete business…from concept, messaging, branding, sales, fulfillment and content creation.  It’s everything you need, in the right order so all your hard work pays off.  

Plus, hundreds of others have built their business off this system which allows us to keep it updated so you’re never worried about having a business that is no longer effective.

If you’re ready to unpack your expertise and create a brand that lets you get paid to do what you love - without having to figure out what to focus on - then take a minute or two to check out what others are saying…

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“It’s virtually impossible to do this without VP”


Jonathan and Rex’s gym shut down during the pandemic. They knew they needed to get online, but they feared they’d become nothing more than a commodity or copycats.



In just 6 months, they extracted their expertise into an online system that gets their clients repeatable results and produces the same life-changing transformations they were previously known for offline:

“The biggest aha moment for me was when we were able to hone in on our Extraordinary Process, our messaging, and our marketing. 

Just 2 months in, we recouped our investment into VP and made some profit on our first offer. Since then we've made it 5 times over.

If you're trying to build a brand, then VP is the most logical approach because it breaks everything down that you need to know; how to do the sales, how to do the branding, how to do the ads—it introduced us to everything. 

It’s virtually impossible to do it on your own without a system and coaching. VP got us in the game. It got cash flowing. It covered our first offer. We were making money, instead of wondering what to do.”


The bottom line:

“Not only does VP show you what to do, it gives you that reassurance to go faster on your own. Maybe you could figure it out, but it's going to be a much slower process than if you get the strategy, reassurance, community, and everything else VP offers.”


"It is so well thought out...you're going to have a brand built out that not only changes lives, but actually helps you monetize things and get your message out into the world."

-Baji G.

“It gave me the life that I want to live”


Femi recognized, thanks to the pandemic, that we’re in a ‘new world.’ He knew he had to get his business online, but didn’t know how to get started. Despite snatching up several cheap courses before VP, he couldn’t find anything that got the results he wanted.


“VP has saved me so much time. That alone is priceless. 

Every month, I’ve been doubling my income. I have big goals for 2021 that were non-existent in 2020. This is giving me the life that I want to live. I'm so blessed right now.”


The bottom line:

“A lot of entrepreneurs are fumbling around wondering what to create and what platform to use. The more time you spend on the fence, the more opportunities you miss and the more pain you feel in the long run.”


“For years I’ve been concerned about what would happen if I quit coaching.  I realized I was trading dollars for hours and that my income would be greatly reduced or stopped.

What I recognized with [the VP] system is that they pay great attention to the details, the service.  When I have questions they answer those questions.  They know their stuff.”

-Doug S.

“I can’t think of a better group to join”


Euncia found getting online to be chaotic. She left her corporate job and was stuck working with clients one-on-one. She wanted to free her time and scale her services.


My online coaching program is actually producing sales. I got clients, not only for my [Cashflow Offer], but for my financial services business as well. I've definitely got my money out of it. 

The perfectionist in me said, ‘I can't do this, and I can't do that’. Right now I can relinquish some of the daily chasing of clients. I've grown as a result of that. My ROI could have been through the roof if I had just implemented the program earlier.

VP has saved me hours and hours and hours of pain and suffering trying to figure this out alone.”  


The bottom line:

“I've referred a few folks to VP already. I can’t think of a better group to join. Having created my own coaching program enables me to be much more effective, efficient, and add even more value to my clients.”


"I have never seen a system built out so much like this that it is so detailed and so personalized..."

-Kat S.


If you're stuck and struggling as you build your online coaching, course or consulting brand, then we're here to help!

Since 2016 we've mentored thousands of experts, and built hundreds of brands.

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“We’re working with clients we could only dream of getting access to before”


Back in 2016, Kim earned a coaching certification. She wanted to make a bigger impact and reach a bigger market, but she was frustrated ‘throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks’.

She didn’t know if she was in the right niche, nor what her message was. Even worse, she was disappointed that her hard work never paid off when she tried to do her own online launches.


"We just launched a new consulting firm. We're working with big clients that I could only dream of getting access to before.

I'm doing more speaking and I no longer question my message. I remember spending hours on a post before. Now I have way more confidence in my message, in myself, and how I can help people get results.


The bottom line:

“VP is like taking a seed of an idea and engineering it into something special. It’s really about, ‘do this first, then do this, then do this, then do this.’ Plus, you get coaching and support from great people along the way. If you're on the fence, there's something that's stirring in you that wants this.”


 “Something wasn’t letting us get to the 8 figure mark.  It was just stagnant growth.  We knew there was something more.

Just the different way of thinking, and knowing how to put it together is going to make that shift we’ve been waiting for for years.”

-Cody H.

“It gave our business a step-by-step makeover”


Lara and Yani felt like they were in a rut. They’d been operating their yoga studio for more than 11 years, but they were looking for a mentor to give them a fresh perspective.


“The Planner itself is a formula, it's very organized, it teaches you how to think, how to process everything. And the more and more you do that, the more and more you learn that mindset, and then the more and more natural it becomes to do it over and over again.

VP is a community that's going to really help you dial down into the heart of your business, and what your business is. It gave our business a step-by-step makeover. 


The bottom line:

“For anyone who's stuck, VP is a good place to get started. If you want to build a business, I don't think that you should try to do that alone. You should really surround yourself, not only with mentors, but with other people that are doing those same things. That's what is so valuable about VP.”


"Don't wait a minute. Put your money where your mind is... you will not regret it. It's such an amazing course."

-Heike Y.

“I made a little over $10,000 on that first launch”


Laura is a breast cancer recovery coach who wanted to reach a bigger audience, build an elegant online brand, and escape the overhead of her brick-and-mortar business. But trying to to get her business online was confusing and overwhelming.

“I felt like I had money going out in every direction...oftentimes that led me to stop pushing forward with my business because I wasn’t sure what I should do.”

She was listening to podcasts, going to conferences, and working with coaches who weren’t able to get her where she wanted to go.


“I got my business up and running. I got my website up and running. I got a course. I got a membership program. I could brand it... I could be marketable...and I wasn't constantly looking for ways to get people to understand what I do, or get people to understand why they should work with me. 

Within my first year, I more than tripled what I invested in The Visionary Planner.

Instead of my original plan to launch two times a year, I launched four times because people kept coming and asking for it. And people that finished wanted to keep working with me, so I added on a membership on the back end. 

I made a little over $10,000 on my first launch. One weekend, I was out with my husband and I said, ‘I finally feel it. I'm finally feeling that there's freedom in this business. It’s working.’”


The bottom line:

“I would tell anyone who asks and is interested in starting their own business, or struggling to get online, to get The Visionary Planner. You need a process. You need to rein in all those thoughts in the very beginning. You're all over the place. You need a step-by-step plan.


"I would tell anyone else trying to grow their own brand that the Visionary Planner has been essential to growing my business. "

-Chelsea M.

“I don’t even pitch me. I pitch my extraordinary process.”


Megan was sick of doing everything one-on-one and in-person with her clients. She was trying to juggle work and motherhood. Plus, she was sacrificing time with her 2.5-year-old son to drive an average of 1,000 miles a month (!!) to meet with clients.


Since having my website up and pushing my marketing, I'm getting contracts and starting to see that return on my investment. 

I've [learned I’ve] got to make my message about the method and the brand and not about Megan. Now I don't even pitch me... I pitch my [Extraordinary Process]. You don't get Megan, you get the process.”


The bottom line:

“My biggest advice is, ‘Don't try to do it yourself’. Don't try to put the cart before the horse like I did. VP is definitely the best place to create your online business.”


If you're stuck and struggling as you build your online coaching, course or consulting brand, then we're here to help!

Since 2016 we've mentored thousands of experts, and built hundreds of brands.

Click the button below to speak to us today.


“I made my first $5,000 pretty quickly”


Robin had a podcast she wanted to flip into an online business to help women over 40 complete obstacle races without setbacks or injury. She had taken some basic online courses, but nothing to the level that she learned in VP…

“I didn't know the first thing about what I was doing. I had an online presence, but I didn't know how to turn it into an actual online business.”

“Seeing what the other students were doing kicked me in the butt to keep going. I connected with a subgroup of people inside VP, and I was able to hear feedback directly from others that was really impactful for me.

It's great because you're with people who are thinking along those same lines, speaking the same language, and fully understand each other. I made my first $5,000 pretty quickly with my online course. That gave me confidence, but I'm not a giant yet :).”


The bottom line:

“If you're considering starting an online business, get VP. It helps unlock the door to the idea that you’ll build your business on.”

"..if I didn't put in this investment towards the Visionary Planner, it would have cost me what my ultimate goal was...financial freedom."

-Jared C.


“The system was flawless”


Greg and Kelli came from the fitness world but didn’t want to rely on face-to-face revenue forever. So they partnered up to start a book publishing business. 

They wanted to carve out a niche and operate their business remotely from different states. More importantly, they wanted to validate the idea that they had envisioned, build it into a brandm and present it to the world. They researched other options, but went with VP.

“We got an ROI almost immediately, because once we got it all set up, the system was flawless. 

We’ve been rolling out projects nonstop over the last 5 years and have seen 50%+ year-over-year increases every year. Last year, we published 21 books. And this year, we have 28 under contract.” 


The bottom line:

“If you're looking for freedom in business, and to be able to control your destiny, VP will help make your visions realities.”

"...Visionary Planner lays out step by step what to do in the most comprehensive manner that I've ever seen anywhere in this industry..."

-Paula M.


“10 stars on a 5-star scale”


Tamra is a self described ‘online junkie’. She wanted to shift her expertise online to generate passive income. But trying to figure out how left her feeling scattered, tired, and frustrated:

“I wasn’t getting the kind of traction that I wanted. My business before VP was messy, complicated, and disjointed.

The missing link for me was the structure and the step-by-step system to build something that works. I was jumping from one project to the next and not taking anything to fruition. It wasn't until VP that I actually started doing the work that's required to make something stick.”

“People are noticing my brand and it's becoming more authentic, touchable, reachable and understandable than it was before. I'm selling something that nobody even knows that they want. And yet when they get it, they're like I can't live without it.”


The bottom line:

“I am very sincere when I say VP gets 10 stars on a 5-star scale! If you take advantage of what VP offers, you'll be successful. There's no way you can fail.’

“I did some comparison before joining and everyone else seemed like they were just trying to show you one funnel and miraculously you’ll have all this business and money.

Visionary Planner is very up front. 

They say, ‘6 months to a year.  It’s gotta take time.’  If you build it the right way, and attack it following [the VP] system, the pay off at the other end will be there.”

-Brad K.


“We’re way ahead of the rest of the world”


For 13 years, the Colemans’ ran a brick-and-mortar fitness studio. But they wanted to branch out into a personal development brand and reach more people beyond their local market.

“Before VP, we felt we never had the time to [expand our brand online]. It was so great to have a path to follow, [instead of] trying to figure out a million different things all at once. 

We reached out to different places and businesses—nothing was as clear cut and direct as what VP offers.” 

“We're generating clients and cash. And we're beginning to scale. We've recouped our initial investment and it's about to really multiply. Because we got into VP, we’re way ahead of the rest of the world.


The bottom line:

Don't wait till tomorrow—dive in and make it happen! If you want to build an online business, start to finish, and operate it effectively on your own, jump into VP.”


If you're stuck and struggling as you build your online coaching, course or consulting brand, then we're here to help!

Since 2016 we've mentored thousands of experts, and built hundreds of brands.

Click the button below to speak to us today.