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"Step-by-Step Visionary Planner® System Creates Your Personal Brand & Digital Course!"

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If you're reading this, you're probably running a business or have the itch to start one up.

On this page, you can snag FREE trainings, resources, and templates to stop planning and start doing!

It's your time to grow your audience, create an engaged email list, develop online training courses, and share your message.

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What's the Visionary Planner®?

It's your step-by-step roadmap to creating a personal brand, story-based marketing and a signature offer (usually a course, coaching program, mastermind or retreat). 

We're not talking just theories; we're building your brand as fast and easy as possible. Your weeks away from deciding your niche, clarifying your message, figuring out what makes you unique, and launching a brand that makes your side-hustle your main thing!

This proven system gives you the confidence to generate consistent, scalable income.  Imagine finally making the lucrative leap from trading time for dollars to giving yourself the freedom to focus on doing what you love, and working with people who value you.

Are you ready to finally do what you're put on this amazing world to do? 

If so, read on!

Why The Visionary Planner®?

When you're starting up your business, trying to figure out how to grow your email list, create your digital training course and sell it, no one provides a complete solution, all linked together step-by-step.

That's what makes us different!

After a decade of trial and error, I've designed the entire puzzle, not just pieces of it. This clarity keeps you focused, moving forward, and free from overwhelm.  Sound good?

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What Is The 4 Step Process?

Visionary Planner 4 Steps
content creation course

STEP 1: Plan Your Goals

The #1 issue entrepreneurs face is a lack of clarity. This often results in building businesses that feel like traps. Instead, let's gain clarity on what truly ignites your passion, and then transform that into your business.

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STEP 2: Identify Your Audience

Another big issue for us entrepreneurs is that we often guess who our audience is instead of truly knowing them! Here, we delve into their hearts and minds, and then utilize Hollywood storytelling techniques to grow an amazing audience!

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STEP 3: Develop Your Offer

Once we are clear on what you want to get paid for and who you will serve, it's time to develop your signature process (your roadmap to achieving results for your audience) and then transform that into a cash-flowing, signature offer.

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product launch plan

STEP 4: Launch Your Brand

Lights, camera, action! It's time to premiere your Blockbuster Brand! Here, all of our hard work comes together. We activate your content machine, host your webinars, grow your email list, and start generating sales on autopilot.

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A Sneak Peek at The Planner:

As you complete each of the 4 steps, you will use the Visionary Planner® System to build your entire brand out!

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Who The Heck Am I?

Hi, my name is Mike L. Murphy! I've spent over a decade studying successful entrepreneurs (and doing pretty well for myself in the process).

Leveraging my 15+ years of Hollywood experience and knowledge from building hundreds of brands and marketing assets for clients (ranging from startups to 9 figure unicorns), I've developed this system. It's my way of helping you avoid all the blood, sweat and tears I had to endure.

I hope you find it an invaluable resource in your journey to world domination (or at least getting paid to do what you love.)

BTW, If you need a done-for-you Story Funnel, or personal brand build, click here.

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I'm Mike L. Murphy. After years of building other people's dreams in Hollywood, I launched my own online moviemaking training academy. This allowed me to quit my corporate job and start creating the life of my dreams. Check out my full story here.

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