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About The Visionary Planner


As Seth Godin says “you only need 1000 true fans”. If an Audience of 1000 pays you just $100 a year, you’d earn $100,000 to get paid to do what you love.

All of us at the Visionary Planner have made it our goal to simplify the process of establishing your Brand online. We know how complex all the tech can be, how overwhelming it is to build your website and how to streamline your time publishing on social media so you can manage it all!

The Visionary Planner took over three years to create (and it’s always evolving). If you’re a Visionary then we guarantee our trainings will give you total clarity on how to plan your Brand, build your Vision and earn a living doing what you love, on your own terms.

If that sounds exciting, then we have four amazing free trainings we know you’ll love. Each features a map and short video trainings so you can get a clear picture of your path to success. To decide which one you want (don’t worry, you can grab them all once you sign up for one) click the button below!

-Mike L. Murphy
Co-Founder of the Visionary Planner

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What is the Visionary Loop?

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Read All About The Visionary Loop
Just what is the Visionary Loop?

It’s a system that Visionaries use to bring their visions to life.

Who is a Visionary?

We define a Visionary as anyone whose ideas can educate and entertain others, and ultimately changes the world around them. A Visionary can be an Artist, Entertainer, Educator, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Coach, Musician, Chef…the list goes on!

Who is not a Visionary? A dreamer that has a lot of ideas but never takes action. In other words, a Visionary is someone who, despite all odds, does what it takes to see their Vision come to life.

Thanks to the internet, anyone with a Vision can share it while they educate & entertain the world!

The secret to making your Visions a reality and creating an Audience comes down to one secret ingredient… Storytelling. Afterall, a Visionary who can’t engage the emotions of their Audience is doomed to fail.

We wanted to understand what Visionaries like Walt Disney, George Lucas, J.K. Rowling, and the team at Pixar (Ed Catmull, John Lasseter and Steve Jobs) have in common.

That’s when we discovered the Visionary Loop.

The Visionary Loop consists of 4 phases:

Phase 1 - Visualize. This is where you get that bright idea that you can’t get out of your head. It burns at you. You know its great and that your Audience will love it. Here you define the Vision you want to bring to life.

Phase 2 - Research & Study. This is where you acquire necessary skills to produce your Vision and bring it to life. Most grand Visions requires the Visionary to learn skills they didn't have before. That means a lot of research and studying has to happen to figure exactly how to produce it.

Phase 3 - Produce. This is where you roll your sleeves up and start building your Vision. This phase long hours and massive amounts of passion (and coffee) to get you through. This is where you think ‘am I crazy? Will my Audience really want this’? Yet despite your doubts you forge ahead!

Phase 4 - Educate & Entertain. This is where you finally share your Vision with the world. It’s a movie premiere, a product launch or an art gallery opening. It's where you use the power of entertainment to educate your Audience and ultimately change their lives for the better.

What happens after Phase 4?
Most Visionaries dream a lot.

Each Vision builds onto the next one which creates a massive loop. A vision is launched, it provides an amazing experience for the Audience and because they are having so much fun, they can't wait until the Visionary is ready to launch their next Vision.

Each time your Vision is released it makes you money, and that money is then re-invested into creating your next Vision.

As Walt Disney said: “We don't make movies to make money, we make money to make more movies.”

Walt (a true Visionary) wasn’t in it for the money. He loved making his Visions a reality. But in order to make his Visions happen he needed money.

The Visionary Loop is what lets you start with a little bit of money, build your Vision, amass Guests that pay for that Vision and then are eagerly awaiting your next one. The money made on Vision #1 goes to fund your Vision #2 which leads to your Vision #3…

It’s an endless loop, and one that is only possible if you follow the four Phases in order.

How do you produce your Vision?

You need to have a Vision, then learn the skills to make it become a reality, then you must invest the time and resources to produce it. After that you need to use storytelling to spread the word about your Vision. When you have a hit, you need to reinvest the profits into producing your next Vision. The Loop continues and you get paid to do what you love.

Here’s to your Vision!