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The Unpopular Truth About Social Media

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F*ck your following…

Well kind of...

Why? Because followers don’t mean dollars.  

Yup — no B.S. here.

That’s just one of several social media myths we’re busting in this blog.  

If you’re serious about transforming your social media presence into the cash flow you need to grow and sustain your message, and provide lifestyle ambitions to your family this one’s for you.  

Keep scrolling to discover the unpopular truths about social media...


Unpopular Truth 1: Your Following Doesn’t Matter

I know plenty of influencers with massive followings who aren’t making a dime. Sure, things look good from the other end of the screen, but they are just wantrepreneurs with juiced numbers.

If you’re living (and dying) by your number of followers, your online business needs a reboot ASAP. 

And if you’re letting those digits determine when you should finally unveil your products and programs, you’re in for a rude awakening...

The volume of people following you doesn’t freakin’ matter. 

What matters is their level of interest in you. How they connect with you. And the realness you share with them. And are you creating things they would buy.

No buying from your audience = no business. 

200 engaged followers is far more valuable than 200K un-engaged followers. 

In fact, I’ve helped people just like you build 6- and 7-figure online businesses with less than 200 followers. How? By cultivating the right conversations and investing deeply in those 200 folks.  

Meanwhile, I’ve had plenty of so-called “influencers” with wildly large followings struggle to sell a darn thing because they don’t have the right relationships. 

There used to be this adage, “the money is in the list.”

It was wrong. The money is in the relationship with the list. 

If you take one thing out of this blog, it’s this: Stop worrying about numbers and start worrying about relationships. 

But as usual, I like to over-deliver. So let’s dive a little deeper...


Unpopular Truth 2: The Algorithm Can’t Hurt You

Stop dreading algorithm changes like the zombie apocalypse.. 

Heck, just hearing the a-word leaves some folks in a frenzy. They fell asleep with their posts rocking the boat, and woke up to nearly nil on board. 

Sure, sounds like a nightmare. But it’s one you can survive (and outsmart) when you turn your focus to what matters: those deep, meaningful relationships I mentioned above.  

Algorithms are never going to be stable, but the relationship you’ve curated with your loyal followers can be. The powers that be can’t impose on that.  

A super-engaged audience is one that’s in it for the long run. 

Your main goal on social media should be to connect and then get them off social media and onto your email list where you don’t need to worry about algorithms.

So, do what you can to develop relationships that will pay dividends outside of the social media ecosystem so you’re shielded from the impact of algorithm changes. 


Unpopular Truth 3: Posting Isn’t Enough

I’ve heard this tale over and over again…

Eager online entrepreneurs initially get into the game with tons of posts on deck alongside dreams of digits on the constant rise. 

Suddenly, they realize the only thing growing is their resentment towards their non-existent crowd.

All of those posts they’ve been putting out there aren’t doing a darn thing. 

While it may seem like continuous posting will turn up engagement, what really matters is how you show up after you post. If you’re not down to chat with your new friends, your posts are going to waste. 

Posting and ghosting is a massive turn off.  

And yes, when it comes to amping up the dialogue, you’ll need to pump some added effort into your strategy. 

Stop pumping out posts and start doing the following: 

  • Craft compelling captions to encourage interaction 
  • Respond to comments with more than just a “like” 
  • Run contests or giveaways (within posts and stories) 

 A plethora of posts will never be enough to build your online business.


Unpopular Truth 4: Hashtags Are A Cop-Out

In this day and age, you’re basically signing yourself off as spam when you flood your posts with a slew of hashtags. 

Too many hashtags screams desperation. 

Real engagement comes from real interaction, not a few words to tag along and get the job done for you.  

That said, you don’t have to nix this tactic completely. It’s still got character. You just have to give your hashtags some value and personality. 

You can have fun with it – even come up with unique tags as a nesting ground where only your posts live. 

The truth is you only need 3 to 5 relevant hashtags for each post. Sure, they’ll help you get discovered and they’ll prevent you from being a spammer. 

Be strategic with your tagging — and don’t overdo it. #TrustMe


Get Social Media Secrets From the Experts

From secret strategies to custom solutions, we can help transform your social media stress into social media success. 

Stop worrying about the wrong things and learning from the wrong people. 

In fact, DM me on Instagram and we’ll get you all set up for a free social media strategy call. 

We’ll talk about the current state of your online business — and your social media presence — and start crafting a plan to ensure your business is set up to support the lifestyle you want. 

See you on IG!


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