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Audience Is Everything: 3 Steps to Get Clear On Yours


Hello … is there anybody out there? 



Everytime I say that I think of Pink Floyd (totally dating myself).

But, crickets in your business are bad. 

That silence is a statement: If you’re shouting at everyone — hoping to catch someone — you’re heard by no one.

And now that everybody recognizes the future of business is virtual (shout out: coronavirus) the competition is ferocious.

If you can’t attract an audience, you can’t earn a dime online. 

99% of people in your shoes — a stat I’ve personally compiled coaching online entrepreneurs for more than a decade — are whitewashed in the virtual world because they prioritize blogs, branding, and things they don’t need yet, before they identify their ideal audience.

Massive mistake.

The first step to financial success in business is cutting through the noise and getting extreme clarity on who you serve.


3 Foundational Steps to Instantly Get Clear On Your Audience




Step 1: Who do you love (to serve)?

Offline, you’re stuck serving whoever comes through your doors. In the past, it’s been people who drive you nuts; high-maintenance customers, prospects who suck your time without spending a dime, and pushy people. Those individuals are no longer necessary evils when you get online. 

So let’s define the group you love serving — and attract more of them.


Start identifying your tribe by getting clear on these 3 things:

  • Your niche.
  • Your topic / expertise.
  • The transformation / outcome / result you deliver.


Step 2: What’s your specialized value?

General coaching is dead.

It’s either free (Google) or commoditized (the market has already set its value). 

You see, in the offline world of service-based professionals, coaches, trainers, and consultants that are weak in their marketing skills, most people trade dollars for hours.

If you simply try to replicate that online — where the market is global — you will go broke, as you take a beating from the large companies that can price low.

However, when you stop trading dollars for hours and start trading dollars for outcomes, you step into a high-value, high-price market that lets you create a healthy income without needing tens of thousands of buyers to live the lifestyle you want.

This is why you need to be a specialist. 

Let’s use our Visionary Planner business as an example: We don’t focus on being online business coaches. Plenty of other generalists claim such titles. And their bland messaging never sticks.

Our specialization is that we have a proven, step-by-step system to build entire online empires in less than a year (check out the deets here to snag some inspo).

See the difference?

With that as your guiding light, don’t market the modalities. Instead, figure out what makes you special; the unique value you deliver to the right audience so you can be distinct.

No distinction in the global online market; you stand no chance online (or offline anymore). 


Step 3: What’s your Now-to-Wow transformation?

Everyone is stuck somewhere. 

By working with you, what does your audience experience that they’ve never had before?

Identify their problems, take a 360-degree view of their life, and get crystal clear on the transformation you provide them.

Here’s the anatomy of the ultimate Now-to-Wow transformation:

  • What’s their big, urgent PAIN NOW?
  • What’s the big, desired GAIN NOW?
  • What’s your process to bridge them from the pain to the gain?
  • What is the outcome in their life once they follow your process?

Do you know what transformation you deliver? That people will pay top dollar for?

Saying things like better health and wellness are too vague and commoditized today. 

Saying you do marriage counseling is too vague. 

Saying you provide business coaching is too vague.

I hope you’re getting the point.

Not knowing how to market differentiation, specialization, and transformation is suppressing your income.

How do you change that?


The 4-Step Formula In Action

The visionaries we speak to — like you — know we offer a proven, 1-stop shop system to build an entire online business (saving them years of time trying to figure it out alone).

And they know they can finally create a business — and life — of more freedom and security by being online (rather than only making money working offline). 

But their big pain right now is they’re feeling vulnerable. COVID-19 wiped them clean, their business is eroding, and they’ve lost control of their income. 

We put an end to that financial pain and fear by helping them build a lucrative online business ASAP. 

And the process is a step-by-system we call the Visionary Planner System.

Ultimately, the outcome is they have a protected and diversified income stream they can count on — and control — for the rest of their lives, which means stability, safety, and security. 

See how that’s done? Yes, I practice (and prove) what I preach...  


Get In The Game

Warning — this is not a drill...

You’re in the danger zone. Stressed, panicked, and scared watching your offline business get buried alive.

We’ve been poking and prodding you to get in the online game since 2010. And with COVID-19 backing you into a corner, this is the final shove to get you going (it’s truly a non-negotiable now). 

Getting clear on your audience is just 1 part of our 3-step S.O.S Virtual Coaching Blueprint designed to help you get your online business up and running as fast as possible. 

Stop searching, contemplating, and over-thinking your next move. Hop in the workshop now to start constructing your evergreen, pandemic-proof revenue stream (and get your finances, family, and future covered).

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