How to Craft An Irresistible Offer In 3 Simple Steps

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Information is commoditized

That means all you have to do is simply Google something these days and you’ll have plenty of free information at your fingertips

So how do you stand out in a crowded marketplace?  

How do you put work into something that will actually get you known and help generate the income you deserve?

Well, after years of wasting our own time, energy, and money, we at the Visionary Planer have discovered how to get you started with the right offer.

It’s called your signature ‘cash-flow’ offer.  

And with the right Sales Strategy in place, it can help transform your business. 

Start With a ‘Cash-Flow’ Offer

Your signature cash-flow offer is the bread and butter of success.

But you’ve probably never heard the terminology before. 

Here’s the scoop: 

Your cash-flow offer is a bundled system of your signature coaching process (meaning unique to you) that delivers the transformation the right market is willing to pay $2k-$100k+ for. 

Why so much? 

Because you need your business to be cash-flow positive in order to do two critical things (before you bleed out or burn out): 

  1. Pay you well.
  2. Fund business growth.

No cash in the business and you simply won’t be able to continue to sustain the business over the long haul.  

Unlike some of the low-price offers out there, your signature offer allows you to solve bigger problems for your market, charge a price you can feel good about, and actually gives you the freedom of investing in your business growth thus freeing up your time.  

And the best part is, it takes the same amount of effort to create a low priced offer as it does to create a signature offer.  

So why not just channel your energy into creating a program that gets you know?

Now that you know the importance of a signature cash-flow offer, let’s show you how to create yours...

3 Steps to Make An Offer (Your Audience Can’t Refuse)

Step 1: Craft A Extraordinary Process™

One of the top struggles experts battle with is unpacking their unique knowledge. 

All of that wisdom, experience, and learning has to be put into a sequential order, much like a teaching curriculum (hence an “Extraordinary Process™”).

And it has to be packaged into a signature system you can become known for (something unique to you).

So you’re probably thinking, well how do I create a teaching curriculum for my clients?  

Well keep reading and we’ll show you how. . . 

The Extraordinary Process™.

Developing a curriculum (aka an Extraordinary Process™) is hands down one of the most time-consuming, challenging, and frustrating processes for new (and seasoned) online business owners.

But it’s also what gets you paid top dollar and known for something in the market — which is a prerequisite to build your business and your brand. 

And that’s why we at the Visionary Planner have dedicated experts (pedagogs) on staff to help our students audit, test, and prove their curriculum so they don’t get overwhelmed. 

It’s not easy, but it’s necessary. 

Here are a few of the essential elements of The Extraordinary Process™ to get you rolling: 

  • Show the big picture. Give them a look at the end results to ease their mind.
  • Develop steps. Digestible steps keep them engaged — and hungry for more.
  • Reveal the time period. They need to envision themselves completing the transformation you’re promising, so be transparent about how long it will take.  This also helps you keep them on track if they fall behind.

Step 2: Build A Freedom Coaching Model

You’re good at what you do, so you get clients and you fill your day with coaching.

Because of that, you run out of time in your day and schedule. So you literally hit the income ceiling of no more time. 

And coaching 8-12 hours a day is burning you out. 

You want more time for more life, more family, and more impact without being tied down to coaching hourly...

That’s why you need to get in on the Freedom Coaching Model. 

The Freedom Coaching Model is a coaching method where you deliver your curriculum through a hybrid online-offline model. Which means you can’t just flip what you’re doing offline online — unless you want to be stuck in the same trap you’re in now.  

We teach our students to develop a Freedom Coaching Model through the 3 C’s:

  • Course: Your course is your curriculum. And it’s housed in an online learning portal to do the teaching for you. It instantly frees up your time since the teaching is automated.
  • Coaching: This is where you give them direct access to you. And you control how much — or how little — they get of you. And since you’re coaching your signature system, you can leverage group coaching and free up dozens of hours a week! If you love 1-1 coaching, you can drop the time to 25-minute ‘milestone’ calls throughout your system, again freeing up dozens of hours a month. 
  • Community: Treat them to camaraderie and connection with like-minded people. You can’t be everything to everyone, but you can facilitate rewarding relationships.

Step 3: Do the Money Math

Once you’ve fleshed out your offer, you can talk pricing. 

Our philosophy is simple: quality over quantity

You can’t deposit likes or followers into your bank account. 

In order to keep your business running, you have to show up authentically for your audience and solve real problems for them. 

In doing so, you’ll attract the right people and your offer will have the biggest impact. 

Once you’ve crafted your offer, it’s time for your audience to commit. 

We encourage our students to start with a $2K package. We also give them a goal of closing 5 sales and the roadmap to make it happen... 

...that’s a 5-figure paycheck on the first go-round.  

As your offer gets proven in the market, you can scale your marketing to serve more people which will in turn earn you more money. 

Eventually, you can leverage our offer multiplier system to effortlessly transform your original offer into 4 additional revenue streams, all without having to build new products.

That’s how your income can stack and how you can build true wealth 

But before you’re banking the big bucks, let’s recap how to bulletproof your offer:

  1. Nail Your Extraordinary Process™
  2. Create A Freedom Coaching Model
  3. Crunch the Numbers

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