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Our 7-Figure Sales Strategy Revealed [For You to Steal]

automation funnels marketing message method money mindset position sales strategy selling Mar 24, 2021


To quote A Tribe Called Quest… 

“Scared money don't make money.”

Point being: Until you crush your fear of selling, you won’t earn a damn thing. 

So before thumbing any further, say enough is enough. And stop (drop and destroy) the weird money mindset — once and for all. 

You can mingle in the online game and make a few bucks here and there...

… or you can build an evergreen, online empire that you and your family can count on for the rest of your lives by getting serious about sales. 



Our 7-Figure Sales Strategy




A successful sales strategy is consistent, repeatable, and scalable.

And we’re pulling back the curtain on ours, so you can see exactly how it’s done. 


Here are the 3 key components of the sales strategy we’ve used to build our 7-figure online businesses from scratch (like zero-dollars-coming-in scratch).

  • Distinction marketing
  • Automation
  • Funnels


Distinction marketing … WTF?

It’s a lethal marketing strategy that ensures you stand out in today’s deafening marketplace by seizing the attention of your audience. 


The formula we use is: Message + Position + Method

  • Message: What your audience needs to hear right now.
  • Position: What your audience needs to understand right now
  • Method: The process for taking action right now.


If you get those 3 things dialed in (drop me a line and I’ll lend a hand if needed), you will be distinct. And don’t be fooled; that 8-letter word is a big friggin’ deal in the uber competitive landscape of today’s virtual world.

From there, we get deeper into the sales process by crafting funnels and automating as much as possible (because how else are you going to scale?). 

Here are our 2 go-to funnels and the anatomy of each (and why we’re revealing these for free — I’ll never know. This blog could self-destruct at any time!):

  • Organic Funnel: Content -> Call -> Offer
  • List-Grow Funnel: Content -> Opt-In -> Call -> Offer


Those formulas look like hieroglyphics if you’re new to the game, but they’re breathtakingly simple once it clicks.

Killer content attracts your audience. And the process from there transforms leads into customers AKA gets you paid.

In the industry, we call this sequence of steps a funnel (I know, fancy-shmancy marketing terms strike again).

The truth is you can have a bullet-proof offer and remain the world’s best-kept secret...

...or you can apply the sales process above and turn that offer into an evergreen revenue stream.

Skip the wimpy sales approach and build the sales process behind your signature cash-flow offer to ensure you generate the income you deserve. 


Sending Out An S.O.S For Sales

Head spinning?

If you jumped into this blog too soon, that’ll happen. .

I get it, because I’ve been there (except my mistake cost me hundreds of thousands — story for another time). You just put the cart before the horse .... and that’s ok.

You’re here because you’re feeling the pressure. You’re stressed, panicked, and scared watching your offline business get buried alive.

The future is murky and you have a family to look out for.

Before you make the wrong move, I invite you to hop into our S.O.S Virtual Coaching Blueprint to master the first 3 steps of building a lucrative online business.

You can get the deets here. But know this: We’ll get you up and running the right way; no wasted time, money, or energy on the wrong stuff. And we’ll keep it simple and step-by-step so you don’t get overwhelmed. 

Click here to get in the game.

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