How to Keep Momentum During the Holidays

high performer holidays May 06, 2021

Let’s get real for a second - as an entrepreneur in the early years of business, you’re going to have to work a bit during the holidays

Here are the 3 things we at the Visionary Planner recommend you do to keep the needle moving during the holiday season.


What’s the one big thing that keeps everything else moving forward?

If you’re a visionary, you like focusing on your longer term vision of your business and life.

Pick something you know will move the needle AND that you’ll be excited about.

Think about the big assets that you get to work on that will create leverage and help you focus on the big picture for next year.  You’ll want to make sure your offer and sales strategy are both aligned as you move forward. 

Make sure you don’t overcommit to things that you don’t want to do. Be intentional, not just about what you’re working on in your business, but with what parties or family gatherings you are going to as well.

Don’t worry about social pressures on what you “should” be doing.

Make a “nice” and “naughty” list of the people in your life.  This will help you know who is most important for you to spend time with and who to avoid, so you can actually focus and get work done 


Take AT LEAST the entire afternoon to journal about your intentions for the upcoming year.

INTENTIONS are one of the most powerful things you can do in your business and your life.

When you have a clear vision and intention, you are better able to make decisions. You always know when it’s a good time to say yes or no.

Here’s a few visionary questions to get you going:

  • What do you need to build that can move the needle in your business?
  • What family trips and downtime do you want?
  • When skills, people, and resources should you invest in this year?
  • What events do you want to attend?

Look at your calendar and put in your travel dates & family time up front. If you don’t have that built in, you won’t regret it. And as a visionary, that time is crucial to recharge and inspire you to continue to push forward.


Your health is the one necessary tool that keeps you moving forward.  Don’t neglect it.

It allows you to have clarity. It allows you to have the energy. It allows focus. 

There are 0 ways to be a true high-performer, leader, or visionary without your health.

You need to be playing at your A game level to be a true visionary and high performer

Do not allow yourself to get off track around the holidays.

You need AT LEAST 20-30 minutes a day of elevating your heart rate.

And you should already be planning your top of year, once a year cleanse to reset your body all the way down to a cellular level, clean out the build up, and prep the body for a new year and the decades to come!

Once you follow these tips you should be able to get your vision and voice out there, make more sales, and have enough cash to buy every family member a great holiday treat (even crazy uncle Larry).

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