From In-Person To Online: How Two Fitness Owners Scaled to Success Online

review Jun 01, 2021

When the world shut down due to COVID-19, Jonathan and Rex, like most business owners, had to adapt fast. They knew getting online was the only safe (and scalable) path forward, but they didn’t know how to start an online business.

From Brick-And-Mortar Headaches to Online Business Breakthrough

LIke most brick-and-mortar business owners, Jonathan and Rex had tossed around the idea of expanding into an online fitness business. They’d run into the same brick wall that 99.9% of fitness business owners run into: They were slaves to the fitness floor.

Until they could build an online business, they were stuck doing everything in person and limiting their services only to the people in their zip code. 

So why hadn’t they taken the leap? Let’s take a look at the obstacles that were standing in their way of building an online fitness business.

Repeatable Results vs. Ruthless Competition

First and foremost, Jonathan and Rex were worried about the competition. There are more than 100,000 gyms across the U.S. And the big players in the industry were already established and dominating the online fitness business space. 

How could they compete with the likes of Beachbody, Peloton, and Daily Burn? 

While the competition was fierce, it wasn’t their only concern: They weren’t sure how they could replicate their in-person track record, online. Jonathan and Rex were already achieving amazing results at their brick-and-mortar facility, but scaling the same client experience into an online fitness business seemed impossible.

Legit concerns, don’t you agree? But in a strange way, that’s the point. These are the kind of concerns The Visionary Planner is built to alleviate. 

Pinpoint Your Niche and Power-Up Your Online Brand

The Visionary Planner helped Jonathan and Rex pinpoint their niche and get clear on what they could deliver—through their online fitness business—that others couldn't. While also taking what they were already doing offline, and bolstering it into an online business that delivered results reliably and repeatedly (a huge accomplishment).

Remember, Jonathan and Rex were fitness pros; not experts at online marketing, branding and messaging. That’s why The Visionary Planner makes all of the complex components of how to start an online business as simple as humanly possible. 

Nowadays, Jonathan and Rex credit The Visionary Planner for guiding them from breakthrough to breakthrough, step-by-step and start-to-finish. Per Jonathan and Rex: “If you’re trying to build an online brand, The Visionary Planner is the most logical approach.” 

Sell What You Can Scale, Scale What You Can Sell

Thanks to The Visionary Planner, Jonathan and Rex got into the online business game, and got cash flowing to their online brand.

“We went from selling services to selling outcomes. Through The Visionary Planner, we now have an online community and we’re delivering repeatable results.” 

The truth is most experts get stuck selling services. Services aren’t scalable. Plus, they’re commoditized. Outcomes, on the other hand, are a different ballgame in online business. By pinpointing their niche, building an online course, and selling outcomes, Jonathan and Rex went from fearing the competition to dominating it.

They made their money back in two months — and have 5X’d their investment since.

Unleash Your Expertise with The Visionary Planner

You have an expertise, but you need the online marketing tools to make it worth something online. The precise tools to build an online business that you can grow and scale.

Through The Visionary Planner, you can not only compete, but succeed.

Like Jonathan and Rex.

Follow in their footsteps and discover every secret, shortcut, and strategy to build an online business as fast as humanly possible. Start your free trial of The Visionary Planner here!

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