From Research To Revenue: When YouTube Wasn't Enough, Femi Doyle-Marshall Found A Better Way To Build An Online Business

review Jun 01, 2021

Building an online business isn’t simple (if it were, we’d all be 7-figure online earners). In fact, WebFX says studies show 90% of online businesses fail within their first 4 months.

Femi Doyle-Marshall was feeling the pressure. He was already the owner of a successful fitness business, changing lives in Canada. But with a daughter on the way, and the pandemic breathing down his neck, he knew he needed to build an online business fast.

Reading Books and Watching Videos Only Led to More Questions

Femi had the physical infrastructure, but lacked an online one. He had all the same questions most newbies do: “Which platforms should I use? Should I have an online course? Or a program?” What about automation technology and email funnels?

But unlike others, he didn’t wait around to take action. He dove deep and read every online marketing book he could get his hands on. Every. Single. One. But that’s not all: When books weren’t enough to help him build an online business, he turned to YouTube. 

Perhaps you can relate: He was rifling through books and videos hoping for answers about how to start an online business but only uncovering more questions. 

Conferences and Courses Always Fell Short

Still feeling lost and confused, Femi started shelling out cash on conferences and courses. After all, he’d exhausted every freebie on how to start an online business out there.

Unfortunately, the courses were always incomplete -- or worse, inaccurate. As for the conferences, they were more motivational than tactical. He found if you need structure, system, and support, they’re a waste of time and money.

Femi’s one takeaway from all the hard work he’d done so far was this: He needed a complete, step-by-step solution to build an online business, and he couldn’t piece those solutions together himself. 

He felt like he “was doing everything to do nothing.”

Go From First Steps To Big Steps With The Visionary Planner

Finding the right platforms, marketing templates, automation technology is like trying to find a needle in a hundred haystacks. Where do you start? What is your initial direction?

That’s where The Visionary Planner came in. 

If you’re anything like Femi—and most of our new students—you just wish somebody would give you a step-by-step process to build an online business. You’ll put in the work, if you have a plan to follow. 

For Femi, our online marketing templates and time-saving automation technology were life-savers. Our marketing templates helped him master his online marketing and messaging by making it as easy as fill-in-the-blank to whip up critical business building assets like sales funnels, email funnels, webpages, and more.

Even better, was what followed: Tools to automate everything he created so he could put tedious tasks on auto-pilot. The Visionary Planner points you to the best automation technology and even includes tutorials to show you how to use it—so if you’re tech illiterate, there’s nothing to fear.

The Results: Exponential Growth, and Exponentially More Free Time

So is The Visionary Planner worth the investment? Let’s ask Femi:

“Every month I have been doubling my income through my online business.”

Plus, Femi recouped his entire investment in The Visionary Planner within his first 4 months of using the program and starting his online business. It has helped Femi simplify his life, and simplify his business, even as he welcomes a baby girl into the fold. Plus, his happiness is “Through the roof.”

Get Off The Fence And Get Into The Visionary Planner

What about you: Are you paging through books looking for answers? Glued to the screen plowing through online marketing videos? Or trying to save a few bucks on cheap courses?

Don’t make the same mistakes Femi did. Get off the fence and get into The Visionary Planner. In fact, you can do it today for free. Femi: “The more time you spend on the fence, the more time you lose.”

Get the complete roadmap to building a successful online business today. Try The Visionary Planner for free here.

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