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Get Your Online Business Off the Ground: 3 Tricks for Newbies

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Stuck on where to begin your online endeavor? 

There are a ton of questions that arise when you’re new to the online game. 

How do I attract an audience?  What do I sell?  Should I use YouTube or Facebook Live? And why don’t breakfast tacos have hashbrown shells?    

These are the real questions that keep newbie entrepreneurs up at night...

But all that overthinking can be overwhelming and ultimately leads to paralysis by analysis.  In other words, you just don’t know what to do, so instead you do nothing at all. 

But it’s not your fault.  We’re not born entrepreneurs.  We have to learn these skills.  And there’s no better way to solve these problems than with the help of a team of entrepreneurs who has been there before and can save you all the headaches of getting started.    

So let’s get you out of that vicious cycle of overthinking so you can confidently get online and start building a digital empire to support your wildest dreams. 

Get Started In Your Comfort Zone

The best place to get started is in your comfort zone.

You can’t live there forever, but it’s a logical starting line to finally get you to convert thought into action.  You have to start with what you know and what you’re good at; your bread and butter. 

It’s normal to be scared.  But you have to use that energy and channel it into action.

Focus on building the foundation of your business by leveraging the channels and skills you’re most comfortable with.

Start by determining the channel that gives you ease:  

Now, with your channel nailed down, let’s think through your skillset:

There will be plenty of time down the line to circle back and build your confidence elsewhere. But for now, let’s dominate your comfort zone. 

You gotta start somewhere. And despite what others may tell you, you can — and should — start in your comfort zone.  

From there, you’ll evolve.

Earn Your Authority

Successfully building your business requires building your authority. 

How do you do that? Content.

We’ve already decided you’re going to get started on the channel you’re most comfortable with, leveraging the skills you’re most confident in. 

So, drive in!

You need to get out there and be the person your audience looks up to. For some of us at the Visionary Planner, we were more comfortable on video. So we developed our authority by putting out video, after video, after video. Sharing tips, tricks, and advice, just like the stuff you’re reading here (though, not nearly as polished at the time).

And don’t be overly concerned about how your initial videos look—all that matters is that you’re putting them out there. It’s the gateway to getting noticed (AKA building authority). And you need that attention to make your living online. 

In these early stages, you’re going to make mistakes. Undoubtedly, you’ll look back on some of your first videos, blogs, podcasts you name it, and think: “Well…that’s embarrassing” …

Don’t sweat it.  That’s the nature of the game.  It’s how you’ll evolve and get better and how you’ll become a pro (practice). 

You’re working out the different muscles of your business so it becomes stronger and stronger. And fine-tuning on the fly is totally normal.

Take a look at Gary Vee’s old videos. The social media master himself had a lot to learn – but he was always creating from day one. 

Continue to create. Your authority and your business depends on it.

Make the H2H Connection

It’s like dating…

You need to develop relationships with your audience to have a shot at making it big.

With new content constantly going live, you’ll eventually break through the virtual doors of your business.

But you also need to speak to your audience individually. Now, this isn’t a day 1 thing. But it should be in the back of your mind. 

There’s just no better way to be an influencer in your industry then, communicating directly with people. Everything else you’ve done to this point is doing its job, but getting to the next level requires human-to-human connection (H2H).

It gives you the opportunity to get to know your audience on a more personal level. And this connection ultimately serves as the binding thread between all of your content. 

It will likely start small with things like one-on-one coaching calls, Skype sessions, and Zoom groups. Later of course, graduating to in person events and keynote speeches. 

When you establish this cycle of creating content and meeting with your people, a content plan of action will take on a life of its own that’s constantly fueling the most important thing: your customer.  

It’s time to develop those deep, meaningful relationships that turn strangers and prospects into friends and advocates. 

From speaking at conferences to hosting events, the H2H connection needs to quickly become a pillar of your business in order to get to the big leagues.

Mimic The Experts

When you don’t know what to do, watch the experts.

Nowadays, you don’t need to “wing it” . Success leaves clues; so observe the people you admire and analyze their work.

As you do, constantly ask yourself things like:

  • What new content can I share? 
  • How can I get out there even more? 
  • How can I further enhance my authority? 
  • How can I talk directly to my audience?

The game is only beginning, my friend. Busting through your online entrepreneurial ceiling is going to require some expert coaching.

You’ll need clarity on what to focus on so you don’t feel lost and overwhelmed. 

You’ll need to speak to YOUR specific audience

And you’ll need a sales strategy to get you there. 

Just remember, you don’t have to go at it alone. We’re here to help you.

Keep Calm & Keep Exploring

For now, stay on your feet in — and around — your comfort zone, churning out content, and developing human-to-human connections. 

Success may not feel like it’s right around the corner, but sharing your lessons with less experienced members of your audience will help you build your authority and keep you moving forward knowing you’re making a difference.   

So take these expert tricks and hop into entrepreneurship today! 

And when you’re ready for more, drop us a line

You have what it takes to succeed... 

Now go out there and show your audience what you’re made of! 

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