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Confessions of an Online Entrepreneur: Massive Mistakes You Must Avoid

business foundation entrepreneur gurus online business myths online mistakes vision Mar 24, 2021

When we, at the Visionary Planner, first jumped into the digital space, it was a time and place when the rules weren’t written yet. Sure, it was thrilling, but it wasn’t easy finding our way.   

So how did we get to where we are now? We learned from our mistakes. 

Here’s a look at our early issues for you to learn from: 

Don’t Believe The Field of Dreams Myth

We all know the quote from the famous 1989 blockbuster, “Field of Dreams”:

If you build it, they will come.”

This one’s not a homerun in the online age. 

The truth is: No one’s showing up just because you built it. So, don’t start dumping money into that website, email server, or ads, until you have a proven strategy.

When we, at The Visionary Planner, first stepped into the field of digital entrepreneurship, our game plan read: Build products and people will come. 

We were spending all our time creating product after product for non-existent customers. 

And we were striking out again and again. 


Let’s stick with the baseball theme: You can build a field, but if you don’t take care of the grounds, amp up your squad, and plan for the future, no one is buying tickets. 

When you tend to your vision, you’re more likely to attract the most important factor to your business: your audience. 

So, you need to step up to the plate with a plan (among other things). Or else you risk wasting a ton of time, money, and effort building something that never pans out. 

In our case, we had assembled all of these awesome products, but we hadn’t established enough authority in the market. 

You could say: we were new in the space and had no one in our database. Again, we had invested all our money and time in creating products—and here we were ready to go with no one really interested in a purchase. 

Looking back, we can’t really blame them. 

It’s still so easy to get wedged into the big stuff—structuring your brand-new website, launching your first product, scheduling ads, etc. But if you don’t focus on the big picture—your audience—you’re just spinning your wheels. 

It always comes back to your audience. They are your foundation. You must have a plan in place to build authority to attract them

Don’t Lose Yourself Chasing the Gurus

Control the copycat-ing.

When you’re starting out, it’s really easy to want to replicate your idols

The thing is, their secret sauce for success is something you’ll never get your hands on. 

When we, at the Visionary Planner, first started out, we went a little too far trying to copy the people who inspired us (the marketing “gurus”). 

What completely overlooked the fact that those people — and their brands — were at a level we were nowhere near at the time. We realized, very quickly, that we needed to build a foundation unique to our vision.

Ultimately, we all need to realize we have our own path to follow. Yes, we can constantly learn from others—but copying the best is not a recipe for success when you’re just getting started. 

Just like your idols’ inventions, your ideas are unique; they deserve your uniqueness to grow organically. 

So, observe the greats. But be selective in how you apply their strategies. And always be sure to stay true to you; what makes you unique. 

Learn the Right Way

Crafting your freedom lifestyle is still going to be no piece of cake. You’ll need expert coaches in the field to make sure the right to-dos remain at the top of the menu when you’re starting out. 

When you’re on your own, navigating the chaos isn’t easy. As you strive for a better life through a lucrative online business, know that there are people like us to hop in and help you get on track. 

We, at the Visionary Planner, made a ton of mistakes early on, but we learned great methods from them. It’s why we’re able to pay it forward and mentor people like you these days. 

So, huddle up your concerns and find some clarity today by scheduling your FREE Step-By-Step Coaching Session.

It’s time to put everything out on the plate—and that is exactly what we’ll do during this completely free coaching call. 

On this call we’ll help you.  . .

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  • And get crystal clear on the next steps you need to take in order to move forward with confidence that you’re on the right track.   

You know the saying: teamwork makes the dream work. 

We’re on your side. Let’s bring your vision to fruition!

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