Confessions of a Former Corporate Employee: How Eunicia Peret Found Freedom Online

review Jun 01, 2021

If you've been in corporate, you know how it goes: The higher you get, the harder it gets. Eunicia Peret had reached the top of the financial industry only to realize her job was consuming her life. She didn’t want that, nor did her family.

It was high time for change, but turning in her 2-weeks wasn’t a cure-all. Let’s take a look at how Eunicia built a successful online business after taking her lumps offline.

More Clients, More Problems?

Off on her own, Eunicia was hit with an unfortunate reality: In some ways, what was bad before became worse: She was working around the clock to get clients on her schedule. As the schedule filled, so did her time. You see, all of her work was in-person via one-on-one meetings. So she was slogging through meetings hour after hour, day after day. 

But that’s not all: If the schedule wasn’t full, she was chasing her next opportunity to fill it. There was no escaping the grind. So much for that freedom she dreamed of when she said so long to corporate and began to build an online business.

She had to figure out a better way to streamline her goals and take back her time or the one-on-one meetings would eat her alive. And frankly, she’d be left to wonder why she left her job in the first place...

The Uphill Grind of Getting Online

Eunicia’s story is a familiar one to us. Building a successful online business on your own is no easy feat. And most people don’t leave corporate in search of a higher paying job; they leave it looking for freedom, happiness, and impact. 

Eunicia needed to scale her services to free up her time. And she needed to make it happen while continuing to attract new clients without doing all the heavy lifting herself.

Her only way forward was to build an online business. She wouldn't have to chase clients if she had a successful online business along with seamless automation technology to deliver leads to her inbox. Plus, she wouldn't have to battle through back-to-back meetings if she could serve several people at once through an online course.

Unfortunately, she didn't know how to start an online business. Luckily, she hired the right help.

Get Streamlined Support So You Don’t Spin Your Wheels

The Visionary Planner showed Eunicia how to start an online business at light-speed. Allowing her to streamline her services so she could reach more people in less time — and have more time left over to spend with her family.

So far, it’s been a win-win.

With our guidance, Eunicia was able to leverage automation technology to attract the right clients and deliver her online business services without lifting a finger. That’s the beauty of easy-to-use automation technology and well-designed online course curriculums (all of which we guided her through).

We call it an A-to-Z service, Eunicia calls it “soup-to-nuts.” 

According to Eunicia: Most online business programs say they offer soup-to-nuts automation, but they don’t. Nobody achieves automation like The Visionary Planner.”

Imagine A Profitable Online Business—Running On Auto-Pilot

The Visionary Planner’s online marketing templates, scripts, and support helped Eunicia reach more people, and therefore gave her more opportunity to build a successful online business. After building her website, signature system / online course, sales funnels, and automation technology, here’s where Eunicia stands:

“My online coaching program is producing sales. From strategy to implementation—The Visionary Planner has given me the guidance, mindset, and support to be successful in the marketplace.”

Our team’s expert support gives you the ability to free yourself from distraction and make the most of your time as you work toward building a successful online business.

It worked for Eunicia and hundreds of others—and it can do the same for you. But, you gotta meet us halfway...

Get the Support You Need to Get Online

Building your business online may be a little choppy, but it doesn’t have to be chaotic.

Getting online is rewarding—not easy. But The Visionary Planner makes it easier. The process, tools, templates, and support make it so you don’t have to figure it out on your own.”

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