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The Real Truth About Brick-And-Mortar: If You Build It, They Won’t Come

review Jun 01, 2021

Erin Anderson is a dance movement psychotherapist and bodyworker who invested in her very own studio thinking “If I build it, they will come…”

The problem was they didn’t come. 

When Overhead Puts You Over Your Head, It’s Time To Jump Online

The only thing that came with the space were headaches: Everything from expensive overhead and people issues to broken toilets and heaps of time-consuming responsibilities. 

That’s typically what you sign up for when you sign on the dotted line. A resilient entrepreneur—like you—Erin knew there had to be a better way. Let’s take a look at how she went from feeling buried offline to feeling free by building an online business.

What You Should Never Do When Transitioning Online

In an attempt to reach more people and fill her studio, Erin began to build an online business on her own. But she made the same rookie mistake most beginners do: She tried to make it online by selling one-off offers. 

Ask anybody who has been there before, low-ticket, one-off offers are no way to build a successful online business. 

Her scattered approach lacked consistency and foresight. If you take just one piece of advice away from this blog, make it this: It’s just as challenging to sell a $500 one-off offer as it is to sell a $5,000 course. Point is: Erin started to build an online business at the wrong place. 

In her words: “It was a lot of hoping, wishing and praying just to make things work” as she began to build an online business

How Erin Took the Smarter Path Forward

Erin learned how to build an online business the hard way, so you don’t have to. After discovering that physical space doesn’t fill itself and one-off online offers never move the needle, Erin continued her search for the best path forward: Trying to take the smartest route at this new fork in the road.

She dreamed of a repeatable and consistent income; an online business that consolidated her expertise and education into an organized system, rather than a series of random online workshops and one-off offers that couldn’t fund her freedom, happiness, or overhead. 

That’s where we got involved.

The Visionary Planner helped Erin funnel her expertise into an efficient and effective online system, while revealing every secret and shortcut along the way so she could start making more money and reaching more people without delay.

After all, her studio wasn’t full, but her plate was. She was desperate to change that — fast.

Come Scale Away With The Visionary Planner

Erin knew if she could build an online business, she could finally reach new clients beyond the 7-mile radius of her studio, all while cutting back on travel, overhead, and the daily demands of running a brick-and-mortar facility. 

So how exactly did The Visionary Planner help Erin build a successful online business and scale her freedom, happiness, and income?

Our system gave her the right tools, plan, and automation technology to build a successful online business fast. With a crystal clear plan in place, she was constantly pressing forward. No second went to waste and familiar obstacles stopped slowing her down. As you can imagine, this meant the world to somebody who was so busy yet wanted so much more. Plus, The Visionary Planner gave Erin marketing templates, online course blueprints, and more all in one place.

There was something else that stood out to Erin and most of our students: Our next-level support. While testing one-off online offers, Erin realized she couldn’t tackle the monumental task of building a successful online business on her own. With The Visionary Planner, she had a helping hand every step of the way.

For Erin: “It felt amazing to have a team rather than be solo trying to do everything.” For her, that was the true “a-ha moment.”

You’re Independent But Not That Independent

Per Erin, the bottom line is: “If you want to build an online business, this is the program you need.”

“Other programs just give you information—then you’re on your own. The main difference with The Visionary Planner is the support and accountability.” 

We’re tremendously proud to have helped Erin go from stuck at the studio to feeling free online. Her words, not ours: “The Visionary Planner is a business-in-a-box with heart and soul.”

If that sounds like something you want, then it’s time to get it...

Try The Visionary Planner for FREE 

Every second you procrastinate or delay is more opportunity wasted. Part of why Erin thinks so highly of The Visionary Planner is that it brings success at hyper-speed. 

Once you’re all-in, we’re all-in helping you achieve your goals of building an online brand and business as fast as humanly possible. 

Erin summed it up like this: “You are continuing to procrastinate and delay at the cost and expense of your life. How much longer do you want to delay making progress toward your dreams?”
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