Why Business Coaching Matters: Kelly Scott’s Journey From Online Headaches To Online Success

review Jun 01, 2021

Meet one of our very first Visionary Planner students, Kelly Scott. For better or worse, she has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly as we’ve found our footing and evolved over time (Visionary Planner 1.0 was not perfect — lots has changed between then and VP 3.0). 

Read on to discover how Kelly went from scared, overwhelmed, and lacking confidence to building an online business “she fell in love with.” 

Kelly Was “Plagued By Fear and Doubt

Kelly knew there was something more out there for her. Her background was group fitness and personal training, but she always felt she could serve more people outside of the gym by building an online fitness business.

Unfortunately, she was plagued by fear and doubt. She felt out of place. “Who am I to think I can build an online brand and make money this way? I always worried I would hit a wall not knowing what to do or how to fix that problem.”

Kelly wanted to build an online business to reach more people, but didn’t have the free time or expertise to figure it out herself. Plus, she didn’t know where to start—and the thought of stabbing-in-the-dark on her own overwhelmed her.

Luckily, we crossed paths and gave her a clear path forward to help her build an online business and online brand.

The Visionary Planner Helped Kelly Take Control of the Chaos

Kelly did not have to take her first steps to building an online business alone.

The Visionary Planner revealed a step-by-step roadmap that showed her exactly how to do the right things in the right order. Talk about taking a load off: “When The Visionary Planner came out, I was like ‘this is the way forward.’ I needed the help and support from others who’ve been in my shoes.”

One of Kelly’s biggest concerns was: “I’m not an online marketing guru or online sales expert.” With The Visionary Planner, she didn’t have to be. The fill-in-the-blank marketing templates made building crucial online marketing assets like email funnels, sales funnels, and sales pages a breeze.

Plus, she had next-level coaching and support in her corner so she never felt lost, alone, or isolated as she battled her way through the typical challenges of starting an online business.

Once the foundation of her online business was built (her signature system / online course, email funnels, branding, website, etc.), The Visionary Planner gave her a pulse on what was (and wasn’t) working in the online business market. This saved her loads of time -- keeping her from spinning her wheels trying to keep up with the trends. 

Thanks to The Visionary Planner, the chaos of building an online business was finally over.

”It’s Crazy How Much More Confident I’ve Become”

Kelly figured out who she wanted to serve and pinpointed her niche. Using The Visionary Planner’s seamless step-by-step online business system, she nailed her messaging, online marketing, and began attracting new leads to her new online business like a magnet.

”The support, guidance, and marketing templates for my website, email funnels, and automation technology was huge. VP probably saved me 6 months of work.”

“It’s crazy how much more confident I’ve become since joining The Visionary Planner.”

Get Out of Your Head and Start Your Free Trial of The Visionary Planner Today

Stop doubting yourself, trying to go at it on your own, and wasting time on the wrong things as you figure out how to start an online business. Take it from Kelly: “There's no way I’d be doing this on my own without giving up on it. If you’re stuck, don't know where to start, and have tried other courses that haven’t worked, I say go for it. Get with The Visionary Planner”

Sometimes the best advice is simple advice, and simply put:

“The time you put in now helps you create that freedom lifestyle you’re looking for. The Visionary Planner has been such a big win for me.”

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