4 Easy Strategies for Instant Social Media Success

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Nailing a plan of action that gets your business out there — frequently mingling with the public — can feel intimidating at first.  

But to keep your online business buzzing, you have to maintain a strong and consistent presence on social media

As a business owner, you need to stop consuming social media and start producing it and using it.

So how do you get the ‘likes’ rolling in? 

It can be overwhelming to know where to start. 

As experts in the digital space, we at the Visionary Planner have been on social media from the jump. We’ve seen features come and go, updates break our hearts, and trends live out their days. To make a long Insta-story short, the social media ladder is not a trusty one to climb. But it’s totally doable if you’re equipped with the right strategies to build a foundation you can always fall back on.

Here’s a notification you’ll like: We’re here to feed you those tips to get your social channels up to date so you can earn more online

So step away from the algorithm and keep scrolling for 4 essential strategies that’ll get your social channels leading the conversation with content that speaks for itself. 

Expert Strategy 1: Build Content to Repurpose

While social media is a wheel you should never stop spinning, you don’t have to let it overrun the daily operations of your business. 

Start with building out concepts for each month and keep them authentic. Your showcase needs to follow suit with your experience and expertise. 

But don’t be shy – show ‘em your personality and your lifestyle. The best of both your worlds will provide a perfect remix of who you are. What your customer really wants is realness, a personal brand they can truly connect with and relate to. 

So, your concept is ready to go…

Next, you have to create dispersible assets. Slot one day a month as your content production day– you can shoot all your videos and get your edits wrapped up in just a few hours, rather than reinventing the wheel day in and day out.

With just 1 laser-focused content day, you’ll nab 30 days of content and have it all laid out and ready to go. Want to know how? We have a free video in our Visionary Planner FB Page you can access.

From there, your library is filled up with the resources you need to cycle content through all of your channels – not just for IG and FB. You’ll have material to adapt blog posts, podcasts, Q&As, and more.  

Keep this in mind: You have to be conscious about where your content is going and when it’s going live. 

Schedule your shoots and repurpose like a champ. 

Now let’s go deeper…

Expert Strategy 2: Have a Weekly Focus

To really engage your target audience, you need to stay focused on feeding them a weekly narrative that’s cohesive. 

You just built out all your assets and are eager to start sharing, but if you send out all the good stuff at once, your followers are going to get totally turned off. 

To cater a loyal bond, concentrate on one story a week within your monthly concept to then send out into shareable soundbites. This allows you to cut up larger pieces of content into smaller ones and slowly share social content that’s easier to digest. 

And one more thing… make calls to action (CTAs)

CTAs in social media should serve as a constant thread throughout all of your content — weaving together powerful messages that empower the people to get up and do something.

Here’s a handy checklist: 

  • Be straightforward about the benefits 
  • Highlight your offers with urgency 
  • Simple language is best (steer clear of jargon)
  • Collaborate with your visuals 
  • Show your customer who they want to be

Now that you’ve got content and a plan, let’s talk about workload…

Expert Strategy 3: Automate Your Feed

Contrary to popular belief , you do not have to spend hours every single day on your social content

Ultimately, it’s about automating your feed, so you can focus on other more important areas of your business and life.

We, at the Visionary Planner, have helped so many students effectively fill up their business’ social calendars — and in turn, earn more time and financial freedom. 

Seems too good to be true? Here’s the reality: With the right coaching and resources, you can set up a social schedule and automate your posts so they just grow with the flow.  

Imagine that: Your social media essentially runs itself. 

So save yourself some stress and start investing in automation now.

Expert Strategy 4: Ads Are Not Optional

It might not be what you want to hear, but paid advertising is how you’re going to get in front of your target audience more often.

So you’re going to have to be comfortable putting some money on the table.  But we’re not talking lots of money when it comes to getting some early traction in your business.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been in the game forever or if you’re new here. We all have to invest in running ads on social media. 

Simply start with a $5-a-day test run to monitor what’s resonating with your audience.

Then, you can scale up as you go. 

Remember, at the end of the day, it’s all about getting to know your audience and how to serve them better. 

Bonus Strategy: Learn From the Experts

You still need the right guidance on your team to execute on a social content strategy that does more than bring in a few bucks each week. 

Now, if you really want to hop into the game with all the right players, we have VIP workshops tailor-made for you.

Jump past those apprehensions of developing a perfect social media plan by getting in on the action. 

I’m certain these 4 proven tips will give you a good base for kicking off a new calendar of success. But don’t be shy about your questions: This isn’t an easy sport to nail. 

Jump on a completely free, no-pressure coaching call with me today to get coached on how to further breakdown each step of social media into personalized building blocks for your goals. 

Start getting social today!

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